Betrayal Halik Episode 83 Yohan breaks up with Jacky while Jade engages in a hot fight with Jacky over Lino

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 83

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 83 Yohan breaks up with Jacky while Jade engages in a hot fight with Jacky over Lino

Lino took off his belt pushed Jade to his bed, he laid on top of her while smooches her body and k!ssed her aggressively but he could not go any further with the r0mance.

He stood up and Jade who was shedding tears put on her cover and asked whether that was how low Lino was thinking of her.

He said he didn’t want to do it but she wouldn’t understand, he asked Jade why she was dressing up she wanted them to do it so they should carry on. In anguish he told her that he tried l’ving her but her f00lishness was driving him away.

Lino reminded Jade that he did not bring her into his house for them to fix their marriage or get back together but to take care of her and the baby.

He said if she did not have self respect she should care about the feelings of others. He then threw her out of his room and Jade shed tears all night.

The next morning, Lino told his family about his plans to travel to New York for a seminar which Jacky gained the entry for him by submitting one of his works.

He was happy that the agency covered his ticket and accommodation. Jade who was holding the baby was not happy to hear him mentioning Jacky’s name.

The family were happy to hear the news but Jade didn’t. Yohan approached Jacky in her condo and said sorry to her for his action.

He told Jacky that he overhead her conversation with  Chari and he felt ashamed that  he was the one who put smiles on her face and did not want to lose him.

He said he was not that bad person but became very jealous. He realised the relationship would not work, he said he was happy that he made her smile even for a short while.

Yohan added that he realised that it was Lino who truly understood her. He hugged her and then left.

Lino finally bid his family good bye and Maggie requested for makeup while Ed requested for shoes and asked Lino not to forget his size.

Jacky woke up and read Lino’s message which stated that he was going to the airport. Jacky sent him a message asking when his flight would leave.

Jacky quickly went to change and followed Lino ready to confess her true feelings to him while Lino also wished for same but both wondered how the other would take the news.

Jacky was stuck in an heavy traffic so could not meet him. Lino said they should talk when he returned. Ken asked if she was able to confess her feelings to him.

Ace was passing by and overhead that Jacky followed Lino to the airport to confess her actual feelings for him. He was consumed with so much fury and hatred.

Jade was sad that she could not see Lino at the airport. She said CJ would miss his father and was sad but Dolor said she should not be sad.

Ace approached Jacky to confront her for running after Lino to confess her feelings. Jacky said he was so pathetic and confessed to him that she did followed Lino to confess her feelings, unknown to her Ace recorded her.

Jacky said Ace was acting pathetic because he could not stand that he mattered to no one.

Ace’s spy informed him that Jade stepped out. Jade actually left with Dolor to buy groceries. Ace told Jade that Lino and Jacky were back together.

He said Jacky followed Lino at the airport to confess her feelings and played the recording to her.

Ace said he did that to back his legal proceedings and he was shocked Jacky broke up with Yohan just to be with Lino. Dolor was searching for Jade as she kept long.

Ace gave the phone to Jade to keep the recordings and the photos while he told Jade to do something to stop that affair.

The board of Montecorp were enthused by Jacky’s designs but Aliyah was upset that Jacky had won the board’s heart.

Dolor wondered why Jade looked troubled. She later hooked up with Marissa to inform her about Jacky’s hunch.

Jade was scared that Lino and Jacky would confess their feelings for eachother. Marissa advised her not to go back to her old habit since she would be back to square one if she begins to trust Ace.

Marissa added that she believed Lino would prioritise baby CJ over any other person.

Lino reached New York and in his hotel room called his family via video call to talk to them and also see baby CJ.

Lino hit the streets of New York and took pictures and forwarded them to Jacky. Soon after, Jade called Jacky to inform her that she wanted to drop by and invite her to the baptism of CJ.

Jacky was surprised but accepted to wait  for her. Jade who was revealing her plans of doing everything to save her marriage and to keep Lino from the “wretched” Jacky laid her son in his cot.

Maggie saw Jade talking to herself, for a moment Jade that Maggie overhead but realised it was not the case.

She left CJ in Maggie’s care with an excuse that she was attending to some clients of her online business.

Mauro called Jacky for brunch but Jacky said she would not be able to make it since she was expecting Jade.

Mauro advised her not to entertain Jade especially after all that she had done against her but Jacky said Jade was changing for the better.

Mauro advised her not to be too trusting as a wicked person like Jade would not change overnight. She heard a bang on her door and told her dad that Jade had already arrived and said bye to Mauro.

Jacky opened her and she smiled to her asking her to come in as she had already prepared breakfast.

She said she was not hungry but she came in upon insistence by Jacky. She gave Jacky an envelope but when Jacky opened, thinking it was an invite, to her dismay she saw the pictures which Jade took of her and Lino together with CJ.

Jacky told Jade that it was a wrong envelope but Jade said it was not. She actually have her the pictures for her to see the life that she would destroy if she went on with Lino.

She said she learnt that Jacky had fallen for Lino, thus ran after him at the airport just to confess her true feelings for him.

Jade said Jacky was acting so dramatic but Jacky said it was non of her business and she did not know who told her.

“Why is it none of my business, Lino is my husband right, you have the guts to follow him at the airport and now you are acting like a coward, huh! You can’t admit the truth? Huh! Say it to my face, you can’t admit it .

“You l*ve my husband? Speak up, admit it to me right now. Are you in l*ve with my husband?”

“Yes I am! Yes I followed Lino to the airport. Do you wanna know the reason why? Because I want to confess my true feelings for Lino. But you don’t have to worry Jade I didn’t get to see him.”

“You are really unbelievable Jacky, you regret you couldn’t tell him how you feel. You regret not to confess you are really in I’ve with my husband.”

“That is right, I am in l*ve with your husband Jade, the husband you cheated on.” Jade suddenly slapped Jacky, the later also returned the slap.


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