Betrayal (Halik) Episode 62

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 62

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 62 Dos Disenyos organises end of year party 

In the evening, Lino called someone to talk to him about the house he was building. Ed joined him and he talked to him about the down payment of the money to build the house.

Ed apologised for Fe’s behaviour, he asked Lino his plans after Jade gives birth. Ed told him that his child would grow up well if he gave his child the necessary support.

Jacky told her friends that Jade going back to Lino was the universe way of telling her that Lino and her could not be together. Her friends advised her not to give up. Chari believed that Lino would never l*ve Jade as he used to.

Ken indicated that knowing Lino, he was a man of his word and would never get involved with Jade. Jacky said the baby deserved a happy family so she would keep whatever she felt for Lino to herself.

Maggie and Fe talked to Lino concerning the stay of Jade in the house. Maggie said they could put up with Jade for a day or two but it would be disastrous when they live together for a whole week.

Lino told them that he has spoken with a certain land lady to get Jade a room. He said he would pay someone to take care of Jade due to the complications of her pregnancy.

Dolor objected that Lino’s plan would involve lots of money and since their family house was big enough she would make Jade stay in the house for Lino to save the money to cater for Jade’s medical expenses.

Fe accepted to allow Jade stay in the house. Maggie still was in loggerhead with Lino. She told Lino that Fe and the rest accepted to stay with Jade simply to make Lino happy.

She felt sad for her brother’s situation. Dolor asked Jade if she was hoping that Lino would get back with her but she said she was not hoping that.

Dolor asked Jade who would win the custody of the baby. To her, Lino would be the best advised Jade to know that any wrong move would affect the baby.

Jade expressed regret for her action and promised to be a good mother to the child. She pleaded with Dolor to help her to become a great mother like her.

Jade tried talking to Maggie but she gave her attitude. Jacky could not sleep and thought about Lino and what Celine told her concerning her next line of action if the paternity test turns positive.

Lino also could not sleep and called Jacky several times but she failed to pick the call.

Jade felt pains in her tummy and she cried for help. Dolor who was sleeping woke up. Everyone woke up and Ed went for taxi and they rushed her to hospital.

The doctor told Lino that the baby was alright but Jade lacked vitamins and advised her not to stress her.

Dolor advised the family not to engage in negative vibes again since that stress Jade out, in turn puts her grandchild in danger.

Jade was discharged and Lino brought her home. She cried that she was scared of losing a baby again. Lino advised her not to stress herself to keep the baby safe.

Lino invited Dolor and told her to bring Fe and the rest of the family to Dos Disenyos end of year party.

He went to work to find Jacky setting up the place for the party. He told her about Jade’s health condition and his constant calls to her.

Jacky came up with an excuse that she was asleep when he called and told Lino to tell her what he wanted to say but Lino said they should enjoy the party after which he would tell her.

Jade called Tet to come and take care of her while the family attend the end of year party but Tet could not make it. Jade told Dolor about it and asked her to go. She assured Dolor that she would be okay in the house.

At the party, Jacky and Lino were paired during the game. Dolor arrived with Jade.

As Lino and Jacky saw Jade they suddenly stopped the game they were playing to watch her in amazement. The workers murmured among themselves wondering who invited Sir Idol’s estranged wife.

Lino approached Dolor and she explained to Lino that no one was available to take care of Jade and she could not possibly leave her behind.

Aliyah called Ace over for a meeting. She reminded Ace that her name was on the line so he had to stop whatever he was doing to be at the meeting.

Ace who was sleeping over his broken heart woke up and accepted to be at the meeting.

Jacky’s friends were unhappy to see the queen of negative vibes, Jade. Jacky pleaded with them to stop talking about Jade for them to enjoy the party.

Jade later apologised to Lino for interrupting his game with Jacky. As the party was ongoing, Jacky went to meet Jade in the washroom. Jade pretended to be applying lipstick as she was putting up attitude after seeing Lino with Jacky.

Jacky asked Jade if she ate well at the event but she said she could not try the roasted meat as Lino insisted it was not good for the baby.

Jade asked Jacky if she had ever gotten pregnant before and she said no. Due to Jade’s attitude, Jacky asked her if they had a problem but she said there was no problem and wanted them to be okay.


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