Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 31-35

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 31-35

Jade and Ace find themselves more troubled than usual after Lino’s revelation. Because of this, Jacky quizzes her injured husband with pressing questions regarding the assault.

Not to be outsmarted easily, Ace finds way to turn the tables on Lino and Jacky. Jade, riddled with guilt, runs away from the dinner in tears.

Meanwhile, Gio grows concerned over Maggie’s friendship with Bogs.

Following the disastrous dinner she hosted, Jacky begins to suspect that Ace might be hiding something from her.

Lino on the other hand, grapples with his conflicting emotions toward Jade. He even accosts Marissa to confirm his hunches.

As tension escalates between both parties, Ace and Jade deem it necessary to lie low. Unbeknownst to them, Helen is determined to put her house in order.

Despite the flak she is constantly getting, Jacky manages to keep her head above water. She then tries to make reparations with Ace, but Helen brushes the idea aside.

Meanwhile, Dolor pays Lino a surprise visit at Dos Disenyos. There, Lino finally confesses his marital problems to his mother. Upon learning of her son’s predicament, Dolor decides to take matters into her hands.

Jade’s infidelity takes a toll on her after facing Dolor’s wrath. With nowhere to go, the troubled woman is compelled to take desperate measures and seek help from Ace.

He then checks up on his mistress, whom he promised to protect at all costs. Unbeknownst to them, Lino remains incessant in digging up the truth about their affair. His quest, soon, leads to a painful discovery.

Lino anguished after witnessing Jade’s infidelity. Overwhelmed by his emotions, he instantly gets rid of his memories with her.

Amid the heartbreak, the Dos Disenyos owner thankfully finds solace in his loved ones. Meanwhile, Ace seethes after the beating he suffered at the hands of Lino.

Later, the authorities invite Lino for questioning. Much to Jacky’s surprise, Lino is apprehended by the authorities right before her eyes.

Wanting to know the full story, she then follows her former lover at the police precinct. There, Lino drops the bombshell regarding Jade and Ace.

Shocked to the core, Jacky swears to make her husband’s life a living hell. Meanwhile, Helen and Dolor clash over their sons’ recent scuffle.

Still unwilling to accept Jade’s betrayal, Lino struggles to navigate a new life without her. As he tries to get back to his daily grind while coping with his sad marital situation, Lino’s complex personal life starts to interfere with work.

Jacky, meanwhile, learns to fight back at Ace’s infidelity continues to unravel. Soon, she confronts her husband, but not without a word from Helen.

Wanting to help Lino break free from pain, Barry treats him to a boy’s night out. There, the two meet the alluring bar owner, Pearl.

Soon, sparks fly between Lino and Pearl. However, Lino cannot help but think of how Jade bruised his ego.

Fanned into flames, the betrayed husband does the unexpected. Ace, meanwhile, finds an unlikely ally on his quest for vengeance.


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