Betrayal (Halik) Episode 98 CJ reunites with the Bartolomes

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 98

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 98 CJ reunites with the Bartolomes

In a restaurant, Ruby recalled talking to Ace with Ace asking her to be on his side since the police were haunting for her.

Ruby was shocked to hear that Lino has charged her of kidnapping and her pictures were all over the social media.

Ruby did not know who to trust but regretted for getting involved in Jade’s mess. Ruby wanted to give CJ back to Lino but Ace convinced her that Lino would get her arrested just like what he did to Jade.

She kept waiting for Ace in the restaurant, later she received a call and thought it was Ace but Jade spoke instead. Jade told her that because of her greediness that was why she was involved in her mess.

Ruby wanted the nightmare to be over but Jade said if she had not reached a deal with Helen she would not have been in the current situation.

Ace then took the phone and told her that he was on his way there. Unknown to Ace, Gio was stalking him. Jacky got to work and found the workers so happy that Ace and Paeng were kicked out.

Ace went to meet Ruby and was not happy that she did not wear a cap. He decided to send Ruby to a new place and told her he was the only person he could trust and asked her not to mention it to anyone.

It turned out that Helen charged Gio to follow Ace and get her updated on where Ace would go but Gio had other plans. He lied to his mother and informed Lino about the new motel which Ace had checked Ruby in.

Ruby already regretted getting herself involved since they were turning her into a baby sitter. Ace realised that his mother contracted Ruby just to keep Jade away from him.

As Ace was leaving he saw Gio and pleaded with him not to tell their mom where he sent Ruby when Gio told him that Helen made him follow him.

Gio asked him to return CJ but Ace refused. Lino received a text from Gio informing him that Ace caught him outside the motel and asked Lino to go to the place for his son since Ruby and CJ were still there.

He went there and when he knocked the door, Ruby who thought it was Ace went to open. Realising it was Lino, she tried to close the door but Lino barged in and carried CJ.

He told Ruby that every story she heard was lies and would not put his son in danger. He threatened to put Ruby behind bars if she got in between.

Lino brought CJ home and his family were happy. Ruby pleaded for the trouble cause. Fe scolded her for siding with the Corpuzes. Dolor asked them to stop the bickering and asked Ruby why she sided with Helen.

Ruby confessed that she accepted money from Helen under condition that Jade would start all over again even without the help of Lino.

The Bartolomes were surprised that Helen bought her up. Maggie said Helen was controlling everyone with her money. In the police station, Marissa visited Jade and tried knowing where Ruby was hiding but she did not know.

Ruby pleaded with the Bartolomes and Lino threatened to get her behind bars. She said sorry and said if Lino got her behind bars her husband would take her children away from her and wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Lino was happy to hear the word “bear,” and said that was what he was going through but he decided to allow Ruby to leave. She thanked Lino.

Jacky and Mauro talked. Dolor was very happy that nothing happened to CJ. The strange lady called Jacky again and Jacky said she was not in the mood for her. She told Jacky was she so busy to even listen to the crimes of Mauro.

Chari advised Jacky to get the police involved but she was scared that her father would end up in trouble. It turned out that Aliyah was the one calling Jacky.

Barry, Chari, Ken and Jacky visited Lino. Jacky was happy that God had listened to their prayers. Aliyah’s friend advised her to forget about the Montefalcos and Corpuzes and move on to other country.

She said Aliyah was blind since she was still holding unto the past but she said she would recover. Lino thanked Jacky for calming him all those while when he was going crazy.

Dolor called her for dinner but she said she was leaving since she had other plans. Chari added her voice that she asked Jacky to accompany her somewhere.

Lino embraced Jacky and said bye to her. Meanwhile, Barry and Ken stayed over to eat and the Bartolomes were happy that the family was expanding.

Gio sneaked out to talk to Maggie and she thanked him for his help. Gio blamed their earlier problem on him and told Maggie of his true feelings. Lino asked Maggie if it was Gio and he spoke with  him thanking him, and the family also thanked him.

Gio looked so cheerful that his problem with the Bartolomes were solved. However, Ken broke the bad news to them that Jade would be posted bail on Monday.

He explained that Jade’s bail was raised high and that was the reason she could not get out. He told Lino that since the court hasn’t passed the custody judgement Jade still had the law by her side concerning CJ’s custody.  Lino was unhappy that all his efforts in obtaining CJ was all down to drain.

Dolor however, told them that they had only one day and should make good use of it. Lino assured that he would get CJ back when the issue get processed to court.

Ace spoke to the new lawyer he got for Jade and he advised Ace to double the amount just to pay the bail for Jade to be set free the next day.

The lawyer later, visited Jade and gave her the items Ace bought for her. Jade asked him to be up and doing to get her out as he said she would be out the next day. She said her last lawyer was incompetent and the new lawyer assured her that she would be set free.

As the lawyer left, the inmates struggled along with Jade and took all her gifts. Jade cursed Lino beneath her breath and swore to make him pay for what he made her go through in prison.


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