Betrayal Halik Episode 89 Ace, Jade run away with CJ after accusing Lino of kidnapping 

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 89

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 89 Ace kills Aliyah runs away with CJ together with Jade 

At the hospital, Mauro told Jacky about the good news that she would be discharged that day.

Learning about Paeng’s gift, Mauro took the basket  and gave it to a nurse since he did not want Jacky to be poisoned. Jacky informed Mauro about Aliyah calling her and looking so frightened. She said she told Ken and Chari to visit her and find out the reason of her call.

Chari and Ken saw that Aliyah was being transported in an ambulance with her close piles shedding tears about her demise.

Chari and Ken informed Jacky about it and she became anxious since she called her before her death. Ace was questioned by the police.

He told the authorities that he had an argument with Aliyah that previous night and they even broke up in the process since the relationship was a toxic one and wanted them to maintain their friendship. He cried that he never knew Aliyah would take overdose and die.

Lino learnt about Aliyah’s issue and Jacky’s suspicion about Ace. Barry told him that Jacky wanted to investigate it by herself. Lino said he would not allow that and would visit Jacky at the hospital but Barry stated that he should visit her in the house as she was discharged.

Mauro sent Jacky home and wanted her to stay with him for her safety. Investors of Montecorp pulled back their investment after learning about Aliyah’s death.

Montecorp also lost lots of business deals with some signing the deal with their close competitor, Dos Disenyos. Lino was however, happy that his seminar in New York had chalked success for him in the industry for him to win clients.

Jacky had breakfast and she was feeling uneasy as she was informed that things were not going well at the office. Mauro wanted her to stay home and recover fully but she objected.

She would go to work no matter what so Mauro decided to escort her. Lino who was unhappy with Jade’s silence suspecting that she was plotting something against him.

Dolor was also surprised that Jade has not called. Jade kept pressuring Ace to help her recover her son. She called him after failing to answer her text.

Ace told her to be ready as they go and get CJ. Lino and the family snapped pictures together with CJ outside the house. They were there for fresh air.

Jacky saved the day by convincing Montecorp’s biggest client who was pulling out to stay. Paeng was puzzled since he could not convince the president but Mauro said he might have been rude to the client, Jacky had solved the problem.

The board members were happy with the efficient work of Jacky.

A group of local officers knocked on the Bartolome residence to invite Lino in their office and settle a complaint against him.

Jade walked in, wishing to take her son with her. Jade said she could have sent Lino to jail for the grounds of kidnapping. Dolor stood up in defense of her son, insisting that Lino was CJ’s father; therefore, kidnapping was out of the issue.

Lino asked the officers why would he kidnap his own son and told them he would not follow them since Jade was a liar.

Ace arrived claiming that CJ was not Lino’s but his. He showed a piece of document bearing his proof. Lino didn’t want to believe Ace’s and Jade’s revelations and thought that the two have ganged up again to create false stories.

Lino was not even bothered by their warnings of calling the police; believing that he was not a criminal unlike Ace and Jade.

Ace told the officers that Jade should own the custody of the child and if Lino did not want to give the baby to his mother he would inform the police for them to know who was flouting the laws.

Jade asked for sympathy, telling the officials that she was treated badly in the Bartolome residence.

Meanwhile, Jacky and her father talked about how Paeng was puzzled to see Jacky solved the problem.

Knowing Paeng, Mauro said he would be shouting at Ace for his inefficiency. He also added that Ace had never been able to accomplish anything without the help of women.

Jacky felt sorry for how Ace was raised to depend on others, especially Helen for advice.

Jade admitted committing mistakes in the past but she claimed she made an effort to make things right. Yet, instead of forgiveness, what she got from Lino and especially from his family was pure attacks and insults meant to rub in her wrongdoings.

Ace backed Jade up and defended her rights as a mother relating to CJ’s custody. Lino loses his temper and enticed Ace into a fistfight.

As Lino and Ace engaged in a brawl, Jade forcefully took CJ from Dolor. The barangay officials blocked Lino and his family, making way for Jade and Ace to leave.

Lino tried to run after CJ but Ace quickly drove his car away. As they went to Ace’s condo, Jade showed signs of regret especially after seeing how frail Dolor was when she took away CJ. This is Spotonnews content, any site you read it from other than our site is a stolen content.

She said she might have acted wrong together with Ace but Ace said she wanted her child and she has gotten him. She asked why Ace acted up, claiming he was the father.

Lino became desperate, searching for the DNA test result he conducted before accepting Jade’s pregnancy. He could not find it and wondered Jade got away with CJ.

Dolor blamed herself for losing the baby for Jade, she said as the commotion was going on and Jade was forcing to take away the baby, CJ felt hurt so she lose up, that distraction, she said made Jade go away with the baby.

Lino was determined to get his son, Dolor who tried to stop his action but fainted in the process. SpotOnNews content, visit our site for more update.

Apparently, Ace asked someone to create a fake DNA Test Result declaring that he was CJ’s real father. He manipulated Jade into believing that his decision was for the better.

Ace believed that as long as he was perceived as CJ’s father, Lino would think twice in running after them. That way, Jade could have CJ all by herself.

Jacky got to the hospital and Lino told her that the doctor said the next time Dolor experience that it would be fatal.

Meanwhile Barry, Baste and Ken brood over Lino’s issue with his wife. Lino later called Jade to remind her of the good thing that Dolor did for her.

He told her to show a little concern about the health of Dolor and return CJ.

Unknown to him Ace was the one who received the call and kept quiet just to hear Lino talk. He smiled and had that satisfactory look on his face after learning about Dolor’s condition.

To him, that was his revenge against Lino. Jade came there and he never told her about the call but said he was there to check up on her.

Jacky seeing how depressed Lino was promised to get information about CJ with the help of Gio and consoled him.


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