Betrayal (Halik) Episode 9

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 9 Jacky discovered that Monte Corp designs are for Lino’s father

“I am being careful after what happened with Ivory, this one has a husband so she will not expect anything serious from me”

Ace used his brother’s phone to call Jade. Jade asked who it was and he asked where was she. Jade asked him not to call her any more.

Lino planned to go on a vacation, meanwhile Ace got to Jade’s workplace. As he was gallivanting around Lino came there and he asked what Ace was doing there and he also asked him same.

Jade saw them and remained in the elevator. Lino said that was where his wife worked. Ace then explained that he went there to meet a client but did not see him so he was leaving as the place was boring.

Jacky prepared food for Ace and he explained to her mother how Ace was avoiding her after their problem.

Jade gathered courage and later came out to meet Lino. Lino asked to have launch with her. When they got out of the office she felt so tensed and watched her back, looked around and got nervous.

Lino asked her why was she behaving that way and she said she would meet a client that was why she felt so tensed.

Jade also asked him why he came for her and he told her that he had a surprise for her, a out-of-town vacation trip for them.

They went on the vacation. Jade became so happy as she loved the place. She put a ring on Lino’s finger as a surprise.

Dolor’s brother brought a cabinet made by Dolor’s late husband. He said he went to fix it. Dolor later realised it was part of her husband’s craftsmanship.

Fe told Dolor to reserve a place in the cabinet for her. Dolor wondered a name they would give to the store. Maggie came in with a design which has “Taylor Swift” name inscripted on it.

Dolor asked her what was that and she said it was the name of a famous celebrity who was a singer. She requested to get snap shot so that she could send to Lino but Dolor asked her to stop.

She said Maggie should not disturb Lino. Maggie complained that Lino only went on the vacation withe his wife instead of sending them all but Dolor said he needed that moment with his wife so no one would snap any pictures and send to them.

Dolor said there were so much work they had to do at the shop and promised they would have a vacation once their business go on as planned.

Jade was walking at the pool and overhead some women talking about how the other started to cheat on her husband and how her husband also got even with her.

Jade was nervous she saw “Lino” massaging another woman and she attacked the woman. She asked “Lino” why would he do that, she slapped the man and held the hair of the lady and fought with her.

Lino who came from the other direction spotted Jade fighting, he came and when he drew closer the man which Jade mistook him for “Lino” asked Jade what was wrong with her.

Lino held Jade and asked why she was fighting once she saw the real Lino she stood motionless and Lino said sorry to the couple, saying Jade was his wife. Jade acted that way because the guy was in the same dress as Lino that was why she mistook him for Lino.

The lady threatened to sue her but Lino said sorry. Lino sent her inside the room and told her that now he knew how she would act when she saw him with another woman.

She said she was so embarrassed and said sorry to Lino. Lino said that was why she told the woman that his wife was crazy just for the woman not to sue  her.

Jade indicated that he still turned the situation into a joke and Lino said at least he has seen that his wife would fight for him if he cheated.

She threatened that if she caught him with another woman she would not only pull the hair of the woman but would pull off her head.

Lino promised not to ever do that against her. He said his hand would only embrace her, his eyes would only uphold her beauty and his lips would only ki$$ hers.

They went on a jeski ride, they had fun and were happy.

After playing a basket ball with his brother, Ace received a call from Jacky and his brother said Jacky needed him. He came up with an excuse and his bro had to lie to save him. He said he would go home late.

His bro left his phone with Ace to listen to his play list. Ace stopped the music and he used it to call Jade. At that time Jade was swimming with Lino and had told Lino  that she wanted to go to the washroom so when the call came through Lino went to receive the call.

Once Ace realised it was Lino he did not talk. Jade got there and asked Lino who the person was and he said it was an unknown number.

He said the person did not say a word once he heard his voice so Jade warned him not to receive his calls again.

Lino found it amusing and told her she used to make him receive her calls and now she did not want him? He explained that he thought it was an important call that was why he received it and was sorry for intimidating her client.

Jade was so scared that Lino might have caught her.

“Will we make phone call ruin our vacation?”

“I am so sorry, I was not thinking straight,” Jade said.

“I think you only need a drink,” Lino said.

“Huh!” Jade sighed.

“I will get you one,” Lino said.

“Okay sure! Lino.”

Ace at the bar told his friend about his plans with Jade.

“You are going out with someone’s wife? You are crazy and you are using your brother to do it?”

“I am being careful after what happened with Ivory, this one has a husband so she will not expect anything serious from me. So will you stop acting like my mother for me to have some fun,” Ace said.

Lino was still having a quality time with Jade and as they were walking, Jade asked him why he was so kind to her even when she kept leaving him, he always reached out for her and when she fought with his family he always sided with her.

“Aren’t you getting tired of me?” She queried.

“No I will never get tired of you, never ever!”

“So no matter what I do you will never and ever get tired of me?” She asked

“But what can you do. I l^ve you,” Lino said.

After getting intimate with Lino, she cried while Lino was sleeping. Ace got home late to meet Jacky sleeping at the dinning. Ace told her that she should have called him when she prepared dinner for him, since he might have gotten home earlier.

Jacky said she knew he was busy with his brother so she did not want to come in between them. They sorted out their problems and sealed it with a k!$$.

Lino woke up and found Jade not next to him. He met Jade out and she prepared food for him to make up for all the bad things she had been doing against him.

Lino requested that they revived that unity like the day he introduced her to his family and she was happy. Jade promised to change for the better since Lino did not give up on her when she engaged in feuds with him.

Lino said that might mean he had to be more patience since no man would ever l^ved her like he did as he was her husband.

In the house, Dolor was still making arrangements for her business and she discovered that Maggie had applied for a job.

She did not want anything to come in between Maggie’s studies.

Jade surprised Lino with a broach and said it was something that would make them remember their memorable weekend.

Dolor met her friend, Mercy at the market when she was buying fabrics for her store. Mercy said the last time they met it was at Cebu. Dolor said that was very long time ago.

Meanwhile Jacky discovered that Mauro was still keeping the sketch book of Gustin and she asked him about it. He said he did not get time to return the sketch book when he found it in the bin.

Lino and Jade arrived home that evening and Jade brought present to them. She also used the opportunity to make up with Fe.

Lino was surprised to realise that his mother had already bought fabrics and was about to start her business.

“Where did you get the money,” Lino queried.

“A Gini came up from an old lamp,” Dolor said.She asked him not to worry.

Jacky went to find out that Mauro had made a magazine from the furniture designs in the sketch book of Gustin.

Dolor told Lino that she met Mercy at the market and she said her husband was still working for Mauro. She asked Lino never to cross part with that Mauro.

Ace dreamt about Jade given herself to him for him to stop bothering her. Jacky later woke him up from his sweet dream and asked him about his dream. He said he did not remember but he would be the happiest man on earth when it came to pass.

Jade asked Lino why he was so bothered when Dolor mentioned about Mauro and he explained that when he heard of the name it reminded him of his father as Mauro was to be blamed for his dad’s death.

She asked him about his ex and he said he would have erased her from his memories if he had that power. Jade then said sorry for reminding him of her.

She asked Lino about their dream house and he said he would take loan to build it and wish his father was there to see him.

Flashback: Gustin was sketching furniture designs. Lino asked him whether all the designs were for Sir Mauro and he said no  some were for their personal use.

He asked Lino whether he knew who was his inspiration behind his designs,  Lino said no and asked who was that and he said it was him and Dolor.

“Actually Sir Mauro wants to borrow this because he said I have an idea that he does not understand. May be I should just show it to him,” Gustin told Lino.

Flashforward: Jade who was sitting on the lap of Lino laid his head on her chest.


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