Betrayal (Halik) Episode 70 Helen attempts to kill Lino's child

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 70

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 70 Helen attempts to kill Lino’s child

In the house of Mauro, Jacky told Ace that it could not be possible for Mauro to be fired since he was the chairman of the board and the business was a family one.

Ace said after Jacky left, the company was under performing so investors invested in it to revive the company.

Mauro explained that he mended some laws but Jacky scolded Ace for turning his back against Mauro while he treated him like his son.

Ace said Mauro could not even go to the washroom on his own and said other awful things to him.

Mauro almost had a heart attack, Jacky went to his aid. Ace told Mauro that he said when it comes to business family and friends did not matter, this irritated Jacky and she threw him out.

Mauro blamed Jacky for not allowing him to go to work, that, he said was the reason he has lost his company. Jacky said allowing him to do what he wanted meant that she would have lost him.

She pledged to help him get back Montecorp. At Dos Disenyos, Barry told Lino not to think about Jade’s words. He said she was trying to make him feel guilty for him to revive his relationship with her.

Jacky got to work and Barry told Lino to ask of Jacky’s opinion but Jacky was in a bad mood, unwilling to talk to anyone.

Lino asked what was wrong with her and she said she found out that the Corpuzes were firing Mauro. Lino said it was impossible, Jacky explained that Mauro amended the bye-laws of the company so it meant that he put himself into the situation.

Ace got home to inform his parents about the result of the plan. They congratulated him and Helen told him to teach Gio to be like him.

Marissa advised Jade not to give up on her hope for Lino, urging her to fight for him since legally she was Lino’s wife. Tet advised Jade against it.

Gio bought a bouquet to deliver it to Maggie but Bogs got in the way. He was upset to see Bogs with Maggie and the guy who was helping Gio to get close to Maggie said Bogs was just small and Gio was a Corpuz which meant he would win Maggie.

Gio said his problem was being a Corpuz and due to that he could not get close to Maggie.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Bogs ate snacks and Bogs said Maggie had to save her money to buy her nephew a gift.

Bogs narrated the sad moment of his life after losing his father as a kid. He said his family had never had a add on like Maggie’s family.

In the night, Jacky approached Lino to say sorry for worrying him with the issue of Montecorp. Lino said it was good for her to voice it out.

Jacky received a call from her driver, Rahul informing her that her car broke down and Lino offered to take her home. She told him to get the car towed to the shop.

Ace in a bar thought about Jacky, as promiscuous as he was he wondered if Jacky has changed in bed since she was now looking much prettier and sexier.

Lino dropped Jacky home and she said he drove so fast. She thanked him and told him to drive safely home. Unknown to them, Ace was watching them in his car.

As she stepped inside her condo, a guard ran after Jacky informing her that someone was forcefully making an entry claiming he was her husband.

She saw it was Ace and she asked the guard to allow her to handle it. Ace told Jacky that he planned to pass by and it seemed someone (referring to Lino) thought of same.

“Jacky how does it feel to be Lino’s backup plan,” Ace asked. Jacky threw him out and he looked at her seductively and force himself on Jacky. She slapped him and called out the guard to show Ace the way out.

The guard threw him out but before leaving he told Jacky that:

“But I want you to know that I am available if you want to get satisfied, just call me.”

Ace bumped into Yohan outside and he warned Yohan to be careful with Jacky because she ruined his life and would do same to him.

Jade asked of her son, Dolor told her he was still in the incubator gaining the warmth he used to get in the womb. Dolor asked the name she and Lino planned to give to the baby.

Jade said she planned two names Catalina Junior and Gustin. Yohan after learning that Lino dropped Jacky home was upset that Jacky accepted the ride.

He insisted that Jacky should have taken a cab or could have called him. He said it all starts like that and the excuse has always been friendship.

He became too upset that Jacky asked him for a breakup if he did not trust her. He quickly said sorry and mend things with Jacky.

Maggie and Bogs visited to see the baby but the visiting hour was over.

Aliyah who Ace stood her in a restaurant, got home and called Helen to ask if Ace was with her but she said she had not seen Ace. Helen was later told by her maid that Ace was outside drunk.

He told his mother that he visited Jacky and what hurt the most was that she was with Lino. He felt sad that Lino appeared better than him.

Helen advised him to concentrate on Aliyah and forget about Jacky. At the hospital, the doctor planned to discharge Jade but her son would still stay at the hospital but Jade refused.

Lino tried talking to her to accept, he said they would visit their son frequently. Jade stated that it would be like abandoning the child. She embraced Lino and told him that she wanted to see her baby.

Meanwhile, Helen hatched up a plan to kill Lino’s child. She dressed like a nurse and once she saw all the health workers working on the baby left.

She went inside to express her resentment towards the child, describing the baby as snake just like Jade and tried to disconnect things for the baby to die.

After she failed in tempering with the machine, she asked herself what she was doing. Lino decided to go for a wheel chair to send Jade to see the baby.

After Helen fled she bumped into Dolor and Maggie. She disrespected them so they fought, Helen pushed Maggie.

As the fight between the three was getting to it peak, a guard came to separate them. Helen threatened them to make them pay for ruining her hair.

Lino and Jade who were watching the baby was told that his mom was engaged in a fight. After speaking with Dolor to know the cause of the fight, Jade was scared that Helen would hurt her baby.

Helen came home to lie to her two sons that Maggie disrespected her and wondered why Gio was bent on being with her.

Ace promised to make the Bartolomes pay but Gio protested against the plan. He said Maggie wouldn’t hurt his mom if she did not give her a reason and told them to stop the fight. He questioned them if they were not tired.

Helen wondered why Gio was not supporting the revenge plan.


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