Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 51-55

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 51-55

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 51-55

Jade pleads with Dolor for all the mistakes she committed and convinces Dolor to help her win Lino over to help her in her situation.

Marissa bids an emotional farewell to Jade after deciding to stay with a relative in the province.

Having no one else to lean on to during her delicate pregnancy, Jade pleads with Lino to help her.

Worried about what Jade might do, Lino arrived at an important decision for the sake of her unborn child.

His family, however refuses to support his idea. Meanwhile, Ace is determined to use Jacky in order to return to Montecorp.

The Bartolomes are dismayed when Jade moves back into their house. Later, Lino reveals to Jacky that Jade is carrying Ace’s child.

Enraged, Jacky teaches her former husband a lesson. Meanwhile, Jade finds a way to protect the future of her unborn child. She soon makes a shocking revelation to Marissa.

Marissa vows to make Ace pay for assaulting Jade. Worried about her best friend, Marissa then asks for a private meeting with Lino with her news regarding Jade.

This later causes Lino to explode with rage. Soon, another tension ensues between Lino and Ace.

Ace informs his parents that Joel sparked Jade’s determination to get back at him. Wanting to help their son with his plight, Helen and Paeng resolve to take immediate action.

Lino on the other hand, is bent on making Ace suffer for assaulting Jade. Though initially skeptical, Jacky extends a helping hand to her former flame’s cause.

Lino then attempts to file a case against Ace. Lino decides to abandon Jade for good after finding out that she lied to him once again.

Unknown to him, the Corpuzes are doing everything in their power to help Ace. Meanwhile, Jacky heaves a sigh relief when Mauro finally wakes up.

Mauro, however, remains adamant to disown Jacky despite her help with his condition. Devastated by the unexpected turn of events in their lives, Lino and Jacky find solace in each other.

Realising that he could no longer tolerate Jade’s misdeeds, Lino deems it necessary to finally cut ties with her.

Meanwhile, Jade finds herself asking Jacky an important favour. Jacky, however, refuses to listen to her pleas.

Elsewhere, Paeng urges Mauro to hire Ace back to Montecorp. Moved with compassion for Jade’s unborn child, Jacky tries to convince Lino to help his former wife.

Jade meanwhile, deeply regrets having hurt Lino and his family. Much to her dismay, Jade later receives a visit from Ace who attempts to regain her trust.

Elsewhere, Paeng urges Mauro to trust Ace again by revealing his plan against Dos Disenyos.

However, the Corpuz patriarch begins to worry that his son would fail him once again. Lino has a change of heart toward Jade out of his concern for her unborn child.

Still confused, Lino consults Jacky about his plan regarding his failed marriage. He soon arrives at an important decision.

Meanwhile, Ace finally convinces Mauro to hire him back to Montecorp. After realising his feelings for Jade, Ace resolves not to give up on her.

Wanting to get away from his problems, Lino gives himself some time alone. Ace meanwhile, enlists Marissa’s help regarding his intention to support Jade.

Despite being wary of Ace, Marissa urges Jade to accept his offer. She later brings her friend to their new home.

Elsewhere, Gio and Maggie clear up their misunderstanding. Marissa enlists her aunt Myrna’s help to provide a shelter for a pregnant Jade.


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