Betrayal (Halik) Episode 95

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 95

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 95 Jade and Ace abscond from the police

Ken informed Jacky that Lino has finally filed adultery charges against Jade. He said if he were Lino he would have pressed the charges long time.

Jacky understood that Lino did not want his son to question him someday about why his mother was imprisoned.

Ken was astonished that Jacky and Lino’s thought were alike since that was Lino’s major concern. Ace, however, confessed to Paeng that he l*ved Jade more than he did for Jacky.

Ken said Helen had found out that Jade was staying with Ace and Jacky was scared that CJ would be dragged into the mess. Ken said in all that Ace was unwilling to throw Jade out and believed Ace was head over heals for her.

Jacky said they deserved eachother. Ace told his father about the suit Lino had filed against Jade and his father advised him to also file a counter suit. Paeng asked if he had evidence and he said he had but if he needed more he could get it for him.

Ace later warned Jacky to talk to Lino to withdraw the charges levelled against Jade. Jacky did not accept, She told him to rather beg Lino. Ace threatened if she failed to do it he would reply Lino evenly. Jacky  told him to do whatever he wanted.

He then had a legal meeting with Lino and his attorney. He went with Jade and their lawyer presented their counter affidavit.

They blamed Lino for cheating first and Lino asked if they had evidence. Ace reminded Lino of his stay in Bally with his wife. Lino said Ace was also there and called Jade a liar since the Ace she had formed ally with even shot a video of them which became a scandal.

Jade’s face dropped but Ken tried to control Lino since his emotion was getting the best out of him. Lino decided to step out and Ken followed him.

Later, Ken informed Jacky about the accusation of her cheating first. Jacky realised Ace was calling for war since he wanted to ruin his reputation to the board.

Soon, Paeng received a call from the office that Jacky was organising an emergency board meeting. He told Helen about it and wondered why Jacky was calling for that meeting.

Paeng lamented that after Aliyah passed away the sales of the company has declined and Helen advised him to do something.

The Bartolomes were shocked to hear of Jade’s counter suit. Dolor asked Lino if his attorney has raised some point that he should be worried about and he said he had enough evidence so there was nothing to worry about.

Ace met with Paeng and he told him he did what he asked him to do. He asked whether their plan would work and Paeng said they would have to use their contacts in the case.

Ace was scared that Mauro would testify in Jacky’s favour since he knew  everything. Paeng told him not to worry since Mauro was not as dirty as he was.

He then advised Ace to be cautious and should not be seen with Jade living together. Lino explained to his family that he and his attorneys anticipated that.

He said they had no evidence and all that they had was mere accusations. Ace told Jade that they would fabricate something, since they did not have any better evidence to ruin Lino and Jacky.

Jade later called Lino and he asked of his son. Jade confronted him for filing a case against her and threatened him that he would not be allowed to see his son.

Lino stated that since she had formed allies with Ace she was very close to jail. Later Dolor revealed her intentions to testify against Jade in court.

Lino did not want his mother to get involved due to her health condition but Dolor was determined. She said Baste informed her about Jade’s infidelity first and Jade even ran from the house when Lino was suspecting her affair.

Lino had no choice than to accept his mother’s help. Dolor was worried that Ace and Jade might have their way and raise CJ to be cruel like them, hence her decision.

At Montecorp, Helen approached Jacky to plead with her to give Ace another chance. Knowing Helen and her format of paying mistresses, she asked Helen whether she had paid off Ace mistresses again.

Helen insisted that Ace had changed, Jacky laughed to it and said Helen was the person who supported Ace in hiding his affairs from her.

Jacky advised him to focus on her good son Gio, since he was the only person who could salvaged the Corpuzes reputation.

Lino later called Jacky and she said she was at the office and asked why Lino was not asleep. Lino said he had lots on his mind, Jacky tried to cheer him up and said Ken had assured him that he had a strong case so he should not worry as Ace and Jade would pay for their crimes.

They said goodnight to eachother, when Jacky was about to hang up Lino called out her name. She stayed on the line, thinking Lino wanted to say something but Lino swallowed his words and said he had nothing to say and said goodnight once more.

The next day, Paeng and Ace came to meet the meeting started already. They got upset that the meeting started before their arrival.

The board members got upset with Ace for the decline in sale and the international market that were not going through. Ace tried to explain that after the death of Aliyah the plans slowed down but the board members demanded lots of answers.

Jacky who seemed happy with how Paeng and Ace were treated received a strange call so she stepped to the other room. The person mentioned Jacky’s name and told her that she wanted to help her get Ace out of her company.

Jacky kept asking who she was and she said it did not matter. Jacky then told her she would not form alliance with any person she did not know and the person said it was her lost.

Mauro got there and Jacky told him about the call. Mauro believed it was a trap and Jacky said she had no intentions to accept the person’s offer. Later, Ace began searching for Gio, Jacky who happened to see him asking for his brother came with an excuse that she sent him on an errands and believed he was on his way.

She said she would text  him and Ace told her to tell him to pass by his condo. Later, Ace was told by his lawyer that they have issued a warrant of arrest  and he and Jade should not be seen together.

Gio was asked to keep an eye on Ace, Ace and Jade packed their things quickly and took the back door. Lino who got there with the police were told by the receptionist that Ace had already left.

Gio said it was impossible since Ace’s car was packed outside. Lino force his entry to the unit but the receptionist said only the police could go there.

Ace sent Jade to another place and gave her money that he would come back later for she and CJ. Soon, Lino called Jade and she remained on the line quiet.

The police and Lino could not find Ace and Jade anywhere. Jacky then called Gio for an update on Ace’s whereabouts. Gio said he knew nothing but was sure Helen might know something.

He promised to find out from Helen. Barry who was so happy that finally justice would be served in Lino’s case was left heartbroken when he heard Ace and Jade absconded.

Ken, however, asked Lino not to worry as the incident would rather strengthen his case. He told him to cheer up since he was a step ahead of his estranged wife. She could not travel with CJ without Lino’s authorisation.


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