Betrayal (Halik) Episode 84 Dolor faints over Jade and CJ's disappearance

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 84

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 84 Dolor faints over Jade and CJ’s disappearance

Still in Jacky’s condo, after the two slapped eachother over Lino, Jacky asked Jade if her despicable action was her pay back for the good she did her. She said even after all that Jade did to her, she still welcomed her with open arms.

Jade who showed no remorse asked Jacky if she regretted helping her then she should stop helping her.

Jade told Jacky that she cheated on her husband with Jacky’s husband so Jacky was getting back at her by snatching her husband to destroy the future of CJ.

Jacky warned her not to use her son for her own selfish gains. Jacky asked whether she was scared of being dumped by Lino after all that she did against her and Lino and warned Jade to stop  involving her in her (Jade’s) mental issues.

“Get out of my house.” But Jade did not leave without also issuing her final warning to Jacky not to get involved with Lino.

They gave eachother bitter stare. Jacky now realised Ace pulled the strings. CJ who was in the care of Maggie fell sick so Dolor took care of him and his fever got down.

Maggie tried reaching Jade for countless number of time but she failed to receive it. Maggie had an idea that Jade was seeing another man since Lino was not there.

“When the cat is away the mouse will definitely play,” she concluded as Fe seconded it. Dolor asked them to stop.  Jade went to talk to Marissa concerning Jacky’s confession and what she did against her.

To her dismay, her bestie was not in support of Jade’s action. She told Jade that there was no call for alarm since CJ was her ticket to have a second chance with Lino so there was no need for her to fight. Jade eyes caught a glimpse of mischief.

Jacky went to confront Ace for pulling the strings just to entertain himself. Ace accused Jacky of ruining a child’s life for her own selfish gain.

Jacky slapped him and told him he was heartless so he should not act like he cared for the baby. Jacky later met with her friends to tell them how Ace was now attacking her personal life.

Feeling all regretful, Jacky said it was appropriate that she could not voice out her actual feelings to Lino but Chari and Ken objected.

Ken said Jade was paranoid and urged Jacky to inform Lino about Jade’s closeness with Ace. That, he believed would ruin Jade’s wit.

Jade asked of a favour from Marissa, saying she wanted Lino to feel what he would miss if he chooses Jacky. Lino called Dolor after his seminar.

Lino asked of his son and Dolor said he was good. After the call she opened the door to check on Jade and the baby and realised Jade was sleeping.

After Dolor left, Jade packed her things and sneaked out of the house while Marissa was waiting for her outside with a car. Marissa helped Jade with her bags and she left with Jade.

The next day, Dolor went to Jade’s room to find out that Jade had left with CJ. She saw a certain note. Maggie read that Jade ran away with CJ and it was because of Jacky.

Marissa was not happy with what Jade did. She told Jade that she was scared her plans would backfire on her but Jade was still remorseful. She believed the recordings she left for the Bartolomes would justify her action as a jealous woman who did not want to hinder the affair of Lino and Jacky.

Dolor could not believe it, she was impatient when Jade failed to reply any of their calls. She did not see any need for Jade to be jealous.

Lino could not sleep. He watched the picture of his son on his Mobile phone. Jacky talked to Chari and told her that Jade and Ace were up to something fishy because after all that Ace did to Jade, they were now in talking terms.

Marissa called Jade to eat but she expressed regret that Jade was acting cold like Ace and did not care about the feelings of others.

Dolor called Tet to inform her about what Jade did and told her that should anything bad happened to her grandson Jade would hear from her.

Tet was sorry for Jade’s action and promised to help her get CJ back. She decided to give Marissa’s contact to Dolor but Dolor gave the phone to Maggie to take the contact instead.

Lino called Jade but she hang up and carried her son. Dolor promised to beat the heck out of Jade and Marissa, the Bartolomes tried to calm Dolor.

Fe said Jade’s mind had been screwed lose, she was crazy for running away with the only grandchild of Dolor. Marissa was bothered by the persistent calls of Dolor but Jade urged her not to answer it.

She also told Marissa that Lino called but did not receive it since she believed Jacky had already informed him about the confrontation so she would rather face Lino face to face than on phone.

Jacky received a text from Maggie, She called Maggie and told her that she was sorry that she could not control her temper.

Maggie was surprised to hear that Jade confronted Jacky in her condo, she told her that Jade ran away with CJ.

The next day, Tet visited Marissa to talk to Jade against her action but Jade explained that she wanted Lino to choose between his son and Jacky.

Jacky who was also in the house of the Bartolomes said sorry to Dolor and blamed herself for Jade’s action. Dolor stated that she knew Jacky was a good person and wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Tet told Jade that she was being selfish and was using her son to get her way with Lino. She told Jade that if she truly loved her son and Lino she would have to learn to give Lino a space.

Jade threw Tet out. Tet called Dolor to inform her that Jade was mad at her so Dolor decided to go and talk to Jade herself.

Dolor who was unhappy with Jade’s action told Jacky that after the family warmly welcomed Jade into their house even when she did lots of things against name, Jade was still acting evil against them.

She stood to prepare and talk to her, Jacky said she would go with her. Suddenly, Dolor fainted. A doctor was called to treat Dolor and she diagnosed her, saying her blood pressure was high and gave her necessary medication.

Marissa believed Tet was right and tried to make Jade rescind on her decision, yet Jade insisted on making Lino choose before going to the house of the Bartolomes for them to see the baby.

Later, Barry, Ken and Chari went out and Jade’s issue became a topic. Barry said Lino could charge her of kidnapping but Ken said he couldn’t since the child was a baby and Jade was her mom.

Ace’s spy arrived at the gate to eavesdrop, Meanwhile, Fe decided to go to Marissa’s house to forcefully take CJ from Jade but Ed stopped her.

Ace was informed that Jade had run with her son and gave him an address to check if Jade was there.

Marissa called Tet to help her out since she believed Jade was just using the baby for her own selfish means. Jade was standing there and overhead the conversation.

Lino called and Dolor talked to him. He said he had a bad feeling so Dolor should check on Jade regularly and she said Lino should not worry.

She told Lino that she had put CJ to sleep although Lino wanted to see his son but Dolor gave excuses.

As Marissa was still behind her laptop, Jade acted like she just got there and wanted to use the laptop to check her e-mails. Meanwhile, the spy was at Marissa’s mansion spying around.

Marissa stood for Jade to sit and use the laptop, she sipped while Jade asked her if there was something wrong since she was acting strange.


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