Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 163

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 163 Benny is laid to rest, Cardo kills Greg for justice 

In Marabou, Nita found a new shelter for them to reside after her home was raided by Joaquin’s lackeys. Onyok asked Cardo if that was where they would stay. Nita retorted that their home was destroyed so that was their alternative. Cardo apologised to Nita for what had happened. Nita said if he had turned himself in that would not have happened.

The reporters and the police got to the scene and Delfin found out that Benny was part of those brutally murdered. Delfin sobbed after seeing Cardo’s sidekick.

Alyana who was doing the report could not talk as the victim identified was very close to her, meanwhile, Monica got her act all together to pull it against the once a hero fugitive. Later, the two journalists crashed and Alyana demanded from Monica the exact evil Cardo did against her.

To Monica, the fugitive had done nothing against her but has hurt the public by k!lling people.

Hearing the news about Cardo’s sidekick who brutally got murdered, Teddy decided to keep the evidence of Don Emilio shooting Cardo’s father from Alyana. He did not want any of his family to end up as Benny.

In the new shelter, Cardo mourned Benny in his heart:

“You didn’t deserve this, you were a good person”

“They should have not involved you in this.”

A funeral was held for Benny at Lola Kap’s mansion. Cardo and the family had fond memories of Benny. Director Borja received the autopsy report and it was established that aside the multiple bullets Benny was also manhandled.

Joaquin met with his lackeys and vent his anger on Greg for messing up. Friends of Cardo also met to talk of means to help Cardo and also to protect themselves after they lost Benny. They realised it was getting bloody and Alyana said Mendoza was key culprit in their findings. They concluded that someone paid Mendoza to frame Cardo up in Acosta’s death and they needed to trap him to confess if it was Joaquin.

In Cebu, Julian got a newspaper which Cardo and Jimboy made it on front page and he sent it to Ramil to read it. Ramil and Julian said since Jimboy had been caught it would be better for Cardo to leave Manila to join them in Cebu and in their business.

Later, Ramil called Romano to demand for the rest of his money again but Romano still have him hawk and bull story. Ramil reminded him that he was the reason Romano had become a big syndicate. Romano’s guy wanted them to finish Ramil off but Romano said he needed Ramil and his prison guys who escaped to help him in the business.

Dino called Greg to inform him that Joaquin had given orders for them to be on the lookout at the funeral of Benny since Cardo might be there. Greg who was with a woman said he would not and he was now working for backup as he was sure Joaquin would get rid of him but Dino assured that Joaquin would never do such a thing against him .

Benny was finally laid to rest and at the cemetery, General Borja believed Cardo was around. He knew Cardo well and was sure Cardo would want to see his sidekick.

Cardo went to the house for his things and that of Onyok, he turned a picture frame position to signal them that he was there.

When all the spies got tired of waiting for Cardo and left the cemetery, Cardo approached Benny’s tomb.

Meanwhile, Joaquin, the j*rk got home from his trip to Cebu, Verna asked Joaquin if he had something to do with Benny’s death but he denied by asking his mother why she always blamed him for all the misfortune that happened to Cardo. He said it served Benny right for him to die.

At the tomb of Benjamin “Benny” Dimaapi, Cardo shed tears while bidding his sidekick goodbye.

“Benny you are a great friend”

“You saved my life and Onyok too, I will never forget every moment of our time together”

“And I will never forget the love and care you showered on my family.”

“Wherever you are right now I hope you find peace!

“I swear that every person responsible for your suffering and death will pay a heavy price.”

Later, Greg went to meet Joaquin to say sorry for his inability to join Dino at the funeral and Joaquin told him to find Cardo wherever he was and finish him off before his vacation ends.

At Lola Kap’s house, Elmo discovered that someone has turned the picture frame and Flora told him that Cardo did that. He had taken all his things from the house.

Cardo tailed Greg and wanted to shoot him but did not. Greg went inside his car and sped off to a club.

Alyana resigned from her post and told her parents about it but Teddy said she should have informed him before making that decision. Alyana told him that even if she did not do, her editor would fire her soon.

Teddy said with her good reporting skills every media house would hire her and asked her to relax for a while. Alyana made a decision to go through with her mission to seek justice and find evidence that would set Cardo free. Teddy warned her not to and she should cut ties with Cardo. He said Benny had died and her life should be paramount to her.

The whole day, Onyok was worried for Cardo. He did not know where his foster father had gone to. Nita tried to console him while her children also wanted their mother to visit Jimboy.

Onyok prayed to God that night that Cardo should not be caught. Joaquin told Jacob that if he knew Greg would mess up, he would not have given him the mission to k!ll Cardo.

Cardo was in a club tailing Greg. Alyana made a call to Billy and was told Mendoza had escaped and no one knew anything about his where about. Teddy picked up a fight with his daughter again. Dino got information that Billy went to fish out information on Mendoza and he told Joaquin. Joaquin got upset and threatened to end another life of the friends of Cardo.

In club, Cardo had a chance and he tailed Greg in the washroom, where he beat him up and put his head into the WC. There were shoot up when Greg tried escaping. The police were informed that Cardo was on shooting spree in a club. Delfin gave orders to Billy concerning the fugitive cop.

“Guzman access the situation,

I trust your judgement and I hope you will advise Cardo to surrender, no one should get hurt.”

Cardo ran after Greg and caught him at an abandoned building. Jerome received new information that the fugitive has left the club and was heading towards the abandoned building.

Cardo beat Greg and he pleaded with Cardo not to end his life as his kids were small and promised to make it up to him. Cardo saw all his apology as b*ll sh!t and kept beating him on the stairs.

Greg confessed that: “Joaquin planned all of this to ruin your life. please don’t k!ll me.” Cardo decided to spare his life but Greg tried to pull a fast one on Cardo. He reached out for his gun.

“You re a dead man!” Cardo quickly turned and shot him before Greg could pull his bullet and fled. Billy and the other policemen saw the corpse of Sebastian Gregorio.

Unfortunately, the police cars ran after him and surrounded him urging Cardo to surrender, they said they would protect him.


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