Betrayal (Halik) Episode 78

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 78

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 78 Mauro attacks Paeng for tricking him 

The family of the Bartolomes gathered outside to suggest to Jade to sell uniforms and office wears.

Lino got home and asked what his family were doing outside. Dolor said they were doing nothing but waiting for him to have dinner together.

Tat also arrived and gave them banana cake, after tasting the cake, Jade said it was delicious and could sell it online. Lino also took a bite and admitted it was delicious.

Tat was happy to hear that her banana cake could be sold online and expressed happiness in getting rich in due time.

Jacky went out with Chari and Ken to have dinner. She told her friends that Mauro cautioned her to be extra careful with the Corpuzes. She said that was the first time Mauro had agreed with Lino on something.

Chari asked if she would learn Marshall Art from Yohan to defend herself from her wicked ex husband. They laughed and Jacky said it was quite a news for her to hear Ace raping a woman.

Ken said that was because Ace was her husband and trusted him. He said Paeng was worse and Jacky took Gio as the only decent person in the family and lamented that due to the fact that Gio bore the name Corpuz he lost his chance with Maggie.

The Bartolomes gathered around one table to have dinner. Jade said she would add clothes to the online business and Maggie said she would be the model for the business.

Jade also expressed excitement that her baby would soon join them in the house. One of Lino’s nephews said calling the baby Junior was cozy and suggested the name CJ. The family wondered the meaning of CJ and the boy explained that it was the short form of Catalino Junior.

The family saw the name as brilliant and Lino liked it. Bogs visited Maggie for them to play game together since Lino advised him against going out with Maggie due to the bad guy who was after him. Lino was scared that his family would be involved.

Maggie and Bogs talked about what the winner of the game would get. Maggie said he would buy her food if she won but he said they weren’t allowed to go out. He promised to go on a date with her if he also wins.

Lino came to meet Jade packing the baby’s stuffs. She was so excited and could not wait for CJ to come home. She said she got adorable holder for CJ’s feeding bottle, Lino was not enthused he recalled that his mother asked whether he could l*ve Jade again. He then left.

Maggie thanked Bogs but was sad that Gio had not been part of her life. She had lots of “What If” in mind as she thought that the family might be misjudging Gio.

She asked what if Gio was not like Ace since he never acted wrong to her. She said even if she gave Gio chance into her life things would still remain complicated.

Bogs asked her to stop thinking about Gio as he was right there for her. They carried on with their board game.

Lino had a drink with uncle Ed and he asked him if he had noticed some changes in Jade. He admitted that Jade was now so caring even though she was annoying at times. He said the dream he had with her to have kids had come to pass.

Ed intercepted that but he did not feel same for her again. He told Ed that Dolor advised him to start learning to l*ve Jade again but he asked how could he.

Ed said he could not force his feelings. He explained that feeling excited about a person did not mean he liked the person. To Ed nothing should separate couple who were bound by holy matrimony. He advised Lino to be patient and give his heart an ample time to recover.

He told Lino that it was not the right time for him to fall for another woman but his concentration should be on the baby.

Aliyah’s friend told her to end her relationship with Ace as she was falling for him. She said knowing Aliyah she did not have time for womaniser but has fallen. Ace called and she showed it to her friend. She failed to pick.

The alarm blew, Jacky woke up, exercise then bathed, applied her makeup, dressed up and spoke with Mauro. They met and went to Montecorp.

It was their first day at work as Jacky prepared to face the Corpuzes even though she was a little bit nervous. As they arrived, the workers watched them.

Two old workers saw them and were happy. They called Jacky to ask if it was true that she had return. She said yes and wondered why Ace had fired all the old workers.

Paeng learnt that Jacky and Mauro had arrived and went straight to the workshop. Gio noticed that Paeng did not like the return of Mauro.

Ace came to see Aliyah to say sorry and asked her why she did not pick his calls through out the night. He offered her a bouquet and went on with his apology.

Aliyah warned him that she did not want to be at the receiving end of his tantrums, adding that he would be sorry if he did that.

Mauro and Jacky arrived at the office and Paeng welcomed them. He irritated them and said they would get a single space office since Mauro’s office had been taken over by his replacement.

Ace and Aliyah got in, Jacky referred to Aliyah as Ace’s flavour of the month or his other woman. Ace revealed to Jacky that after consultation with their lawyer, a new investor was on board which meant that Jacky’s share was getting slim.

Aliyah said when that happened it meant that Jacky would soon k!ss Montecorp goodbye.

During breakfast, Jade told the family that they had more sellable items. At the board meeting, Mauro found out that Paeng tricked him to sign documents he knew nothing about.

Baste arrived at work and Barry was happy to see her. She said she did not know she would be given a chance at Montecorp after all that she did. Barry told her to forget about the past since they were in a new year and advised her to just concentrate on work.

Mauro got physical with Paeng for taking advantage of his condition to trick him. He fought him, Gio and Jacky separated the fight. Ace said their days were numbered at Montecorp and pretty soon Montecorp would be theirs.

Jacky faced Ace for being a J*rk, she was disgusted that Ace was her husband and Ace said the feelings was mutual. His speech attracted a slap from Jacky, as she left, Mauro also showed no sign of slowing down but promised to come back for Paeng. He also expressed preparedness to face Mauro.

Dolor updated Lino on where Jade, Ed and Tat had gone to. She was happy that Lino was no longer getting upset with Jade and were getting along. Lino said he did that since he realised Jade has changed yet his feelings for her had not changed.

Dolor said she was just excited that her grandson was coming home to meet a loving environment. Baste was sent to the workshop by Barry, there she apologised to the workers who were happy to see her for her earlier action that jeopardised the efforts of Dos Disenyos.

Barry called Lino to ask him where he was and told him that Baste had already reported on duty. Lino said he was at a certain place and would soon get to the office.

Barry told him not to tell him that he was still investigating about the bombing incident. Lino told him to calm down as he would be fine.

Lino got down from his bike to ask for a direction. Mauro told Jacky about how they took advantage of him. He said Paeng was cunning and should not have trusted him. Jacky assured Mauro that she trusted him and stated that she would make Attorney Ken review those documents to contest the validity of it.

She said Mauro was medicated and it could be something that could help them in the fight. Mauro advised Jacky not to let her guard down since Aliyah might be up to something which was not good even though he did not know her.


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