Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 16-20

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 16-20

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 16-20 

Lino misses his flight home after saving Jacky from danger. Jade, meanwhile, finds herself in trouble on her way to fetch her husband at the airport.

Left with no choice, Jade asks help from Ace after failing to contact Lino. Ace immediately comes to Jade’s rescue and brings her to a hotel. There, Ace enacts his nasty plan against her.

Lino tries to make up to Jade by taking her out on a date. However, , Jade fails to appreciate his efforts and becomes irritable instead.

Unknown to Lino, his wife gets haunted by what happened between her and Ace. Meanwhile, Ace is dismayed upon learning that Jacky is returning home. Despite this, he continues to pursue Jade.

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Lino finds it hard to patch things up with Jade. Despite his efforts to make it up to her, Jade continues to give him the brush-off.

Meanwhile, Jacky notices that Ace has been acting cold since her return from Cebu. Ace, on the other hand, becomes more persistent in pursuing Jade. Despite her efforts to avoid Ace, Jade finds herself getting drawn to him.

Jacky confronts Ace as she grows suspicious that he is cheating on her. Ace, however tries to turn the tables on Jacky and accuses her of having an affair with Lino.

After a heated argument with his wife, Ace seeks Jade’s company. Later, Jade and Jacky cross paths with eachother.

Elsewhere, Lino welcomes a new assistant in his furniture shop. Jacky gets a chance to confirm her suspicious against Ace.

Knowing that Jade is waiting for him, Ace later struggles to shake off Jacky. Jade, on the other hand, lies to Lino in order to meet Ace.

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Elsewhere, Lino brings another member to Dos Disenyos. Baste, meanwhile, stumbles upon a photo of Lino and Jade.

Believing that Lino is cheating on her, Jade decides to continue her affair with Ace. Jacky, meanwhile, offers to help Lino win his case against Montecorp.

Because of this, Dolor reveals everything she knows about Jacky’s biological father. This, in turn, fuels Jacky’s determination to seek justice for her parents.

Later, Jade catches Lino and Jacky together. Jade decides to leave Lino after being convinced that he is having an affair with Jacky.

Looking back at their recent encounter, Jade finds Jacky familiar. She then asked to meet with Ace upon realising how she first met Lino’s ex-lover.

There, Jade compels Ace to reveal what he knows about their respective spouses. Meanwhile, Lino is confused and indignant over his wife’s suspicions against him.

Jade confides to Marissa her discovery about Ace. He, on the other hand, finds herself heartbroken for hurting Jade.

After asking Marissa to relay his apology to her friend, Ace makes his feelings for Jade clear.

Meanwhile, Lino hopes that Jade will realise her mistake. Jade later returns, only to hurt him further with her firm resolve to end their relationship.


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