Betrayal (Halik) Episode 69 Ace fires Mauro from Montecorp

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 69

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 69 Ace fires Mauro from Montecorp

At Montecorp Barry kept teasing Lino after the later was seen in a compromising situation with Jacky. Later, he received a call from Marissa informing him that Jade was in labour.

Lino was perplexed at first, knowing it was not the time for her to be in labour. He quickly rushed to hospital with Barry to find the baby delivered and was put inside the incubator for closely monitoring.

The doctor explained that there was umbilical elapse and the child lungs was not fully developed that was why he had to be incubated.

The doctor told Lino to relax, Lino was scared and told Barry. He saw a nurse and he said he wanted to see his child, baby boy Bartolome.

Meanwhile, Ace who arrived there eavesdropped and fled before being seen. Lino cried about the complications surrounding his son’s birth.

He pleaded God to give his son strength to live. In a restaurant, Jacky tried feeding Yohan but he said he was okay.

Jacky asked if there was something wrong, a waiter came to serve them. Yohan watched the waiter carefully after seeing his name was Lino he called to scold him.

Jacky still could not understand his cold action even towards the waiter. She asked him if there was something wrong and urged him to voice it out to her.

He said he would be okay once he ate, the waiter brought his order. Dolor got to the hospital to find out that her grand child’s lung was weak and was kept in an incubator.

She comforted Lino and embraced him. Barry however, asked of his leave.Tet was with Dolor to see Jade.

Marissa bumped into Ace and she asked him the heck he was doing there and he pointed out that he did not care about Jade so she should give him space.

Marissa told him to keep his words by not bothering her friend because she was happy together with Lino.

Ace was affected by the words and could not get it out of his mind. He promised to ensure that Lino and Jade did not become happy after ruining his life.

Yohan left the money on the table, saying he did not want to see Lino, the waiter again. Jacky was puzzled.

Jade woke up crying to see her baby. Dolor calmed him down, she assured her that Lino was doing everything possible to ensure the baby recover.

Jade was happy to hear that Lino was there to see their son. Lino called Barry to tell him that he would skip work that day too. Barry made the workers talked to him and were happy for him.

They congratulated him, before ending the call Lino asked of Jacky. He said after they were trapped in the store room he had not been able to talk to her.

Barry said he has not seen Jacky so he should call her to talk to her instead.

Tet and Marissa asked of their leave. Lino told Jade that she would be okay, Jade said she had regretted but Lino said it was all in the past.

Lino said the feeling was gone and it would not be fair if they forced it. He said he did not want to live a life of lies, Jade pleaded with Lino to try hard and force his feelings to accept her.

As Jade was crying he gave her a tissue, Dolor who was eavesdropping went to sit outside.

At the hospital, Lino received a text from Jacky and he went to sit outside. Ace was determined to humiliate Dos Disenyos and Aliyah said he should rather focus on firing Mauro.

He said it was not easy for him to do that but Aliyah compelled him.
At the hospital, Jade who was being searched for by a nurse and Lino was seen with her baby. She talked with the child while crying.

She asked the child if he was tired of her that was why he was fighting to come out. Lino was hidden listening to her speech.

After days of acting mean towards Jacky, Yohan finally voiced out his frustrations that he was jealous of Lino and Jacky said Lino and her were just friends. She explained that they grew up together.

Yohan said he was a jealous guy and wanted Jacky all for himself. Jacky later got to Mauro’s house to find Ace’s car packed out.

She went in to hear Ace telling Mauro that he was no longer needed in the company and the board was working to fire him.

Initially, Jacky thought he was going to buy Mauro’s shares.


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