Betrayal (Halik) Episode 68 Jade delivers a premature child

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 68

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 68 Jade delivers a premature child 

Lino embraced his sister. The workers told Helen that a fight erupted between her two sons during a work meeting with investors.

Helen got in to find Aliyah advising her two sons to get their grudge behind them and act like professionals.

Aliyah encouraged Gio to apologise to Ace since he was the CEO of the company. Helen shut the door, telling herself that she had begun to like Aliyah after witnessing how she was bringing the two brothers together.

As Dolor was sewing, Jade got to Taylor Swift to tell Dolor that she should teach her how to sew. She also used the opportunity to ask of Maggie since she did not come home the previous night.

Dolor said she passed the night at Bogs house and believed she would be in later since Lino went to fetch her.

Yohan visited Mauro at the hospital to talk to him to give Jacky chance to take care of him since both wanted same thing.

Jacky who was standing at the door eavesdropping heard her father telling Yohan that he has heard his advice and would keep it in mind.

Gio kept pacing around at the house of the Bartolomes and Maggie passed by him. He stopped Maggie and apologised for hiding the truth about his identity.

Maggie said due to his lies he has lost a future with her and drove him out. Gio went to sit in his car screaming about losing Maggie.

Jacky called Paeng to ask him why he had not updated Mauro about the development at Montecorp. Paeng said she was being paranoid just like Mauro and she said the last time she had similar feelings Ace was cheating on her.

She further said her intuition was right and did not believe he wanted to use her family to keep their well established business. Mauro watched Jacky closely as she was talking.

Lino got home and Jade told him that she was learning how to sew baby dresses in order for them not to spend much on children clothes.

She excused Dolor and Lino and Lino asked Dolor whether it was her idea. Dolor explained that Jade got to her to teach her how to sew and she completed Jade for being a fast learner.

She also said Jade has changed and was being sincere while acting maturedly. Lino said he hoped she she had turn into a new leaf.

A voice over of Lino came as Jade was sewing with machine with Fe looking at her smiling while Jade was happy to make a baby socks.

“I am starting to have a hope in everything again. It was always possible for people to be given second chances.”

In a subsequent scene Mauro was having a therapy for him to stand back on his feet. The voice over went on to say:

“Everyone can change and recover from their mistakes if you don’t give up on them to get back on their feet. They will eventually find their way in the right direction.”

The next scene showed Jacky receiving a bouquet from Yohan while Lino went to meet them at the office feeling all jealous while Jacky and Yohan stepped out. The voice over went on again;

“But remember it is not always going to be easy. Every now and then you cannot help but feel hurt.

A subsequent scene showed Maggie together with Bogs while Gio was in a car watching them from afar feeling all disappointed as he drove off. The voice over said;

“You’re bound to regret all the opportunities you have lost.”

The scene shifted, as Jade was seen with Marissa in a hospital for checkup. The voice over kept on.

“And there is nothing you can do but to try and accept that everything is finally falling into place.”

Meanwhile Mauro was able to walk again with a stick and his therapy still went on with Jacky feeling all happy that his stepfather was responding to treatment. The voice over came through.

“But sometimes there will come to a point in your life where you have to remind yourself to hold on, to take a step back. So that you will not commit the same mistake anymore….”

Yohan and Jacky went to a restaurant enjoying themselves as they drink and eat.

Jacky later waved her friends while Yohan came to hold her hand surprising Ken and Chari.

“….. because you don’t want to get hurt again.”

In the house of the Bartolomes Lino got in to find Jade packing the baby clothes she sewed. He went to sit next to her while Jade smile, her belly was protruding in a yellow gown she was wearing. The voice over continued.

“But despite everything, despite all the challenges I am facing right now, all the problems I faced and all those questionable decision and actions I have made in the past I have no regret at all.”

Jade was later shown laying on a double couch
Because there is a blessing on the way. There is someone who will just give me a renewed strength and inspiration.

Scene changed to Lino working at Dos Disenyos while the voice over kept saying:

“A kind of happiness I hope my l*ved ones would also experience.”

As Lino was working, Jacky and Yohan got there and Jacky asked of her leave. After saying goodbye to them, jealousy was written on his face.

Lino got to work to find Jacky smiling over getting her annulment soon. Lino was not happy that Jacky was not getting close to him as she used to.

He then asked Jacky about the annulment and she said Yohan called for them to celebrate the good news the night.

Lino asked if she and Yohan were now that close but Jacky did not comment.

Lino expressed worry for Jacky’s inability to talk to him about the happenings in her life like how she used to but Jacky still kept quiet, adding that Lino was being dramatic.

Jade and Lino went to clinic to watch through a scan and the baby was revealed to be a boy. Jade said the baby’s nose was just like Lino.

Meanwhile, Yohan showed a ring to Ken and Chari about his preparedness to marry Jacky but Ken said it was not the right time for him to talk to Jacky about marriage since her annulment was still pending.

He took back his ring. Jade told Marissa that Lino cried seeing the baby. Jade hoped that she would get another chance to stay happy with Lino after giving birth.

Jacky went to find Lino laughing. She took the scan paper from Lino and she said the child bear his nose.

Marissa dropped Jade at the office and she went to see Lino talking to Jacky about the future of Jade with him. Lino told Jacky that it was over and did not l*ve her anymore not like the way before.

He said he would make her stay with him just for six months till she got someone to help her.

After Jade listening to Lino saying she hurt him so bad that it erased all the good things he felt for her, she stepped out and cried.

The gift she wanted to give to Lino fell from her hand. Suddenly, she felt some pains. She said the pain was different and told Marissa who came to her aid to rush her to hospital without informing Lino.

Jade was in labour in her seventh month, the doctor rushed her to the delivery room. Jade said it was impossible for her to deliver.

Meanwhile, in the store room Lino was trapped in together with Jacky. The door of the store room was spoilt, he placed a trash can there but the door accidentally closed.

However, Marissa kept calling Lino to inform him about Jade being in labour but he could not reach him so she called Tet instead to inform her to share the news with Lino and his family as she failed trying to do so.

Jacky was desperate, she told Lino that she had a date with Yohan and had to be out of there as soon as possible.

Lino said he would do something to open the door but Jacky kept knocking and shouting the security’s name to open them.

Lino after hearing her saying she had a date, he relaxed and kept staring and admiring her. He got closer and they shared a passionate k!$$.

As they were gasping for breath after the intimacy it was revealed that the scene came out of Lino’s imagination.
Jacky told Lino to better think faster on means to get them out.

Yohan got to Dos Disenyos to ask of Jacky. Barry said Jacky and Lino were all missing but their things were there. Barry decided to search for them and Yohan joined him.

They heard a knock on the store room door and voice from inside. Jacky hurt herself while knocking and Lino went to her aid.

Ace went to the clinic for medical routine, he received a call from Aliyah to talk to him about a current investor she got for Montecorp.

Due to desperation, she stood on a short ladder to search for something to open the door but she tripped and Lino quickly went to rescue her.

Barry opened the door and together with Yohann they went in to see Jacky laying on top of Lino with Lino in his singlet.

Jacky quickly ran to hug Yohan, thanking him for opening them. He was so disappointed and felt jealous si he told Jacky they should leave right away.

Lino kept telling Barry that they were trapped in but Barry made fun of him that he heard Jacky saying it hurt, it was hard.

Lino said Jacky hit herself on the door that was why she was screaming saying that.

Meanwhile, at the hospital Jade after several push brought forth her premature child.


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