Betrayal (Halik) Episode 6

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 6 Jacky’s in-law forms alliance with Ivory to conceal the truth 

“The man we tend to marry are like  sheep if we don’t guide them they turn to lose their way.”

Lino told Jacky that her friend got an accident and he said he would send her the details.

Jacky dressed up and Ace who was in the bath house came to meet Jacky dressing up. He asked her whether she was going out and she said yes, both of them were going out.

She explained that she just received a call that Ivory had been rushed to the hospital as she was involved in an accident.

At the hospital, Jade was pressuring Lino that they should leave the place and leave the rest for the doctor and Ivory’s people.

Lino went to ask of the Patience’s condition and the doctor asked if he was with her and he said he was the one who brought her.

The doctor said the patience condition was stable. Soon after the police came there to ask detail account on the incident.

Jade got upset and left, Lino called her and asked her where  she was going, she said since he did not look like he would soon leave the place so she wanted to buy a food.

Lino offered to go with her but she declined. On their way to the hospital Ace said he did not know why they had to go and see Ivory.

Jacky insisted that she had to speak with Ivory. They got to the hospital and the doctor told them that the patience vital parts were stable but suffered some fractures  and some injuries.

Jacky went to see her although Ace insisted to go with her but she said she needed to talk to Ivory alone.

Once Jacky got inside, she looked at Ivory  and realised she was sleeping as she was about to leave Ivory called her and said sorry.

Later Jacky came out, when Ace wanted to talk with her she said he shouldn’t dare and left him in anguish. Ace wondered what Ivory told her.

Jade called Lino to ask him the kind of food she should buy for him and he said any food of her choice. Jade said she could only afford chicken and spring rolls since the money she had on her was Singapore currency.

Jacky called a taxi and when she was joining Lino called her but she snubbed him.

Jade arrived but she said she wanted to use the washroom before they leave. Lino sent her to the available washroom at the hospital.

As he was waiting for her, he overhead Ace confronting Ivory, asking her what she told Jacky. He said whatever happened between them was a mistake and he loved his wife, thus would not leave Jacky for her.

Once Ace came out he realised that Lino was standing there which meant that he has heard his top secret.

Jacky met with her friends and they asked her whether she was sure that Ace had been cheating on her with Ivory.

The male friend told Chari that Ivory broke down when she saw Jacky which meant that she was guilty.

Chari said she was being immature with the situation adding that she was over analysing things. Jacky said she was scared to hear what Ivory wanted to say to her.

She expressed regret that even when her face was injured she looked beautiful. Chari told her to stop overacting but Jacky said she was not through with Ivory.

Jacky got home, Ace sounded so worried about where she had been but Jacky still gave him an attitude. Jacky asked him why Ivory was calling him before she got her accident and why was Ace so interested in what Ivory told her.

Ace admitted that Ivory was seducing him and had been sending him her pictures but he had stated it categorically clear that he was not interested in her. He said Ivory kept harassing him and assured Jacky that he would get a restraining order from the police against Ivory.

Jacky said so he meant that the n^de pictures he claimed Ivory sent to Rico was rather sent to him but he denied. He said that phone was for Rico and that Ivory sent to Rico.

He said Ivory was a slut and desperate and she broke down when she saw Jacky since she felt guilty of being a slut.

Jacky locked herself while Ace knocked the door and assured her that he would not do what Mauro did against Loida.

Lino and Jade got home to find out that Lino’s uncle was upset with Lino’s cousin for flirting with a married man. Lino asked his uncle to calm down.

Lino’s mother, Dolores managed to take the phone from her brother while Jade went inside with her luggage.

Lino went to help her to gather her things. She asked of the next line of action by his uncle and he said his uncle has asked his cousin to come home.

Jade got upset that Lino had taken upon himself to offer a financial support to his cousin. Lino said he offered to help as he felt sorry for his cousin since she might have felt lonely and needed money to cater for her kids, noting that it could be the reason why she might have got involved with a married man.

Jade told Lino that he could not repay his family with his life as his cousin could have used her common sense to date a rich guy to take care of her expenses. She said that was the reason she never wanted to stay with Lino since they always ended up fighting. She left Lino.

Ace’s mother, Helen came to the neighbourhood and decided to visit Jacky and Ace in the morning.

At the carpentry shop, Lino asked his friend if he had a special friend and he realised that her husband was cheating on her would he inform his dear friend about her husband’s infidelity?

However, one of his workers who was listening to the conversation answered that it was not right to interfere in marital issues as anything that would come out of that truth he informed his dear friend would be on his head. Lino said just like how they ply into his marital affairs.

The other worker agreed to the man’s answer and Lino’s friend said he agreed with them. Lino said so hiding the truth would be the best decision and they said yes.

Lino’s friend mentioned Jacky and said she was no ordinary friend but his ex.  Lino stated that but he never mentioned Jacky and he said he knew it was about Jacky because she was the only person who had that effect on Lino.

He further stated that Lino would lose once her husband denied the allegations.

Ace thanked Helen for coming over. Jacky was about to send the plates but Helen told Jacky not to since there were maids available. She told Jacky that due to her hard work that was why she was happy to see Ace married to her.

Helen said she used to take care of her husband like how Jacky did and do all the house chores. She then advised Jacky.

“The man we tend to marry are like sheep if we don’t guide them they turn to lose their way,” Helen asked Jacky whether she understood.

Lino met Jacky later to present to her the partnership deal and Jacky said she would ask her lawyer to go through it.

Lino held Jacky’s hand and asked her why she was distracted and crying the other time. She told Lino that he should have left Ivory to die as he would have done the world a favour and saved the world from a problem. Lino asked what she meant by that and she said she did not know what to think anymore but would eventually find out the truth.

Lino said he did not mean to add his voice to the situation but advised Jacky to follow her intuition. Jacky said now Lino had seen she was having a problem with her husband, stressing that she could not keep anything from Lino.

She later went to visit Ivory at the hospital, she apologised for surprising her the other day. She asked her to tell her why she called her the other time when she was driving recklessly.

She said it was her fault but Ace did not do anything wrong. She indicated that she was chasing after Ace but he drove her away.

She stated that she felt humiliated and wanted to take revenge by ruining Ace’s marriage. Jacky asked whether she was telling her that for her to handover her husband to her.

She indicated that Ivory was beautiful and no matter how she chased after Ace, knowing clearly he was a married man, he would not be hers.

She later went to see Ace and said sorry to him for not believing in him.

Ace’s mother came to the hospital to give Ivory 100,000 pesos as they agreed and rendered to a resignation letter from Monte Corp for her to sign, adding that she should not worry about her hospital bills since she had it covered. When she was leaving, she said she hopes Ivory would find a replacement for Ace.

Jacky called Lino to thank him for giving her the courage to face the situation and said to him that Ivory was the one who chased after Ace but Ace did not fall into her trap.

Ace thanked his mother for covering his back. She asked Ace never to do that again. Jacky came to meet them.

Later, Mauro asked Jacky about the Indonesian deal and she said Iwayan would visit Manila. She informed Mauro that the designs would come from a different company while they would be in charge of the production.

Mauro said she should not sign the contract since they have designers who were sitting idle.

Jade was surprised when Lino tapped her from behind she showed Lino an Apartment which she earlier on showed to some couple who could not afford.

She sent Lino in to room, showed him the bed, the washroom, the bath house, everything and told Lino that she wanted them to own an apartment like that.

Lino said it would be expensive which meant that if they buy the house he would not eat again. Jade said she knew it was expensive but they could pay in installments.

Jacky cried that Mauro asked her to cancel the deal with Lino’s company. Ace told her it was business and that she should not take things personal. Jacky was worried that not signing the contract meant that she was not being professional as she already gave Lino her word.

Lino received a call that the Indonesians would be in Manila the following week and his friend said they now had to increase production but he said he got that covered and asked him not to worry.

Jade came home to inform the family that she had a good news for them. They could not wait. She informed them that Lino would soon pack out. They kept quiet. When Dolores came she saw them quiet and asked why they had all become quiet.

She might have missed the good news and asked Jade to tell her about it. She asked whether Jade was pregnant and she said no but Lino was building his own house so they would soon leave them and to stay on their own.


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