Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Dela Paz gets shot after Cardo flees him and Velasco

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Dela Paz gets shot after Cardo flees him and Velasco from a cage, will they survive in the forest of Mt Karagao?

Spending five months in the camp of the Bloody Sun, Ricardo Dalisay who is in disguise as Fernan bearing a name Agila as a reb£l member doubts and suspicions about Homer heightens and he begins to probe into the affairs of the traitor in the camp.

Cardo wakes up to the hidden secret of Romulo, Hawk and Homer concerning the two SAF troopers who are held as hostages in the neighbouring mountain.

Realising Homer’s dark mind against his colleagues, Cardo embarks on a sudden mission to set his colleagues free from the clutches of Homer and Director Renato Hipolito.

Homer has planned with his allies to behead the two SAF troopers that faithful night after he did same with Bernardo Quinto. He has a 10million deal with the National Defense Agency’s Director, Hipolito to get all the troopers in the camp beheaded in order for Hipolito’s secret with the Bloody Sun gets hidden.

Homer after addressing his mini camp, readies his plan to get intimate with PO3 Katrina Velasco before disposing her and orders Roldan to chop off the head of SPO2 Geraldo De la Paz but he is surprised to find out that a third party in a Rambo style has gotten rid of all the guards guarding the hostages and has set the captives free.

Cardo came in disguise as a ninja and smite the guards one after the other. He reveals to his two colleagues that he is the one and opens the cage to set them free. However, Homer and allies together with Anton and allies meet the scene and engage the escapees in a run the entire night. Cardo manages to find a temporary place in the woods for them to stay after Dela Paz sustained gun woods shot by Homer while under run.

Dela Paz becomes feverish retarding the progress of their journey from Mt Karagao, unable to find their target, the jealous Anton and the traitor Homer run to the camp to sell Fernan out that he is the one who has helped the captives to escape. Raising doubts in the heads of the leaders, they ask where Fernan was, unknown to them Fernan already heard their plots in the woods and rushed home to cover up for himself.

They are surprised to see that Fernan has been playing with Emman all along and Lena could testify which makes their plans fail. Aside his feverishness, Dela Paz and Velasco are hungry. Katrina gathers courage to roam in the woods in search of a food for her sick boyfriend and herself. She vents her anger on a snake while some of their enemies are still in search for them.

Velasco finds some herbs to treat the wounds after taking off the bullet. She grilled the snake for them to eat while they wait for Cardo to help them to run from there.

The fever of Dela Paz runs high, Fernan hid himself in the storage to steal medicines and fruits to send to his friend while Romulo and Domingo disperse his members to search for the escapees in the woods as Homer said he shot one of them so they won’t go far. Will the SAF troopers be able to escape the woods alive? subscribe for our next update.

How the SAF troopers ended in the rebels’ camp

The Special Action Force (SAF) sends 50 troopers to Mountain Karagao to take down the Bloody Sun r£bels after the action of the r3bels endangers and takes many lives away.

The new hideout of the rebels came to light when the troopers raided the former camp of Romulo Dumaguit to wipe out almost all their members which leads to the death of Romulo’s wife, Aurora. This fueled the anger of the Bloody Sun especially the leader against the military in his quest for justice for his fallen members and wife.

Cardo who is also a victim to a bombing attack that k!lled his two years son, believing the heinous crime is caused by the Bloody Sun infiltrates their camp earlier to obtain a map that indicates where the rebels will travel to and plan an attack to entirely wipe the group out.

Unfortunately the National Defense Agency (NDA) boss, Director Renato Hipolito who was once a rebel with a name, Vulture informs his former group leaders, Domingo aka Father or Hawk and Romulo aka Leon about the plans of the PNP SAF against the camp.

This gives the Bloody Sun the strength to prepare before hand to face the SAF. The rebel group took down all the troopers, with Homer, one of the traitors in the camp shooting the favourite hero, Ricardo Dalisay which makes him fall into the river.

Apparently, Cardo survives the gun wound and makes it into a room of neighbouring camp to change his uniform. He heads into the woods but falls unconscious as he succumbs to the wounds he sustained. He was fortunate to have been seen by the leader, Romulo to treat him with the help of his daughter, Lena for him to survive.

Meanwhile, his three colleagues are held as hostages but Homer, the Scorpion, chopped off the head of one of the troopers when he fails to reveal the owner of a uniform bearing the name ‘Dalisay’.

Waking up to find himself in the camp of his sworn enemies, Cardo now changes his identity to embark on a self mission to find the culprit who k!lled his two years son Ricky boy, prolonging his stay in the group and also become a member to acquaint himself with the group’s activities.


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