Betrayal (Halik) Episode 57

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 57

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 57 Jacky helps Jade

At Dos Disenyos, Jacky told Jade that Lino was not there. As she saw her with her luggages she asked Jade if she had no where to pass the night and she said she had a place and went on with a lie to get her integrity intact.

Jade went to meet Marissa and told her about the hard time she had gotten the entire day, explaining that no one was willing to help.

She said karma was hitting her right on her face and believed, that was her punishment for making a mistake.

Marissa consoled her and told her not to be too harsh on herself. To her, the most important thing was that Jade had learnt to get better in life.

Jade indicated that all she needed was a second chance to make things right. Marissa sent her back to Myrna’s place and the woman found it amusing that still Jade couldn’t get a place to stay other than her abode.

She told Marissa that all her nagging would not be enough to shame a lose woman like Jade. Jacky followed Jade to see where she was staying.

Jacky felt sad for the baby of Jade and wondered how the child would cope if the baby grow in such a chaotic environment.

Jacky told her friends about it and they advised her to allow Jade to get up on her feet by herself.

Maggie got home to find Bogs sitting Infront of their house and she told him that Lino was not there. He said he came to see her not Lino.

Maggie said she had missed Lino and Bogs told her to close her eyes while thinking about something amusing Lino did.

Bogs told Maggie that he would send her out on a date but she said it was late so Bogs should go home.

Jacky remembered a place that Lino could be so she called Dolor to inform her about it. She went in search of Lino, she met someone and the person said Lino was still around but just went out.

Jade when eating said sorry to her child, saying she knew the child was also suffering and blamed herself for what the child was passing through. Myrna overheard her and felt sorry for her.

Jacky hanged around and saw Lino going in. She left a letter for him so he saw the letter and read it.

Jacky called Dolor to inform her that Lino was safe and fine so should not think about him anymore. Dolor was excited and grateful to her for caring for herself.

Jade was choking so Myrna brought her water and told her that she did not want Jade to feel that she was a heartless person but was just pouring out her anger after her husband who she stayed with for 15 years abandoned her.

She said her husband all of a sudden fell in l*ve with someone else and she said after sacrifices she made the man chose the mistress claiming the mistress was obedient, humble and listened to him.

She asked Jade why she had an affair with the man who was already married but Jade said whatever she would say would not justify her action.

In the bar, Ace told Vince that he did not believe Jade rejected his offer. Vince asked why he cared if Jade rejected him or he was feeling defeated after his wife and Jade rejected him.

Ace explained that he gave up on Jacky but for Jade he would not and was sure she would return and when she does he would make her regret for rejecting his offer.

Myrna described Jade as shameless for going back to her husband after choosing another man. She believed Lino was a good man from the story Jade said. She said if Jade was related to her she would have slapped her several times when she was after someone’s husband for her to come to her senses.

Jacky went to a restaurant and saw her estranged husband talking to a waitress, she told the lady not to believe Ace and fall for his handsome face since he was a cheat and would soon be a father.

As the waitress left, Jacky confronted Ace for abandoning Jade. Ace stated that he tried helping her but she refused and he did not care anymore.

An incident happened at Myrna’s eatery, which put Jade and her baby at risk although Marissa and Myrna helped Jade out from the psycho who was bent on hurting Jade after he could not get food to eat at the eatery.

Jade and Marissa went to Dos Disenyos to seek help from Lino but they saw Jacky instead. Jacky told Jade that Lino was not the only person she could turn to.

Jacky sent Jade to Ace’s condo. After hearing a knock on his door he hangup on Helen. He found Jacky. Ace saw Jacky with Jade and Jacky told Jade that she should swallow her pride and accept Ace’s help.

Ace accepted to stay somewhere else for Jade and Marissa to stay in the apartment. Jade said her stay would be temporary till she got job and find more affordable place to stay.

Jade asked Marissa if she did the right thing for asking Ace’s help. Marissa told her that she only did that for her unborn child.

Lino finally decided to go home to face his problem and be with he l*ved ones. In the house, they spotted Lino arriving. Dolor immediately went to meet him to welcome him. Lino after hugging Dolor, hugged Maggie and the rest of the family.

It was a joyful moment for the family as they had family get together. They snapped pictures together. Later Dolor thanked him for coming home and Lino said sorry for leaving without any prior notice.

Dolor thought they were the reason Lino left the house. Lino said they were family and were his strength which meant they would forever be together unlike Jade who did not care about him and dumped him for another person.

He said he hope and pray that someday Jade would get a family that she would fight for.


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