Betrayal (Halik) Episode 73

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 73

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 73 Lino’s house get destroyed through an explosion 

Lino sat quietly at the office. He recalled  when they convinced Jacky to work at Dos Disenyos, he remembered the good times they had together.

Jacky returned to the office to find Lino on her table, she asked him what he was doing there and he said he was measuring the table.

Jacky took her charger and asked Lino if they were cool and he said yes. She asked of Jade and the baby and when she was about to leave Yohan appeared in the scene.

Yohan said his sister has landed from USA and wanted to have dinner with him and Jacky.

Lino told Dolor on a phone that he was off to see his house as the electricians were fixing the light. The goon called Ace who was in a bar that they were at the target’s house and no one was there.

Ace told him to do the job right away, unfortunately for them Lino went to meet them planting the bomb and had a fist fight with them, the two goons after being beaten by Lino quickly fled on their motto.

Lino managed to take out the bomb they were planting out, he threw it away and it exploded.

As Lino was about to leave his new house, on his motto, he saw another bomb planted outside the house, he tried to take but time had already run out so he flee as he threw himself out, the bomb exploded, destroying the building he had put much efforts into its completion.

Lino hit himself had on the floor so he passed out. Meanwhile, Jade was pacing back and forth in the house. Dolor asked Jade what she was doing awake. Jade said she was waiting for Lino as she was worried about him.

She was scared that Lino would go and confront Ace. Dolor said he would do no such thing since he knew a child was depending on him.

She told Dolor that the baby was lucky to have an exceptional father like Lino. She also revealed to Dolor that she told her lies when she asked her whether she was hoping to have a life with Lino and she said no.

Jade said she had never lost hope and she had now realised her l*ve for him and was still hoping to be with him.

As she went to her bedroom, wondering why Lino had kept long she received a call that her son had been admitted.

She visited the hospital with Jade and Maggie. The doctor said after careful X-RAY examination, Lino did not have internal bleeding.

The police came there to ask if he engaged in a fight with someone recently for the person to bomb his house. Dolor was astonished, Jade answered that Ace Corpuz did because they recently had a misunderstanding.

At Montecorp, the news about the owner of Dos Disenyos being admitted into hospital through a bombing incident in a news paper broke.

Helen asked her son if he had something to do with it, he smiled and proudly said yes after reading the article. Helen scolded him and Ace said dad would have done the same thing.

Paeng looked at the news and congratulated Ace but he said he should be discreet. Jacky and Barry visited Lino and Jade jealously made Jacky sit and made an attempt to answer their questions.

Jade sat next to Lino, Barry asked him what the oil said about the incident. As Jade was about to talk, Lino quickly answered that the police asked if he had a suspect in mind and he said Ace.

Jacky asked if he engaged in fight with her estranged husband and Jade answered that Lino and her saw Ace together with his new mistress and had an argument with them.

Jacky said Ace was behaving like his wicked father so he had to pay if he did that against Lino.

Helen asked Ace if he wanted to wear the cloth of his dad, she said he was better than Paeng and he said indeed he was better than Paeng because he would not be Mauro’s poppet. He asked his mom to thank him instead.

Barry received a call from the office and told the workers that they should leave the documents he had to sign there. Jade in order to indirectly tell Jacky to stay away from Lino tried feeding Lino but he didn’t take the food.

Lino asked Barry what was eating him up and he said the workload at the office was too much for him. He pleaded with Jacky to postpone her resignation but Jacky said she already told her father about it.

Lino told Barry to call Baste to help him and should not force Jacky to stay. He urged Jacky to stick to her date of resignation. Jade looked happy when Lino said that to Jacky.

Fe told Tat about the bombing incident and Tat said the house was like metaphor when Lino had problem with Jade the house was beautiful but once Jade delivered and things were getting better between Lino and Jade the house also crumbled.

The two women laughed and gave themselves hi-five but Ed told them to stop that analysis because if Dolor was there she would stop them.

Lino told his family to leave but Jade wanted to stay behind and take care of him Lino refused and urged her to go home and relax for their baby as he would be able to take care of himself.

Jacky went to Mauro’s house and Mauro said Ace and Paeng were capable of anything. Jacky said it was good that he has realised his mistakes.

Paeng was happy that Ace had already settled the issue with the police. The police went to the house of the Bartolomes to tell them that a drug addict admitted to the crime that the explosion was an accident.

The drug addict wanted to burn the house of his enemies but they mistook Lino’s own to the person. Lino did not believe it but the police promised to delve into the matter.

Barry pleaded with Jacky not to disclose the future plans of Dos Disenyos to Montecorp. Jacky assured him not to worry.

Lino got to work and said he trusted Jacky that was why he entrusted his life into her hand. The workers welcomed Lino, he later went to the hospital with Jade to check on the baby.

He said the baby would be discharged within two weeks. Jacky met with her mother’s friend from Montecorp to talk to her about her plans to return to Montecorp. She learnt that Ace would be the board chairman soon and Aliyah assured that.

Jacky thought the position would rather be given to Paeng but that was not the case. The woman said Ace would soon have the right to make significant changes in Montecorp.

At home, Lino told his family about launching a charity project to help schools. Jade wanted to partake in the project but Lino advised her against it since the work would be exhausting.

Jacky assured Mauro that she would go back to Montecorp and join forces to deal with Ace and his dad.

Mauro thanked Jacky for not given up on him. They shed tears and embraced eachother. The doctor said the baby would soon be discharged.

Jade was so happy and leaned on one of Lino’s hand. They went home to tell Dolor about it and she said she would clean up the house since she did not want her grandson to fall sick.

Yohan told Jacky that she should report to him whenever Ace says offensive words to her. He was scared that the Corpuzes would gang up on her but Jacky said she was no longer alone. She was working with her dad.

She invited him to join the charity project with her. Ace and Aliyah went to a restaurant and Aliyah showed Ace what Dos Disenyos was about to do so she came up with an idea that would go against the project.

The next day, the family of the Bartolomes gathered the entries for the event. Jade convinced Dolor to convince Lino to take her along so he did.

Lino and his team went to the venue to find out that Ace and Aliyah were already there. He was surprised and asked Jacky what the Montecorp workers were doing there but Jacky had no idea she was surprised as well.


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