Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 151

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 151 Tomas Tuazon d!es in a bloõdy match with Cardo 

In Bilibid, Flora informs Cardo about the distressing situation with Onyok and how they have no choice but to give him up since there’s no legal document that could prove that he’s the child’s legal guardian.

Onyok is inconsolable as he pleads with Cardo not to leave him. Cardo promises to come back for him once he’s free. A quiet emotionally dramatic farewell plays out as a guard constantly reminds Cardo that his visiting time is over.

Tomas puts in a phone call to his son, confident that he and his lackeys would escape prison in one piece.

Meanwhile, Billy informs Jerome over the phone that the frame-up that had been planned against Cardo was too big an operation to have been carried out by Joaquin alone.

Jerome asks if he’s insinuating that Joaquin is working with other cops besides his friends.

“Yes,” Billy declares. “A high-ranking police officer.”

Joaquin goes to see Jacob about his father’s escape plan. The General assures him that he’s already assigned some of his men for the operation.

While they trade words over the urgency of the matter, Billy spots his jàckåss colleague, Joaquin in Jacob’s office and he begins to wonder how long he’s known the General.

In Bilibid, Gener comes to see Ramil who taunts him over being top dõg again in prison.

“You just got lucky,” Gener says.

“It’s not luck,” the Manager argues. “I just happened to have a good fighter.”

“Who? Cardo Dalisay?”

Ramil gloats: “The one and only.”

While Onyok acts out at being sent off with his mother, camp Cardo deliberate on Cardo’s case as well as the suspected accomplices of Joaquin.

Adding some photos to the evidence board, Jerome speculates that the cops Cardo had allegedly k!lled had been paid by the jackáss to frame Cardo.

“But they’re deàd,” Soriano points out.

“Yeah. They’ve been double-crossed,” Pinggoy states.

Alyana brings up the bank manager who had testified against Cardo, and a flashback reveals how Jerome had found that the woman had already resigned from her job, with Soriano insinuating that Joaquin might have paid her off to go into early retirement. Presently, Billy mentions that they need to get evidence from the families of the deàd officers.

“I think we shouldn’t just focus on the families of these slain cops,” Alyana says.

“Who else?”

Alyana circles a photo on the evidence board. “Don Emilio. I’m gonna do some research on Don Emilio.”

“I believe we will be able to solve this puzzle eventually,” Billy chimes in.

“And the truth will come out,” Jerome declares.

“For Cardo,” Alyana adds for dramatic effect.

Don Emilio taunts his grandson upon his late arrival home before sending him off to take a rest. “I know you worry too much about your father. But soon enough, you won’t have to worry…he will be resting forever In hell.”

Worried that Tomas might turn his back on him once he’s free, and in an attempt to regain the Manager’s trust, Brando goes to inform Ramil about Tomas’ escape plan. In no time, Ramil relays the info to Cardo.

While Tomas is having a farewell dinner with his lackeys, our favourite hero begins rallying the other inmates to prevent Tomas from having his way. At home, the family gets Onyok’s things ready and bid him an emotional farewell.

Cardo admires a bracelet of Estong. The old man mentions that it’s a gift he’s going to give Melinda his daughter who would be visiting soon. Cardo asks him for a favour and a moment later at the visiting area, Estong slips a note to his daughter, charging her to take it directly to Delfin at camp Crame.

The sweet deàth of Tomas Tuazon

Upon arriving at her destination, Melinda runs into…that’s right. Joaquin. Joaquin desperately tries to take the note from her, claiming that Delfin isn’t around but the woman refuses to let go.

Delfin comes upon the scene and Joaquin snatches the note and hides it in his pocket.

“Mr. Borja?” Melinda says as she notices the General’s name tag.

“That’s me,” Delfin states.

“I have a letter for you.” Melinda asks Joaquin to hand over the letter and the jàckàss reluctantly goes ahead with it.

“Where is this from?” Delfin asks.

“From Bilibid, sir.”

Delfin eyes Joaquin and thanks Melinda. And off he goes. Joaquin is left alone like the fõol he’s just been made of.

Onyok arrives home with his new family and he gets to meet Gigi, his half-sister. Marcelo, the husband of his mother has a look on his face that clearly tells tales of a potential scümbág, if you know what I mean. Anyways, Delfin reads Cardo’s letter and sends for Col. Carreon.

He orders him to organizse a sudden covert operation. In Bilibid, some guards bring Tomas and his goons a couple of combat uniforms, unknown to them that Cardo and his allies are making weapons to fight back.

Director Olarte sends the uniformed men on guard to his office to keep them busy. Soon, Tomas marches out with his men and comes upon Cardo’s cell.

Finding that everyone else asleep, he aims but decides against firing as he recalls Olarte’s warning. Once he disappears, Cardo and the inmates suddenly wake up.

Tomas and his men make their way out of the prison but before they can get into their getaway vehicles, the cops and the CIDG ambush them. Billy asks Tomas to surrender but he begins firing in response, marking the beginning of the chaos.

The authorities return the favour and Tomas retreats back inside with his men and begins wreaking havoc as the other inmates take a stand against him and his men.

Ramil engages in a brief guπfight with Brando and easily gùns him down. He towers over his former bloōdy apprentice and takes aim.

“If I let you live, there’d be more traitors out there,” the Manager says. And with that, he puts an end to his life.

While the authorities advance inside, Choy guπs down some inmates but he’s soon captured and ganged up on. Jimboy tries to save him from the mob. Too late. The guy’s been practically trampled to deãth.

Tomas finds Cardo’s cell empty. Speaking of, Cardo’s quiet busy taking out some crooks in splendid style. And Joaquin? Joaquin arrives outside Bilibid with his lapdogs.

Cardo runs into his sworn enemy who gladly opens fire on him. He evades his attack and manages to disarm him. A fistfight ensues as Joaquin and his lapdogs proceed inside. Tomas gains the upper hand, thanks to his combat kπife.

Cardo fends off his attacks and manages to disarm him again, but not before suffering a stáb wound. It’s give-and-take for some time until Tomas takes down our favourite hero and stomps on his wound with authority.

“Is that all you got?” Tomas taunts as he roughs him up some more. “Get up! Fight back!” Hustling him onto his feet, he merely says, “Let’s get this over with!”

Tomas shoves Cardo into a jagged metal. Adrenaline kicks in and Cardo deftly evades the fatal attack with a wall flip before turning the tables and shoving Tomas right into the damn sharp object.

Tomas is stunned. And bloõdy. As Cardo tries to catch his breath, Joaquin comes upon the scene with his dogs. He fires at Cardo but our favourite hero evades him and dashes off to safety.

Joaquin makes a vain attempt to get his  father to hang on to dear life. With a stunned, bloõdy face, Tomas Tuazon takes his last breath. Joaquin is left with nothing sēnsible to say but, “Cardo!!!”


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