Betrayal (Halik) Episode 71 Jacky decides to resign from Montecorp after Mauro suffers humiliation from Paeng and Ace

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 71

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 71 Jacky decides to resign from Montecorp after Mauro suffers humiliation from Paeng and Ace

At Montecorp, Ace dissuaded Gio from fixing things with their mortal enemies but Gio kept blaming Ace for ruining the lives of the Bartolomes.

Ace warned Gio to fix his life and threatened to show him that he was worse than Paeng, their father. Aliyah availed her face and asked Ace their problem.

Lino got to the office and Jacky saw there was something bothering him. She asked him about it and Lino said Helen bumped into Dolor and Maggie at the hospital and they ended up fighting.

Ken said Helen was crazy and they should pray that she did not get to know about the birth of his baby.

Jacky wondered if Helen was there because of the baby and thought if she would harm the child. Ken insisted that Helen was capable of anything.

Ace pleaded with Aliyah for his earlier action. Aliyah asked him to give her update about the dismissal of Mauro. He said the paper works were ongoing.

Meanwhile, Jade became hysterical, she wanted to see her son. Maggie who wanted to make Jade eat realised she was crying so she called Dolor.

She kept crying and Maggie calmed her down, promising her to fight Helen once they saw her again.

Ken said if he was Lino he would have gotten a restraining order against him. Jacky called Yohan but he saw the call and turned a blind eye.

Ken said Jacky and Yohan were quarreling more often lately and Barry advised her to take advantage of the argument to hold back since their relationship was running so fast.

Jacky texted Yohan that they should meet and have a serious talk. They later had a date in a restaurant and Jacky asked him why he had turned cold.

He had not been picking her calls. She said there were no strings attached to their relationship and wondered why he had problem with her being Lino’s friend.

Yohan said he had no problem if Jacky’s priorities were her father and Dos Disenyos. He said they could not also downplay the fact that she and Lino had history together.

Yohan said what he was fighting against was feelings, that is if Lino would have feelings for Jacky. He said he was worried that Lino would wake up one day and learnt that he had feelings for Jacky.

Jacky said he had nothing to worry about. At Dos Disenyos, Lino came to meet Jacky laying her head on the table. Lino was scared that she had run a fever.

Jacky asked Lino if there was something that could ruin their friendship. Lino assured her that nothing could ruin their friendship. Jacky gave Lino a k!$$ and thanked him for his friendship.

In the house of the Bartolomes, Lino packed his things and was thinking about the person who would take care of Jade the next day. Maggie promised to take the next day off and take care of Jade and the baby at the hospital.

Lino was surprised, Maggie explained that the problem she had was with Jade not with the baby and she would do everything to save her nephew now that she has realised Jade and the baby’s life were in danger.

Maggie explained that she learnt that from Bogs. She narrated that Bogs and his mother wanted a bigger family but did not come true. Sharing her sentiments about Bogs, Maggie said Bogs looked care free but had passed through a lot.

Lino advised her to stay away from Bogs before he started feeling something for her. Maggie said she wanted her friendship with Bogs to be like Lino’s friendship with Jacky.

She said everyone wanted Lino and Jacky to be in eachother’s arms but they did not, rather their friendship grew stronger each day. Lino smiled and said she was making him nervous and hugged.

Jade was still hysterical, crying asking Tet she wanted to talk to Lino. Lino got there and she explained that the doctor has discharged her but did not want to leave the child.

Lino called out for a doctor, explaining that Jade was having panic attacks. The doctor injected her.

He then advised Lino to show Jade with l*ve and care since mothers who gave birth to premature children experience crisis like that, they were unwilling to detach from the baby.

Mauro talked to an attorney to ask him on way forward with Montecorp. He said Paeng and his son wanted to keep Montecorp.

Mauro lamented that he owned the big shares while Jacky had her shares. The man said Aliyah had also invested lots of money and had gained lots of investors for Montecorp.

He added that they intentionally made Ace the CEO for him to own the company and be like he saved the company. The man urged Mauro to do something before they took his company from him.

The workers took contribution for a birthday party of one of them. Barry gave money and said he was paying for himself, Lino and Jacky.

Jacky told the workers that they should count the amount they had received and would double that amount, saying that was her treat to them for working hard to pass the sales target that month.

As they were counting the money, she said Dos Disenyos was doing well and wondered how Montecorp was also doing now that it was in the hands of Ace.

At Montecorp, Mauro arrived there and all the workers watched him. Gio called out Mauro’s name. The workers of Dos Disenyos after counting the money got 30,000.

Jacky received a call from Gio informing her that Mauro was at Montecorp and looked furious. Jacky said she would be there soon.

Mauro got to the board room and told Paeng that he thought he was his poppet obeying his orders but he has realised he was barking back.

Paeng said since he was not being nice he would make things clear to him. He said no member if the board liked him. He asked Mauro to stop the act, Mauro said he would not allow him to take away the company he had worked so hard for.

Paeng asked if he was trying to me those he stepped on just to keep the company, he said Mauro stole all his furniture designs.

As ordered had been given to throw Mauro out, Jacky got there and said it was shareholders meeting and they had the right to be there.

Jacky ruined Ace and Paeng’s plan by robbing on their faces how Mauro helped them especially Ace and the rest of the board members.

Jacky called them ungrateful, Paeng fought back saying Jacky abandoned Montecorp, and not only that she went to work with their competitor, sharing their secret to them. He added that Montecorp was at the verge of collapsing when Jacky left.

Jacky said Montecorp began to collapse once Ace assumed the manager position and not when she resigned. She said Ace did not save the company but a woman once more saved it.

She told the investors that once the woman has issue with Ace things would crumble at Montecorp. She then went with her dad.

Paeng said he had never witnessed a day that Mauro had become speechless in his life before till that day. Aliyah was happy that Mauro passed by for the people to see how pathetic he was.They toasted to their partnership, jubilating that Montecorp would soon be theirs.

Jade was discharged and Lino sent her home. As Lino was going to work, she wanted Lino to stay in the house with her, saying a call could come through from the hospital about their son but Lino said Dolor and the rest of the family were there so once they ever receive such a call he would abandon his work and go with her to the hospital.

Jade later accepted for Lino to go to work and asked him not to keep long.

As they reached home Mauro was acting impatient. Jacky pleaded with him to calm down, Mauro said he was humiliated by Paeng. Jacky promised to help him.

He asked how she would do it and she said she would resign from Dos Disenyos and go back to Montecorp.


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