Betrayal (Halik) Episode 8

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 8 Ace gets intimate with Jade 

“Lino I think it is the opposite because you are a perfect husband. You know sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you.”

Lino showed Agung his designs and while doing the presentation Agung said he was not impressed so he called off the deal, saying he was talking to another company.

Jacky was unenthused by Agung’s rudeness. She said Agung was insolent and was not like his father. Ace asked her to calm down.

Lino got to his furniture shop and was not in the mood to talk to anyone.

“How was the presentation?”

“Lino,” Barry called.

Barry told Lino to calm down since Agung was crazy and unreliable. He said he was happy not to work with Agung but Lino said he needed the deal for him to pay for the rent of the new building he has acquired.

Jacky went straight to her father’s office to talk to Mauro. Mauro introduced her to Agung and he told Agung that he believed he already knew his daughter, Jacky.

Jacky was dumbfounded, Ace told Jacky that she has seen everything was under control.

She was surprised at Ace and he told her that he met Agung in Indonesia when he wanted to meet Iwayan. So he talked to Agung as a back up plan and it worked. Jacky was disappointed in Ace but he said Agung did not like Lino and wanted just a company to work with and he chose Monte Corp.

Barry advised Lino to see the brighter picture of the entire issue, to him Dolor would have peace of mind and would not worry that Lino was working with Mauro.

Lino said he was right but he wanted an international exposure. Barry then said another opportunity would present itself.

Jacky insisted to speak with Mauro. She confronted Mauro for making her waste her time on a presentation while he knew Agung and has already finalised the deal with him.

Mauro said she wanted to do something and he gave her the opportunity but she blew it and should just thank Ace for the back up plan.

He said talking of secrets why didn’t she inform him that Lino was the one who owned Dos Disanyo. He said even if Agung had accepted he would not have gone into partnership with Lino.

She got upset with Ace and thanked him for his back up plan. Ace asked why she was upset whether his effort made her effort go to waste or because Lino was out of the project.

Jacky asked him not to twist the case. He told her that he thought she would be happy that he saved the project for her but he thought wrong.

He then left. He went to drink and sent Jade a text that they should meet. At that time Jade was not getting any client and was worried that she could not get any sale for the day too. She saw the text and asked Ace to deliver the earring instead.

Lino called Jade and told her they should meet. He told her that he would come to pick her up but she said there was no need since she was within the area that they would go.

Ace called Jacky and said sorry to her and she also said sorry for her earlier behaviour.

She reached the restaurant and the receptionist asked the table they should reserve and she said table for two. She asked for the ladies and when she went she met Ace. He pulled her over into the washroom and they got intimate.

Jade tried to stop him by slapping him but Ace would not stop he went ahead to do it again.

Lino got there and he also ordered a table for two. He was quite sure that his wife was there but when he looked around She was not there.

Jade push Ace away and slapped him again. She left him and she bumped into Lino. She said she was no longer interested in the place so they should leave and go somewhere else. Ace hid himself at the washroom to listen to Jade and Lino’s conversation.

They bought some street food and Lino surprised her with a new pair of earrings. He said the earrings are for his perfect wife but Jade thought otherwise.

“Lino I think it is the opposite because you are a perfect husband. You know sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you,” she explained.

Ace reached home and he and Jacky also patched up.

Back to Lino and Jade, Lino said he was the one who did not deserve her. He also indicated that the Indonesian deal could not push through. Jade got upset and asked whether that was the reason he bought her the earring but Lino said that was not the reason.

She asked whether he was about to say he could not afford the house. Lino said he was working on the house. Jade asked him to promise and he promised.

At the shop, Lino was called by Barry while he was talking to a client. Barry informed him that he met Jerry their school mate and he told him that Indo Aesthetic would still come to the Philippines and they were going to work with Monte Corp.

He texted Jacky to ask her, so Jacky told Chari that she wanted to talk to Lino as she did not want Lino to feel that she has deceived him.

Maggie had closed from school and was talking to her friend about the attitude of Jade. A boy who was running bumped into her so she fell. They looked at eachother, she realised that the boy had stolen a bag so she pulled it away from him and gave it to the owner.

Jade brought her friend to the house and introduced Fe to her that she was Lino’s aunt. Her friend saw Jade’s new earrings and said it was flashy. Jade said it was a consolation from another failed deal closure by Lino. As she was saying Fe overhead it.

Jade’s friend asked Jade to be grateful as Lino was trying to make her feel happy. She said she knew Lino was doing his best but she wanted them to get their own house for them to leave the family house as she was tired of the place.

Jacky tried to explain to Lino but he said it was fine and it was business thus only the strong survived. He told her that he thought they were friends and Jacky told him that they were still friends but things were beyond her control.

She said although they had past grudge but  she tried to revive the good times they had by trying to get him the deal. Lino said it was okay since she had gotten even with him. She got upset with Lino’s utterance and said if that was what he thought then it was pointless for her to explain so she left.

As she was going, Lino told her that she had always said she was against her father but now she has allowed her father to use her and asked her for how long she would allow her dad to use her.

Jade escorted her friend out and she said she would return Jade’s earrings once she came from the event.

As Jade was leaving, Fe told Maggie that when she marries and her husband buy a gift for her she should thank and be grateful to her husband even when times get hard she should show appreciation.

Jade felt that innuendo so she turned, Maggie who was drying her things also wondered what Fe meant by that.

Fe said it was just an advice and anyone who was affected by the advice it was the person’s problem. Jade asked Fe whether she was talking about her. Fe said if she was affected by her advice.

Jade indicated that she knew they talked against her at her back. She added that her husband was tired of them for lending them money.

The workers thanked Jacky for supporting them and meeting their needs.

As Lino got home, Jade who was consumed with anger gave the earrings back to him and said he should give it to Maggie or Dolor. Lino asked her about the problem. She explained and Lino said he bought the earrings for her.

Dolor spoke to Fe and advised her. Lino got there and they ended making up for the misunderstanding with his wife.

The boy who stole the bag got home and said he could not make money since someone came in his way. He realised his mom’s sickness was getting worse so he put a towel on his mom.

Jacky’s family had a launch and an issue came up so Jacky left the table. Ace ran after her and told her that she should calm down.

He ended up saying Dos Disanyo was a small company that was why it did not win the contract.

In the morning, Jade did not want to join the table for breakfast so Lino also said he would not eat but Jade rescinded on her decision so they went to have the breakfast.

Loida told Jacky that Ace seemed to be depressed and Jacky said it might be her fault since she always turn her anguish for Mauro to him.

Ace told Fred that he was tired in his marriage as it had been on and off. Fred told him that he had always been happy with his wife, adding that he had been saying there were lots of pressure on Jacky. He stressed that perhaps Ace was the one who had changed.

Loida told Jacky that she had always been an understanding daughter and she knew she was being a good wife to Ace.

Jacky explained that although things got tough but she would never give up on Ace and her marriage.

Fred said he should not say it was Jacky’s fault. Ace said it was his fault and he would not blame Jacky.

Fred took a necklace and he said he would throw into the bin but Ace took the necklace.

“You know based on our last encounter she might not forget about me,” Ace said.


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