Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 152

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 152 Joaquin mourns Tomas as he vows to make Cardo’s life miserable 

Cardo runs into his allies, namely Ramil and the we inmates and he soon passes out from his injuries. A moment later, the authorities besiege the group of inmates where Delfin and Billy find an unconscious Cardo among them.

Outside Bilibid, Joaquin informs his grandpa about the death of his father, vowing to make Cardo suffer for it. Don Emilio expresses false concern, glad that Cardo has eliminated a longtime pest in his life.

General Borja confronts Director Olarte over the chaos that had wrought Bilibid. The crook and his lackeys try to cover it up with a fall guy but Delfin refuses to be fooled and vows to have the incident investigated.

“You’re from a different department,” Olarte points out. “You have no right to have this investigated.”

“We’ll see about that,” Delfin declares.

The director rambles some BS, promising to do everything to find out who was behind the plot. Whatever the hell that means. In no time, Monica Montenegro covers the story and paints Tomas as the victim and Cardo the murderer. Somewhere else, Alyana reports on the same issue with details of what had actually transpired.

Verna is quiet indifferent, if not glad with the death of her wretched husband. The queen of indecisiveness tries to talk some sense into her miserable son so he wouldn’t end up like his miserable father. However, the jack’ss is hell-bent on getting to Cardo and finishing him off. His life, for his dad’s.

In the clinic at Bilibid, Delfin informs Cardo of the situation on the ground, certain that what happened to Tomas would be added to the charges against him. Cardo mentions that he had only been defending himself. Delfin says he believes him, though he brings up the different story Olarte is telling.

“That’s because he was working with Tomas,” Cardo reveals. “Tomas lived like a king in here.”

“I’ll have everything and everyone investigated,” Delfin says.

“They’re going to blame me for the deaths of Tomas and my fellow inmates.”

“But that is no reason to give up. We are not going to stop until we bring the truth to the surface.”

“Please be careful. I’m sure Joaquin will seek revenge. And I know he’ll make me pay for his father’s death.”

Alyana informs her father about the investigation she’ll be conducting on Don Emilio. In Bilibid, Cardo is brought back into his cell where Estong states that peace would finally be restored with the death of Tomas. Such delusions. Joaquin the jack’ss is still going on with his murderous thoughts.

At the empty wake of Tomas, Chikoy makes the unwise decision of showing up to pay his respects and Don Emilio chases him off with his misplaced taunting. The miserable old man then proposes to his daughter that they let the press in to fill the place.

“I pity Tomas,” Emilio mocks. “His wake is so empty. Where are all his friends? They should be here.”

Verna indulges him. “What did you expect? You thought there would be a full house for the wake of a convicted drug lord and murderer?” Guilt-tripping him with the death of her daughter, and not wanting to lose another child, Verna tries to talk to Emilio into finding a way to put a stop to her wretched son’s desire for revenge against Cardo.

Onyok argues with his stepfather who keeps insisting that Cardo is a criminal on account of the recent scandal surrounding him. Mother of the year comes to restore order as her husband keeps spouting some more BS. Meanwhile, Joaquin puts on an act at the expense of Cardo and Alyana, with a little assistance from Monica the unprofessional reporter.

Cardo dragged into solitary confinement

Rotten General Jacob brings a new Director for Bilibid. The new questionable character stops at Cardo’s cell to glare at the inmates for a while. His attention is most focused on our favourite hero and we can’t help but to think that the wretched man is as rotten as they come. Trouble is definitely brewing.

Camp Cardo discover the connection between Jacob and Olarte, coming to the conclusion that the Director must have been protecting Tomas in prison. The new lead is however proven to be useless as Jacob meets up with the man in question and silences him for good. Strangulation style. Meanwhile, the Tuazons have Tomas’ body cremated.

“From being roasted in an oven…then down to the fires of hell,” Don Emilio taunts silently. “Tomas is going to burn twice. I almost feel sorry for him.”

Cardo is dragged out of his cell and restrained in a room. Soon enough, the new rotten Director, Guillermo Acosta makes himself known. The man begins torturing our favourite hero. Guy knows he wouldn’t last 30 seconds in a fight against him.

Verna hasn’t yet experienced the full measure of joy over the death of her corrupt husband. Without wasting time, she starts packing up Tomas’ belongings to get rid of them.

Joaquin the jack’ss comes to throw a fit but tell me, who cares? Later, upon finding his daughter burning some trash, a.k.a Tomas’ things, Don Emilio comes to throw in the affidavit Verna had made some time ago to help Cardo. He then rambles some crap we all don’t pay attention to.

Director Acosta who’s clearly proven himself to be a coward is still beating up and torturing our favourite hero. Cardo can’t fight back since his hands are still tied.

Later, Guillermo receives a phone call from Jacob and he tells him how much he’s enjoying his little act in Bilibid. Jacob says he’ll enjoy it more once he gets a glimpse of his bank account. A moment later, the Director resumes torturing Cardo. Electrocution style.

Cardo’s dead weight is dragged into an isolated room. Joaquin suddenly shows up outside and demands that Director wo is s ay should make Cardo’s life a living hell in prison. He then proceeds to see his handiwork, rambling that it’s not enough for what he did to his father.

“I swear I won’t stop,” so says Joaquin. “Until I get my revenge on you. And your whole family.”

While Don Emilio gives his jack’ss grandson an earful for going to the prison to threaten Cardo, Alyana sees the sabotaging feature of her unprofessional rival.

Meanwhile, Cardo, who’s still in solitary confinement, seems to be coming up with something as he can’t seem to stop shivering in the isolated room. In a couple of flashes, some unseen force inhabits the place and begins speaking;

“Life is short. There is never enough time to do everything we would like to do. Even if it’s against our will, people are bound to get hurt.

That includes the ones that we deeply care about. So as early as now, we must ask ourselves, ‘Is it worth it’? If blood needs to be spilt, so be it. If only to achieve for oneself a kind of peace that’s everlasting.”


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