Betrayal (Halik) Episode 80 Yohan depressed about Jacky's rejection

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 80

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 80 Yohan depressed about Jacky’s rejection

Barry was on a date with Chari and Ken so he asked Baste if she would go with her. Baste asked when he started hanging out with Chari. He later went with Baste and Lino to meet Jacky’s friends.

Chari asked the name of the child and LiNo said he is called CJ, a short form of Cartalino Junior and his nephew came up with the name. He said his family were happy to see CJ.

Jacky also joined them. Lino told them about a car which wanted to run him over. He admitted that everything they said about giving birth was true as he explained that if it wasn’t for the baby he would have gone after the car but chose the welfare of his family.

Jacky said they knew him and knew that he would always choose the welfare of others.

Barry asked of the mother hen, Lino said Jade was suffering from postpartum depression so she had lots of mood swings.

They wanted to make jokes with it and Attorney Ken said that was a serious matter. Jacky admitted it was serious. She narrated that her mother had a similar experience so Mauro was advised to court Loida again.

Barry asked what she was implying, whether she meant Lino should court Jade again. Jacky became smart with her answer by saying, when a man was courting, he acts extra sweet, becomes more patient and Attorney Ken said he could relate.

Jacky explained that her mom experienced that due to what she was going through in her marriage, same as Lino’s marriage. She advised Lino to be extra patient and become more understanding in order to help Jade to make her feel more important.

Later in the house, Dolor advised Lino to consult a professional on Jade’s condition to help in understanding her better to help her situation.

Lino revealed that Jacky told him Loida had a same experience. Dolor said she knew about it. According to Jacky Loida’s own was severe due to how Mauro detached her from everyone.

He said Jacky said Jade was lucky that Dolor was supporting her and being a mother to her. Lino said it was good Jacky told him about it. He admitted it was very hard as he felt like going insane.

Jade who was eavesdropping left. Jade sang lullaby for the baby and he slept. Lino said the baby was sleeping soundly so Jade should also sleep. Jade said she would not worry if he slept inside with them.

Lino said he was just sleeping outside so he would hear if the baby cries. Jade decided to sleep outside instead. She managed to make Lino sleep inside with her.

They took care of the baby together. For several days Lino slept together with Jade in order to take care of CJ. Sometimes Jade took advantage of Lino and tried k!ssing him whenever she saw Lino sleeping with the baby in his alms. She snapped pictures without Lino noticing, acting like they were a perfect couple.

One day, Lino woke up to find his hand being caressed by Jade. He realised Jade was touching him so he woke up.

During breakfast, Fe asked Dolor whether Lino was back with Jade since he had been sleeping in Jade’s room. Lino interjected that they were not back together but just slept off while taking care of CJ and pleaded with Fe not to start any rumours.

Workers of Montecorp were happy that Jacky goes to work early and they said they were not used to that treatment since Ace always got to work late.

Lino was eating and Jade joined him. He later left Jade, saying he had other business doing. Jade later, looked at herself in the mirror saying her hand were becoming huge, she was becoming fat and her face was aging.

She said she looked ugly, repulsive and wondered what she could do to make Lino l*ved her back. She cried.

Jacky was so happy to see Gio supervising the workers. He engaged in a chat with Jacky and she asked him whether he enjoyed working there. He said he did not like working with Aliyah.

Jacky asked him to spill it out and he voiced it out. He said Aliyah did not do any work she just comes to sit at the office bossing people around and for some reason Ace had given her power.

Jacky said she would ensure that lazy being is dealt with. Before leaving, she told Gio to inform her about anything he found about Aliyah and they promised to keep it a secret.

Mauro went to the gulf ground to find his friend, Paeng playing. He said he would not beat around the bush and asked Paeng if he knew Aliyah Torre well.

Paeng said Aliyah was an investor and was working under Ace. Mauro laughed and revealed that Aliyah lied to them and was not the person she claimed to be.

He said Aliyah was the daughter of Manuel Vegafria, a man who lost everything to Paeng and him. Paeng looked so worried. Ace and Aliyah came to meet Jacky working together with the workers.

Aliyah wanted to pick up a fight, Jacky told them if they had been coming to work early they would have noticed the challenge the workers were facing.

She said some machines were under maintenance and nothing was done about it. Ace said he knew all that so Jacky should stop acting like the COO of the company, she was only the quality control officer and should not supervise the workers.

Jacky said with her new post she realised their products were not up to standard. She asked Ace if that was all he could do?

Aliyah then challenged Jacky to get a new product line. Jacky said she loved challenges and was not backing down. Jacky told her friends about it and were stunned to hear Aliyah’s challenge.

Paeng told Helen about the info Mauro gave concerning Aliyah but Helen said he should not believe Mauro since he only saw Aliyah as competition and despised her.

Paeng said he conducted his own research about Aliyah and she owned lots of work in the state. He also affirmed speaking with her father but Mauro’s eyes suggested that he was afraid and for the first time Mauro seemed afraid of a woman.

He said Mauro said Aliyah’s aim was just to destroy Montecorp. Yohan joined Jacky and her friends. He complained of not having quality time together with Jacky so Jacky promised to cook for him in making up to him.

At Dos Disenyos, Lino was stressed out and engaged in an accident. Barry asked him to go home and relax but Lino wanted to work hard to put his house under shape.

Baste asked who bombed it and according Barry, Ken said the case was closed as the culprit admitted to his crimes. Lino got pissed off by the work of the police. He insisted that the Corpuzes were behind the whole thing.

Ace got in, looking so worried, Aliyah said she knew Jacky would not win her challenge but Ace said she shouldn’t be so sure because Jacky was smart.

He said it would be better if they used Jacky against Dos Disenyos but Aliyah said Jacky would never betray Lino since she might have gone intimate with Lino just like what they ( she and Ace) were doing.

Ace seemed so bothered, she said they should use Gio to find out what happened between Lino and Jacky. Helen introduced Stacey to Gio, saying she was the daughter of his aunt Claudia and was an intense in Montecorp.

She told him to show her around but he said he had deadlines to meet and could not do that. Ace came in and asked him to do it perhaps it might help him forget about Maggie.

That, he said when happened, he would be easy on him. Lino got home and narrated that he stepped on cables and was sent home to relax since he might be tired.

Dolor told him to be extra careful since he had a son to take care of. Lino said he had regretted going after the goons who sabotaged his work and was sorry that he engaged in a fight forgetting that he had a child.

Later in the evening, CJ could not stop crying, Jade tried giving him milk but he did not take. Lino asked her to be cool on him he was just a baby.

Jacky as promised prepared dinner for Yohan and she said he should finish it since he prepared that for him.

Yohan thanked her for spending time with him aside her busy schedule and gave her a k!ss on the forehead. Lino took the baby from Jade and took care of him till he fell asleep.

Jade was so upset and told Lino that no one cared about her and everyone hate her including her son. Lino said they were all there to support her. She cried and said she was tired, Lino pampered her and gave her a shoulder to cry on.

When she fell asleep with her head on Lino’s lap, Lino laid her down. Yohan tried to k!ss Jacky again but this time on the lips. Jacky came up with work issues just to stop Yohan from k!ssing her lips.

Jacky told him that she was challenged at work by Aliyah to come up with a product line so she was thinking to use some of the workers of Dos Disenyos to make them have online classes to learn modern furniture and design them.

Yohan got pissed off and asked Jacky that they should stop talking about work and talk about themselves instead. Jacky whose hands were in that’s of Yohan turned him down, so he stood and said he could not have dinner under that condition.

Jacky stopped him and tried to cool him down, Yohan asked her to make him feel important too as he needed assurance. Jacky insisted that she thought he understood her but he walked out.


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