Betrayal (Halik) Episode 76 Dos Disenyos throws farewell party for Jacky

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 76

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 76 Dos Disenyos throws farewell party for Jacky

Jade went to meet Marissa, she told Marissa that she was bored in the house and could not wait to hold her baby.

Marissa said she was experiencing baby blues and should relax small and sleep. She also suggested to Jade to set up an online business to keep her productive.

At Dos Disenyos, Barry said Lino’s eyes was looking like that of puppy. Lino told him that he met with a certain guy who was willing to help him find evidence against Ace on the explosion of his house.

Barry advised him to stop playing the detective job since he would rather find himself in trouble.

He also asked him whether he was just doing that to avoid Jacky. Jacky appeared and asked why Lino would avoid her. Barry left and Lino explained to Jacky that he had no reason to avoid her and should not pay attention to Barry and his statements.

Jacky pleaded with him not to avoid her since she was leaving Dos Disenyos. She also advised him to avoid troubles and those who would work against him once she leaves.

Jade enlisted Maggie’s help to establish an online business. Juancho, Bogs and one other worker told Lino about their plans to throw a send off party for Jacky, they also instigated that Sir Idol should use that opportunity to express his true feelings to Jacky.

In the evening, Lino saw Jade on his way coming home. Jade told Lino that she went to do a research at a cafe about an online business she wanted to do.

Lino made her join him  on his motorbike. Jade was blown away by the offer since it was an opportunity for her to feel the warmth of Lino.

She did not waste time in climbing on top of the bike. She quickly leaned on Lino with her smiley face before Lino showed her the right way she should hold him.

They arrived home and went to have dinner. She told Lino that she wanted to be productive like Jacky.

Lino who lauded her idea of finding herself something doing asked why she brought Jacky’s name in their conversation. Lino told her that Jacky was leaving Dos Disenyos.

Lino decided to support Jade by providing her necessary financial aid to establish the home-base-e-business. The next day, Lino went with her to buy a laptop.

They sat at a restaurant with Jade showing her gratitude. Barry and Ken got there, eventually, Ken spilled out the the upcoming party to Jade.

Jacky went to work to find no one at the office. She began searching for the workers and Bogs bumped into her, informing her that Boss Lino had an accident.

Jacky was puzzled since she did not see Lino at the workshop. She quickly rushed with Bogs to see Lino. There, she was greeted with a surprise. Lino brought her a gift, it was a sketch of her and she tried holding back her tears but the workers urged her through fans giving, clapping and chanting “Let it all out.”

Jacky finally cried, she hurriedly embraced Lino while she teared down. In the house, Fe approached Jade and ranted about Lino buying Jade laptop.

She used the opportunity to shade Jade that Lino had never been self centered so he had failed to buy himself a laptop but had bought one for Jade.

Jade told her not to worry since she would pay him back. Fe asked her to take good care of it since Jade might find another laptop which would be better than the one she had and abandon it.

Jade knew what Fe was insinuating, so she interjected that she had learnt a lot from her experience and she would leave no stone on turn by working hard to earn money and return Lino’s money.

Dolor came around and Fe left, Jade asked Dolor if she would not attend the farewell party. Dolor said she would not be able to attend but Jade said Lino might feel bad.

Dolor said Lino was feeling bad since Jacky was leaving,  the reason being that Jacky had contributed a lot to the growth of the carpentry company and nothing else.

At the event, the workers sang for Jacky and she made a request that Lino should sing for her.

Before his performance, Lino told her to always be reminded that she had family at Dos Disenyos and could always return if she pleases while he expressed the l*ve of the workers to her.

Lino sang a heartwarming song which talked about a garden, symbolically talking about his heart or Dos Disenyos. He said she had the liberty to dance freely and to l*ve in that special garden.

Jacky held back her tears as Lino with his guitar drew closer to her, looking into her eyes, pouring out his heart.

“Jacky even if it hurts that you leave, it’s okay because that’s what l*ve is all about so we will support you. Go and give help to those who need you, and give l*ve to those who are worth l*ving just like your through friends and as for us we will always be together. Come visit us okay.”

Jacky and Lino embraced eachother. In the bar, Aliyah watched some footages at the farewell party, her friend asked her why she was acting strange and she said she had to update herself with the happenings in the lives of her enemies.

Jacky got emotional and Chari told her she could rescind on her decision to return to Montecorp.

At a different bar, Ace saw the pictures of Lino and Jacky, he got upset and almost crushed his phone.

Vince advised him to take it easy on himself and could have gifted him with his phone if he didn’t like instead of crushing it. Vince then saw the pictures and wondered why Ace was upset since he was getting an annulment.

“You know of all people why does it have to be Lino. I can’t stand when he gets something which is mine especially my women,” Ace cried.

Vince said he did not own any woman and Ace said he owned them since he spoil them. He said Jacky was different and was his wife. He would not allow Lino to take her away.

Mauro called Jacky to have dinner with her but she refused due to the farewell party and rescheduled the dinner to the next day.

Ace explained that he made himself believe he was in l*ve with Jade but was not the case. He said the satisfaction of making Lino felt like a loser got into his head. Vince said he could get back to Jacky when she returned to Montecorp but he said it would not be that easy for him.

Jacky told Lino about how her father called her for the first time to have dinner with her without them talking about work.

Lino felt happy for her, for the change in Mauro’s attitude. Jacky got happy and embraced Lino. Ken who saw them in the compromising situation took pictures and decided to post it on IG (Instagram).

Charry advised him against it since Yohan was following Ken, he then deleted it. Jacky realised what her close pile did and even told him to delete it from his phone.

The workers went to serve themselves and Barry went to sit with Lino, asking if he was okay and Lino said he was fine just that they would miss her a lot.

Barry said may be that was for the best, Lino said Barry was right she leaving would no longer make things complicated. Barry said Lino himself made things complicated right from the start.


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