Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 162

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 162 Benny dies tragically, Jimboy ends up in prison again

Cardo and Alyana said goodbye to eachother and she told Cardo to take care of Onyok. Jimboy that night in bed told his wife that Spo2 Delisay was not happy that he smuggled to provide food for them.

He believed Cardo was right for saying that since he had to set an example for his kids and expressed readiness to find something decent to provide for the family. Nita was not happy with the decision.

Meanwhile, Julian reached home to find out that his wife already got married and he decided to go to Cebu to be with Ramil. He was hurt that his wife abandoned him while he tried to do everything possible just to be with his family.

Delfin called his sister to warn her not to reveal anything about Cardo to anyone as she might not know who would be listening to their conversation. Joaquin and Jacob were listening to him due to the device Joaquin inserted into Delfin’s phone.

After the call, Delfin discovered that his phone was inserted with a certain device and he felt sorry that he did not see it earlier. Jacob said Borja was smart to have known their house were under surveillance. Joaquin said he was smarter because Borja did not know he has planted a device in his phone.

Onyok was feeling bored staying in Jimboy’s house and wanted Cardo to go to Cebu to be with Ramil. Verna’s Rachel burgers was doing well on the market and had lots of customers arriving at the restaurant after launching it.

She tried talking to Joaquin to set aside the syndicate jobs and get himself involved in the family business. Verna had been able to erase the stigma that was associated with the business and Joaquin said she might successfully erased Tomas’ name from the business but his legacy would live on. He would continue his father’s legacy.

Jimboy’s daughter asked why he left prison and he told her that his life was in danger but once everything was settled he would go back to continue serving his term.

Onyok retorted that Cardo was innocent so he could escape. Cardo said what he did was equally wrong since he did not have enough evidence to prove his innocence. Onyok asked if he would get back to prison and Cardo nodded. Onyok cried that he did not want to be apart from him again.

Elsewhere, Alyana’s report received massive bashing from her editor. The editor said the report she filed, exonerated Cardo from the crime and was upset that Alyana was allowing her emotions to take the best out of her profession. The editor already knew Alyana has a relationship with Cardo, hence fired her for her report.

Jacob told Joaquin that Benny might know where Cardo was so his men should set eyes on him and follow him wherever he goes.

Teddy’s son seek his father’s acceptance to travel to Japan for his game studies. Teddy was happy that his son was traveling since he was scared due to Alyana’s issue with the Tuazons.

Benny sneaked out during the night with a bag containing food to deliver it to Cardo. Joaquin’s lackeys tailed him. However, the family were seriously searching for Benny, wondering where he could have gone to.

Rowena suspected that he had ran to Cardo, but Delfin who knew about Benny’s movement shut Rowena up, saying Benny was missing and he had gotten Billy involved to search for Benny.

The rotten officers took a different lane to catch up with Benny. A puch hit Benny’s face from the other side and he woke up to realise he has been kidnapped and hanged by Joaquin’s lackeys.

They tortured him to squeeze the truth out of him. Benny was not ready to talk even after the severe beaten and punches on his stomach and abdomen. Elsewhere Alyana told her family about her issue at work and her mother saw the issue not enough for the editor to fire her.

She decided to do the right things and Teddy also decided to do the right thing by revealing Don Emilio’s top secret to protect his daughter’s reputation.

Joaquin who cancelled his trip to Cebu went to give a warning to Benny. Benny was left to choose between the life of his parents and that of Cardo’s.

Joaquin knew Benny would put his life under line for Cardo, so he threatened to kill Benny’s parent instead. Elsewhere, Elmo could not find Benny and the family could not get the police involved due to Cardo’s issue. The local towns officers could not find Benny anywhere.

Cardo waited all night to meet Benny even though he had told him not to come. He waited till morning and he told Jimboy that he sensed that something was wrong so he would go and find out answers to his questions. He told Jimboy to lend him some clothes and Jimboy ushered him to where he could get some.

Benny was limping and later was on the boat with Greg, one of Joaquin’s lackeys heading to Jimboy’s abode. Jimboy spotted people on the boat approaching. Benny asked for SPO2 Delisay, saying he was Benny. Jimboy told him to get in and called Cardo.

Benny got in and gave him the food which Flora prepared and some dresses for him and Onyok. Cardo asked why he took long before coming. He told him that Joaquin’s men had followed him but he dealt with them and asked Cardo not to worry. Joaquin’s lackeys surrounded Jimboy’s house with their guns and bombs.

Joaquin reached Cebu and called Dino. Dino told him that he was at the PNP and Greg was in charged of Cardo’s case. He assured Joaquin that by the time he got to Manila, there would be positive news. He would presents Cardo’s head on a silver platter to him. Joaquin was so happy to hear that.

Meanwhile, Cardo suspected that there was something wrong based on how Benny was behaving.

Benny said he has to leave before they suspected his absence. Cardo said bye to him. Benny found it hard to leave and ran back to embrace Cardo, saying goodbye to him with Onyok also saying goodbye.

Benny feets became heavy, Cardo still did not understand Benny after he said a tearful goodbye to him, “till they meet again.” As he was leaving, he cast his eyes around when he saw Greg aiming his gun on Cardo, Benny ran to shield Cardo and received multiple bullets.

Cardo was holding Benny when blood was falling profusely out of his mouth like how rain falls for the sky. Cardo urged Jimboy to stay down. Benny and Cardo fell on the floor. Cardo’s eyes were heavy with tears as the children and the wife of Jimboy crying.

“Sorry Chief, sorry…”
Please forgive me,” Benny’s last words to Cardo before he died. Cardo cried that his sidekick had just fallen.

Jimboy took some guns he was hiding in there and threw one for Cardo. Cardo then told him to save his family and should leave with Onyok too. He told him he would meet them under the bridge. Onyok cried since he was not ready to leave Cardo behind.

Jimboy made his wife escape with the kids and Onyok and told her that he was going to help Cardo.

In Manila, Jerome and Rigor received a message from their superior for shielding Cardo. He reminded them of their oath to the police force, urging them to choose their job first and not friendship. Before leaving, he advised them to choose their friends carefully. Alyana was standing there listening to the officer’s order to Jerome and Rigor.

Cardo in a shoot up k!lled many of Joaquin’s lackeys. He climbed on top of the buildings to get incharge of them. He cast all his strength in getting rid of the goons one by one for k!lling his sidekick.

As the war was getting bloody, Greg fled with his goons who were left. Jimboy was under ran but he was eventually caught by the police. Carreon arrived at Borja’s office to inform him that they have gotten a lead about the fugitives and their hideout.

Delfin defied PNP restrictions imposed on him to insist on going with Carreon to the location where they said Cardo might be. Carreon called for back up. Alyana got to Jerome’s office to find out that they had gone to where the fugitives were hiding.

However, Joaquin scolded Greg for his inability to k!ll Cardo. He said Cardo was just one man but Greg said Cardo was different.

Cardo went to the place he told Jimboy to wait for him. To his dismay, he met Nita and the kids and he asked of Jimboy. Nita blamed Cardo for putting her children’s life at risk. Onyok asked Cardo:

“Cardo what really happened to Benny?”
Cardo knelt Infront of Onyok to explain the situation.

“Benny is gone Onyok!” They cried.


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