Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 41-45

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 41-45

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 41-45

Jade and Ace’s bedroom tape leaks online

After her embarrassing moment during a shopping spree. Marissa enlists Lino’s help to save Jade from a possible jail.

Although, Lino is confronted with an advice from Barry but he cannot feel at ease knowing his estranged wife is in trouble.

He calls a close pile of Jade who becomes the saviour of the day but Tet did not leave without confronting Marissa for destroying Jade’s personality with her gruesome advice.

The remorseful Jade still not satisfied with Lino’s effort she still runs to Ace alms but the unexpected happens.

Jacky reveals her plans to Dolor, she gives her blessings but Ken and Chari did the unthinkable to ruin Jacky’s plans of staying in New York for good.

Soon, John Ricafort visits the new location of Dos Disenyos. Impressed, Lino launches his new warehouse which brought all his loved ones and dignitaries together.

Jade’s world crumbles upon learning that her controversial video is circulating online. She then confronts Ace regarding their scandal.

Things take a turn for the worse when Lino learns about his estranged wife’s controversy.

Overwhelmed with grief, the Dos Disenyos owner unleashes his wrath on Jade. Later, another problem spells trouble for Jade.

Lino is beginning to reap the fruits of his labour. However, the Dos Disenyos owner is still reeling at Jade’s controversial video.

Wanting to put an end to the scandal, Lino resolves to take matters into his own hands. Ace, on the other hand, continues to suffer the repercussions of his acts.

Meanwhile, Jade turns paranoid over her possible pregnancy. Jade hits rock bottom after losing her job due to her and Ace’s controversial video.

Ace, on the other hand, pulls some strings to have the scandal taken down. However, the effort fails to spare him from another trouble as he faces termination from Montecorp.

Meanwhile, Lino and Jacky find solace in eachother amid their plight. Elsewhere, Maggie poses a challenge to Gio.

Devastated by her setbacks, Jade pours out her anger and frustration on Ace. Ace, on the other hand, continues to fall into the pit of misery.

Unknown to him, someone dear to him is behind his downfall. Meanwhile, a project brings Lino and Jacky closer.

Elsewhere, Mauro commands Paeng to save Montecorp’s reputation at the expense of his own son.

Ace discovers that Paeng is destroying his reputation deliberately in an effort to save Montecorp from ruin.

Ace then gets into a heated confrontation with his father. With his life going downhill, Ace tries to reconcile with Jade.

Lino and Jacky on the other hand, remain closed to the idea of l”ving someone again. Meanwhile, Gio pays the Bartolomes a visit in hopes of seeking permission to court Maggie.

The Ricaforts host a diner party for the employees of Dos Disenyos. During the event, Lino performs a song that evokes Jacky’s fond memories of their past romance.

Later, fate inevitably brings the former couple closer to eachother. Meanwhile, Jade opts to set her anger aside and reconciles with Ace.

The two then vow to do everything to make their relationship work. Lino and Jacky are forced to extend their stay in Tagaytay due to an unexpected occurrence.

Later, Jacky discovers that her old flame’s birthday is just around the corner. She then finds a way to make Lino’s day extra special.

Meanwhile, the loved ones of Lino conspire in preparing a surprise birthday party for him. Elsewhere, Ace sees glimmer of hope upon receiving a tantalising offer from Aliyah.


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