Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 56-60

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 56-60

Betrayal (Halik) Highlights Episode 56-60 DNA tests proves Lino is the father of Jade’s child

Wanting to get away from his problems, Lino gives himself some time alone. Ace, meanwhile, enlists Marissa’s help regarding his intention to support Jade .

Despite being wary of Ace, Marissa urges Jade to accept his offer. She later brings her friend to their new home.

Elsewhere, Gio and Maggie clear up their misunderstanding. Marissa enlists her aunt Myrna’s help to provide a shelter for a pregnant Jade.

However, after learning about her visitor’s shameful background Myrna shows Jade her true colours.

Considering her painful past, Myrna bents on making Jade’s life even more miserable under her care.

Meanwhile, Dolor and Jacky cannot help but worry about Lino. Their worries come to life as Lino finds himself in danger.

Fed up with Myrna’s insults, Jade resolves to move out from the former’s house. She then tries to ask help from relative and friends, but her efforts prove to be in vain.

Following a friend’s advice, Jade finally musters up her courage to speak to Lino. Meanwhile, Jacky becomes restless upon learning about Jade’s situation.

She soon breathes a sigh of relief managing to find Lino’s whereabouts. Worrying for the safety of her unborn child, Jade tells Marissa that they should find another place to live.

She then speaks to Jacky in hopes of seeking help from Lino. Jacky, however, compels Ace to help her instead.

Meanwhile, having cleared his thoughts, Lino returns home in time to spend the Christmas Eve with his family.

Jade refuses to rely on Ace despite accepting help from him. Meanwhile, Lino’s return delights his colleagues, especially Jacky.

After meeting Aliyah Jacky senses that her former husband is up to something. Her worries add up when Helen makes a claim regarding Jade’s pregnancy.

Elsewhere, a familiar face shows up at Barry’s place. Jacky refuses to believe Helen’s claim that Lino is the father of Jade’s unborn child.

Suspecting that Jade is cooking up a plan against Ace, Helen decides to have her investigated.

She later confronts Jade after discovering that her son is helping her. Meanwhile, Fe urges Lino to file a petition for annulment with Jade.

Elsewhere, Jacky gets irritated with Yohann during their first meeting. Ace vows to prove to Helen his paternity to the child Jade is carrying.

Enraging his mother further, he later comes up with an idea to include Jade in their annual family pictorial.

Despite knowing Jacky for a short period of time, Yohann cannot help but show what he really feels for her.

Nevertheless, Jacky makes it clear that she is not yet ready to enter into a new relationship. Meanwhile, Lino discovers that Jade had claims over his properties.

Jade is determined to prove Ace’s paternity to her unborn child. She, however, feels uneasy about the DNA test procedure as she worries for the safety of the child she is carrying.

Following Ace’s request, Helen has a sudden change of heart toward Jade. Meanwhile, Celine surprises Jacky and Lino by revealing that she is pregnant.

Later, Lino shows his concerns for Jacky after she got sick. Lino consults Jacky about his plan to transfer one of his property titles to Dolor’s name.

Helen meanwhile, keeps her promise to Ace by getting along with Jade. However, the two women’s budding closeness is cut short when the DNA test results of Jade’s unborn child finally arrive.

This, in turn, shatters Jade’s and Ace’s worlds. Left with no choice, Jade reaches out to her former husband.

Jade pleads with Lino to believe that he is the father of her unborn child. This, in turn, draws mixed emotions from Lino and his loved ones.

To prove whether Jade is telling the truth, Lino tries to confirm the authenticity of Ace and her unborn child’s DNA test results.

He soon arrives at an important decision. Meanwhile, the revelation about Jade’s unborn child takes a toll on Ace’s relationship with his family and friends.


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