Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 161

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 161 Joaquin, Christobal frame Cardo in Acosta’s death

At the PNP office, friends of Cardo were worried about him and declared their intentions to join the manhunts before Joaquin and his lackeys get to him.

One of Joaquin’s allies told them that there was least they could do since Cardo was haunted like an animal and had no place to go.

Joaquin’s spies who were putting Lola Kap’s house under surveillance had an alternative plan. They knew Cardo was a smart cop and would not return to his family as that would expose them to danger.

Elsewhere, Onyok’s stomach was rumbling so Cardo was compelled to enter a restaurant to order food for the kid. After satisfying their stomach, he had no money to pay and pleaded with the waitress that he lost his Wallet. The woman sensing it was a scam engaged Cardo and Onyok  in an activity of washing utensils while she informed the police about it.

The corrupt officer, Jacob told Joaquin that it was a wrong move to k!ll Acosta but Joaquin wanted them to talk about a pending business. In the night, his spies broke into Lola Kap’s mansion to spy if Cardo was hiding in there but they could not find him.

Jacob ordered his goons to have patience, he believed since Cardo’s foster child was with him he would only send the boy home with time.

The waitress returned to the restaurant with cops but she came to meet Cardo’s absence. The fugitive cop and his foster son found a place on the street to lay their head for the night. As they were sleeping peacefully on their card board, some notorious fraudsters arrived there demanding Cardo to stand up from his sleeping place.

Cardo tried to make him understand that they were only passing the night there. The leader of the goons demanded for money and Cardo reminded him that the place was street and it could not be leased out to anyone.

The man drew a pocket knife and tried to bully Cardo with it. Cardo fought him and they took to their heels. Onyok made fun of them.

“You no match for Cardo”

“He is a cop, Oh! I mean a fugitive.”

Cardo quickly covered his mouth.

“Shhh Onyok keep it down, someone might hear you.”

“We need to get out of here.”

“I am sorry,” Onyok said.

Alyana enlisted the help of Jerome and Rigor to assist Cardo. Jerome said they were SPO2’s friend and had every reason to support him but they were also officers and their duties comes first. Rigor expressed his unhappiness with Cardo escaping prison, that he noted has added up to his crime.

Having nowhere to go, Cardo decided to take refuge in Jimboy’s house. Meanwhile, Delfin received a memorandum from the PNP chief to exclude him from Cardo’s case.

Carreon was the one incharge and told Delfin the number of charges filed against Cardo Delisay.

“Aside from killing Tomas Tuazon, Delisay is facing other charges such as evasion of his court sentence by escaping and the murder of Director Gillermo Acosta.”

The j*rk, Joaquin in the house on his television to watch a news report on Acosta’s case. The media had an engagement with SJO2 Christobal Mendoza and he framed Cardo for the death of Acosta. After hearing the news Delfin did not believe it since the first story told by Mendoza was different from the one he was saying recently.

In Lola Kap’s house, Elmo, Yolly and  Makmak watched the news and Flora insisted that her grandson was innocent of the crimes levelled against him. Elmo believed Cardo might have killed Acosta in self defense.

Joaquin met his new ally, Mendoza to pay him for the dirty job. Mendoza expressed intentions to work for the j*rk since he had decided not to go back to the prison with the fear of the inmates k!lling him after the death of Acosta.

Cardo and Onyok took a boat to Jimboy’s abode and promised to pay for the services later. Jimboy’s wife was the one who met Cardo and she told him that Jimboy was in prison but Jimboy’s child alerted him.

Jimboy told his wife that he knows him and ushered him in. Cardo asked him to provide shelter for him and Onyok since his house  was under surveillance.

His wife got upset that Jimboy has allowed another fugitive into their house. Jimboy who was controlled by his wife pleaded with her to understand his situation that Cardo was his friend and in prison he had a post so defying his orders would not sell him right at the sight of his fugitive friend.

Flora called Delfin to ask him about the death of Acosta and whether Cardo indeed k!lled the psycho Director. Delfin believed Cardo was innocent about Acosta’s death and assured Flora that there would be investigation on Acosta’s death. He promised to get his sister updated.

Romano and his ally watched the news about Ramil’s prison escape and told his ally that they should prepare for Ramil’s home coming. Unbeknownst to them, Ramil was in the same bar with them keeping eye on them.

Soon, Jimboy who was catching fish with Cardo was warned by his nagging wife to turn himself in. He told his wife that he already promised to get money to feed them.

He and Cardo hit the streets and told Cardo that he needed to rob to fend for his family since there was nothing left for them. Cardo talked to him against the plan but as Cardo left him to meet someone, Jimboy robbed a mall.

Elsewhere, Yolly and Rowena went to the market and bought a newspaper about Cardo.

Makmak also engaged in a fight in school trying to defend Cardo. Elmo arrived and sent him away.

Cardo met with Benny and he told him to tell his grandmother that he was fine and should not worry about him. As the family were frustrated, Benny informed the family about meeting Cardo. Flora asked where he was staying and he said he did not know as Cardo did not tell him.

He further opened up to them that Onyok was with Cardo. Rowena cried that her son’s life was in danger being with Cardo and was demanding to know Cardo’s hideout.

Returning home, Cardo met dinner and the wife of his fugitive friend served him while showering her husband with praises. Cardo did not eat the food knowing what Jimboy did to provide the food for his family.

Meanwhile, the editor was not happy with Alyana’s job as she was allowing Monica to be recognised as a great reporter. To the editor, Alyana was better than Monica. She insisted on Alyana to be up and doing by filing a report on the prison break out.

Alyana’s colleague advised her to inform the editor that the fugitive cop was her boyfriend. The friends of Cardo held a meeting and initiated plans to beef up their investigations against Tuazon and his grandfather.

Jimboy approached Cardo and pleaded for what he did. He promised to turn into a new leaf by finding a descent job to cater for his family.

In Cebu, Ramil managed to make his way into the drug syndicate boss, Romano’s hideout.  Ramil requested for his shares. A flashback revealed that Ramil was betrayed by Romano and another goon after gaining money from a dubious business which they met to split it equally. The cop raided the place and Romano together with his other ally got saved but Ramil was caught.

He engaged in a shoot up with the police, as he attempted to run away with his wife and kid, he was cornered and his wife and child were shot to death.

Later in prisons, Romano offered him 20million to start a gambling business in prison and advised him to also bribe the officials to do his job.

Flashforward: Ramil demanded the rest of his money from Romano. He gave him some amount from it and told him to join them as he had invested the rest into the business and promised to split that one too.

In the night as Alyana was packing her things into her car, Cardo showed up and told Alyana that he was innocent about the charges levelled against him. Alyana believed in his innocence and they embraced.

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