Betrayal (Halik) Episode 74 Dos Disenyos outreach project turns scandalous

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 74

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 74 Dos Disenyos outreach project turns scandalous 

After seeing the Montecorp workers, Jacky went to talk to Judith and she said Montecorp workers got there to help, saying they were affiliated with Dos Disenyos.

Aliyah approached the Dos Disenyos workers to irritate them but Lino and the Dos Disenyos team kept their composure.

The school was affected by flood and Lino wanted to help in the renovation of the school. Yohan donated quite materials for the outreach project.

Ace wanted to outshine than Lino so Jacky asked his team just to ignore Ace but Jade who was not happy about how Jacky was carrying out herself shaded her.

“What an attention seeker.” Jacky looked at her and she said she was rather referring to Ace. Attorney Ken laughed about how well Jade knew Ace.

Helen called Paeng to ask why Ace and Aliyah embarked on an outreach project in that particular school while they could host it in another school but Paeng asked her to allow Ace to do his own thing the same way Helen tried killing Jade’s child.

Jade wanted Lino to take a break for her to serve them with food but Lino said they just started working. Lino had bad feelings about Ace’s present.

Chari had an idea to help the school but felt the presence of Ace and Aliyah as nuisance. Jade and Sampson were coming with food but seeing Ace and Aliyah made them change their mind.

Aliyah couldn’t wait to leave so Ace said coming there was her idea so she should not make his exs ruin her day.

Jade felt jealous seeing Lino and Jacky together painting. Yohan got there to give Jacky face towel so Lino left them.

After Jade realised Lino was affected by the presence of Yohan when he was wiping off the sweat on her face. Jade tried squeezing the truth out of Bogs whether Jacky and Lino had some connection.

Bogs asked her the kind of connection, but she could not answer. Jacky later went for a drink from Jade and out of jealousy showed a picture she took together with Lino and the baby, saying they were looking very happy as a family.

Meanwhile Ace instructed someone to steal all the tools and materials of Dos Disenyos.

Aliyah offended Jade by giving her food, claiming she looked starving so Jade engaged in a brawl with her. Lino and Ace intervened to prevent the fight.

Lino threatened Jade to send her back home and made her promise to behave. Later Lino sent Bogs to the truck for some materials.

As one of Ace goons spotted Bogs approaching they fled with all the materials and quickly closed the truck.

Lino was informed by the bad news. Lino was disappointed to hear that the truck lock was broken and the thief got away with their tools and the working materials.

Ace witnessing how frustrated Lino and the workers were laughed as he admitted his crimes to Aliyah.

Lino asked Judith if there were criminals there, Judith doubted the locals would steal the materials knowing the help Lino has offered them.

Aliyah was eavesdropping, Jade expressed the possibility of Ace stealing them. Aliyah interjected that her speech was slanderous. Jade kept on to say that they all knew Ace was a thief but Aliyah said Ace did not steal unless they come to him to offer themselves willingly.

Jade got offended and was ready to attack her, warning her to zippen her mouth before she zipped it for her.

Lino pulled Jade back, telling her that they did not have any evidence against Ace. Jacky later spoke with Lino about how harsh he was with Jade, reminding him of their real enemy which was Ace.

Lino said Jade was not helping him rather she was irritating him and wished she did not send her along. Jade later spotted Ace leaving, acting all suspicious so she ran after him just to find what he was hiding.

Barry told Lino that he was not only affected by the presence of Ace but Yohan. Lino asked what Yohan had to do with it, but Barry said Lino could not deny.

Lino said Jacky was happy with that “Yo” guy. After seeing what Ace was up to she quickly ran to inform Lino and sent him to the place where the goon was hiding, telling Lino that she saw Ace paying the guy.

Lino asked her if she was sure, he then knocked the door and the goon came out Lino told him he was looking for something, the guy realised he was caught when Lino saw his tool.

He pushed Lino and fled, Lino ran after him but the guy was not found. Lino went to Ace to confront him for being a jerk and for stealing his tools and materials.

Ace acted annoyingly, calling Lino bro, and acting as if he was in good terms with Lino. That provoked Lino yet the more. Jacky asked Ace whether stealing was an image he was creating for Montecorp.

Ace interjected that Jacky was the least person who had to talk about stealing since she was the one who stole the ideas of Montecorp and presented them on a silver platter to Dos Disenyos.
He then asked what Jacky gave in return, whether she gave her body for free.

Lino hit his face and Ace fell and broke a table, as the brawl was going on Aliyah recorded a video of the incident and Ace went straight to the camera saying he did no wrong yet the owner of Dos Disenyos hit him.

Aliyah spread the video and the Bartolomes watched it. Lino got home and Dolor scolded Lino for acting like the Corpuzes.

Ken told Jacky that Ace was playing the victim just to ruin the reputation of Dos Disenyos. Yohan received a call from his dad, who wanted to back out from the contract he signed with Dos Disenyos.

Paeng saw the video and was proud of Ace for ruining the reputation of Dos Disenyos. Lino received a call from Barry and said he was ready to apologise even before the public, all that he wanted was to be given a platform for the public to hear his side of the story.

After the call, Jade approached Lino to say sorry and blamed herself for the incident. Lino said it was not her fault and told her she was tired and wanted to sleep.

Jade said she was also tired, since she was trying everything she could to make up for her mistakes. Lino also said Sorry for venting his anger on her.

Jade said she was willing to wait no matter how long it would take for Lino to forgive her for what she did against him.

She suddenly embraced Lino and cried.


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