Betrayal (Halik) Episode 7

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 7 Ace eyes Jade

You know what they say about l^ve birds losing their partners? They can die from depression.”

Maggie was upset that Lino was leaving. Lino got home and Maggie asked him whether he was leaving them. Jade then told Lino that she already informed the family about the news.

Dolor explained to Maggie that it was part of marriage, thus she (Dolor) and her husband did same. Jade told Maggie that she should not worry since the property Lino acquired was not far from them so she could visit at anytime she wanted. Dolor kept saying it was a good news so Maggie had to be happy.

Due to how sad Maggie was, Lino said they would all come with him. He said the property he bought was spacious and they could stay with him and Jade.

Jade got upset and went inside, Lino followed her and she said he made her look like st**id as he never told her that he would stay with his family.

Stressing that he said the place was for them. Lino explained that what he told his family was not the original plan yet the property was spacious and would build a place next to their house for his family for them to stay.

Jade accused him of prioritising his family over her and packed her stuffs. At that time Lino’s family came to stand outside his door to eavesdrop. Jade who was coming out saw them standing and she asked whether they were eavesdropping she then left the house.

Lino followed her outside and tried talking to her for her to rescind on her decision. She did not listen. She took a cab and went to her parent place. She could not sleep so her mother said it would have been better if she had stayed with Lino rather than watching their pictures.

At his carpentry shop, Lino worked all day and his workers wondered what was wrong with him. His friend knew that Lino was depressed.

He was later advised by his uncle that fighting was part of marriage, stressing that Jade was scared to lose Lino that was why she was behaving that way. He advised him not to give up on her.

At Monte Corp, Jacky was talking to one of the workers while Ace came to inform her that they had to leave for Joel’s club opening.

Jacky said she has forgotten about it since she had lots of work on her. She asked Ace to go and represent both of them. Ace accepted.

“Ace you behave okay,” Jacky warned.

“Of course!” Ace answered.

At the club, Jade was incited by her friends to drink, she said she did not want to go home drunk but her friends insisted and told her to drink but drink moderately.

Lino called Jade’s mother, she said Jade was at a bar with her colleagues and he asked where. The woman said it was an opening of a new bar. Lino asked of the name of the bar.

Jade’s friends left her while she got drunk. Ace spotted her. A man wanted to dance with her but Ace interrupted and asked her if that man was bothering her.

The man then said he did not know Jade was with someone and he excused himself.

Jade thanked Ace for protecting her. She was drinking more but Ace stopped her and told her she has had enough drink and gave her a glass of water to drink. Jade asked him to make her feel happy, she also asked him where he knew her.

Ace said he met her at a club and she gave him her card. He decided to drop Jade home. He asked Jade of her car and she said she brought none.

Lino was on his way to the bar. He was driving to get to the bar for Jade.

Ace said so she came alone and was drunk like that. She answered that she came with her friends but they left to the house.

Ace sent her to his car and she said Ace’s car was beautiful. Ace drove her away and he asked her where he could drop her.

Jade said any place he wanted. At that time Lino had already reached the club and was being searched.

He went inside and got to a place which he was stopped by the security. He said that the place was meant for only VIPs.

Lino called Jade several times but she did not pick. Ace asked whether it was her husband and she said she knew what he would say.

“Sweetheart come back home, we can talk about this. It is pointless,” Jade added.

Lino showed Jade’s picture to a certain man at the club and asked if he had seen a person like that. The man said she left a minute ago with her male friend. Lino asked him whether he was sure and he said yes.

Ace said he did not understand why women get drunk when they passed through an ordeal.

She began to puke, Ace came out of the car to help her.

Lino talked to the executive at the bar and requested for a CCTV footage. He said someone might have forcefully taken away his wife. The man said it was against their work policy to reveal CCTV footage of their clients but if he was still sure that someone kidnapped or forcefully took away his wife from the club they could inform the police about it.

Ace gave Jade water and he said if it was a movie Jade would have been first to die. Jade asked if it was a movie and he was a killer where would he have sent her and what would he do to kill her.

Ace answered that he would have sent her to a place where her husband would never find her.

Jacky at home fed her pet and received a call from Chari.

Ace sent Jade to a certain hotel. She was so happy and said that was her dream place. The bed was cozy and told Ace that she knew he was up to something. Ace said he was not going to do anything to her but wanted to take care of her.

Jade fell and he decided to help her up. As he was helping to the bed he fell on her. They began to stare at eachother’s face. Ace got carried away and tried to ki$$ Jade.

But she pushed him aside and ran to the washroom. Later a hotel assistant knocked to bring her a medicine she requested. Ace told her that he requested for it for her hangover.

Ace left. She called Ace and he said she should not worry as he had covered everything, adding that he left his contact so she could contact him if she needed any help.

Jade in the washroom realised that she had missed one of her earrings. Lino called Jade and asked her where she was.

Lino got there and she said she was sent there by her friend’s boyfriend. Lino asked about the man she left the club with and she said that was her friend’s boyfriend.

She tried to give her phone to Lino to call her friend to ask her about it. Lino asked but what was she doing in that hotel. She said due to how she was drunk that was why she made her friend’s boyfriend left her there. Lino asked if she knew she has lost an earring and offered to help her search for it in the hotel but she declined. She told Lino that she would not go home with him but eventually changed her mind.

At home Maggie said Jade always behaved like a teenager but Dolor warned Maggie not to talk ail of her brother’s wife. Lino said Jade was going through a lot that was why she was behaving that way. He said Jade was not like that before.

Maggie said sorry. In the bathroom Jade recalled how Ace was on top of her and almost ki$$ed her.

Ace was sleeping in his car. Jacky came in to wake him up and told him they should go upstairs for him to sleep. He said he was no longer feeling sleepy and it was Jacky’s doing.

Lino went to tell Jade that he had an emergency call so he had to leave. He said Jade could follow him but she said no. He should go alone since it was emergency and was pertaining to work.

Dolor after Lino went, came to talk to Jade that she wanted to have a conversationĀ  with her but Jade brought an excuse that she wanted to sleep and said another time. Maggie told her mother that she would reserve her comment since she knew what she would say already.

Jacky informed Ace that she left the cage opened and Poppoe, one of the birds has flown away and she said sorry to Ace. Ace said she should not worry. Jacky sat on something in the car and she asked Ace to check what pierced her. Ace saw that it was the earring of Jade he threw it under the seat and told Jacky that it was a nail in the seat which was coming out.

He assured her that he would get it checked up the next day. Jacky sent Ace to the cage to see how depressed the other bird was.

“You know what they say about l^ve birds losing their partners? They can die from depression,” Jacky indicated.

“Yeah! They do get attached that’s why they get tendency to feel depressed while they lose their partners,” Ace said.

Ace told Jacky that his friend, Fred also had l^ve birds, lots of them so for the bird to die in their house it would be better if they gave it to Fred.

Jacky agreed. He then said he left something in the car so he would go for it. He went to take Jade’s earring which he kept under the car seat and went to keep it somewhere safe in the house.

Jade texted to thank him. Jacky felt it suspicious when she heard Ace has gotten a text. When Ace came in she informed Ace about it.

Ace wondered who that person could be since it was late. He texted her back and asked her not to get drunk again. He also said he had her earrings so they could meet later.

Jade asked who the person was and he said it was Fred. He said he gave him the go ahead to send the other bird to him but Jade said he thought he said he would talk to him the next day. Ace said yes but he texted him to inform him About it.

In the next morning, Ace served Jacky in bed. Lino was also surprised by his family all for the Indonesian deal.

Lino congratulated his team for their awesome job.

Lino’s family went to clean up the new place. Maggie said she knew someone did not want them to live there but she was asked to cut it. Fe said she talked to the property owner and she said they could do anything they wanted so Dolor could even use part of the place as a store to do her business.

Jacky was feeling nervous but Ace said she should not be as he was optimistic that things would go on well during her presentation. She asked Ace why he sounded so sure about that.

A messenger came to interrupt that Mr Iwayan would not be able to make it as the unfortunate happened and his doctor advised him not to travel.

Jacky sounded worried and asked the woman whether that meant they should reset the presentation.

To their dismay, Agung revealed his face and said there was no need to reschedule anything since from “now on” he would be in charge.

Smiles disappeared from Lino’s face although he was forcing to give Agung a welcoming smile.


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