Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 164

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 164 Mendoza dies, Cardo gets caught in a trip to Cebu 

Surrounded by cops on the streets, Cardo told his Friends to shoot him if they could as he was not ready to turn himself in. He said they should allow him to walk away this time. He lamented that he would be in so much danger if he went back to prison.

Still they did not know who was in the PNP working for Joaquin and he wanted to turn himself in when he gets more evidence of his case.

After recalling all that he did for each one of them, the Friends of Cardo allowed him to leave. Meanwhile Onyok was praying for God’s protection for Cardo and pleaded with God not to allow Cardo to be caught. The superiors got to the scene and the Friends of Cardo told them that they did not catch up with Cardo.

Cardo reached their hideout and met Onyok who was patiently waiting for him. Onyok was scared that Cardo had abandoned but Cardo said he would never do such a thing. He said the place was not safe for them anymore so they had to travel.

Carreon had a meeting with the friends of Cardo and Joaquin and his ally, Dino. Dino believed Cardo would k!ll everyone including Cardo’s friends but Joaquin objected. He believed Billy and the rest were trying to shield Cardo.

Carreon admitted that Cardo was a great officer but he had to condemn the monster he has become for k!lling an officer, Gregorio Sebastian. He said the PNP had put bounty of 1 million on Cardo’s head to reward any person who get a lead on Cardo.

Cardo met Alyana and told her about his plans to leave Manila as the place was not safe for him anymore. Alyana wanted to go with him and he said he would come back later for her when everything was settled. He did not want to risk her life and that of the family too. Alyana advised him to be careful as there was a bounty of a million on his head. Cardo was surprised to hear that.

Later, Dino was in the house feeding his father Caloy, who was a stroke patient. He wanted to find a caretaker for him but his mother would not allow. She did not want any stranger to take care of Caloy.

Delfin received a message from Alyana that Cardo wanted to see Flora before he leaves Manila. There was a spy watching them. Delfin went to the room to inform Flora about it.

Later, Flora went to the church to speak to Cardo who has disguised himself as a Reverend Father to make it seems like Flora was there to confess to him. He assured his grandmother that he was fine and for the time being he had to flee from Manila with Onyok since his life was in danger in Manila. Flora gave him mother to add to his money since he would need it.

Joaquin’s goon who followed Flora to the church told him that Flora did not go there to meet Cardo but to pray and Confess.

Cardo after saying goodbye to Flora left.
The next day, Cardo thanked Nita for her help and gave her small amount to help cater for her kids. Nita said sorry to him for always snapping on him.

In Cebu, Ramil had a talk with Julian to introduce him to Romano as he did not have any option than to trust his words.

At the precinct, some guys rushed to tell Jerome and Rigor that they had found Cardo. The officers were surprised and looked scared so they asked if the guys were sure and they said yes. They brought “Delisay” who was bleeding and wearing a hat. Jerome removed it and was surprised to see that the guys had beaten an innocent man.

The guys tried to reach an agreement with Jerome and Rigor to help them maintain the guy as Cardo so that they could all split the one million. Jerome locked them up. Rigor saw that the bounty was doing more harm than good.

Cardo and Onyok went to board a ship to cebu, realising there were so many cops around, he saw a mall and he went to buy wigs to change themselves in pretence to escape the police.

“We will both play a role, I will pretend to be your dad, Raul and you will be my daughter Palomi.”

“Alright!” Onyok who was in lady’s wear gave some catwalk.

Delfin and Billy met at his office. He said it was good for Cardo to leave so that they could concentrate on finding evidence against Joaquin. Billy decried that the bounty on Cardo’s head would put Cardo’s life at risk.
He asked Billy whether he has regretted allowing Cardo to run and he said no. Delfin charged and his team to track Mendoza.

Dino had a call from his mother concerning his sick father who had cardiac arrest and was rushed to hospital. He assured his mother that he would be there shortly but Joaquin got there to insist on him to follow him to deal with Mendoza.

Alyana told the friends of Cardo that Mendoza before leaving threw a party which was quite expensive and the people even wondered where he got the money from. Jerome now was convinced that Mendoza was paid to testify falsely.

Joaquin went to meet Mendoza, for a moment Mendoza thought Joaquin had another shady job for him but Joaquin brandished a gun and shot him to death. Joaquin had information Alyana was finding more about Mendoza in Bilibid that was why he ended his life.

Makmak stored toys for Onyok. Flora advised Rowena to use the time being to search for Marcelo and their daughter so Rowena later left Flora’s house to search for her husband.

As they board the ship, Cardo and Onyok went to the room they would pass the night. They saw some two guys who laughed at Cardo, with the other saying Cardo and Onyok looked like trolls. The two guys introduced themselves as Paeng and Adam and Cardo said his name was Raul and his daughter also said she was Palomi.

In Manila, Jacob told Joaquin that his men were at the province searching desperately for Cardo but still had no news on them. Joaquin told him that for the meantime he had taken care of Mendoza and wanted to thread down the friends of Cardo starting from Alyana.

Alyana spoke with Teddy and he believed he went to meet Cardo’s friend, aside that Alyana told him that he went for a job interview and told his father that they would talk about it when she gets home. Alyana’s camera man startled her. He also quit his job to be with Alyana. Alyana asked why he did that and he said the editor and him did not get along.

In Cebu, Ramil introduced Julian to Romano and the latter welcomed Julian to the drug syndicate team. After everything Julian advised Ramil to be careful with Romano since he sensed that all Romano’s workers were only truthful to him and could rise up against him. They believed they would be complete if Cardo joined them in Cebu to fight Romano should the unfortunate happened.

Alyana went home to tell her parents that she did not get job and Teddy believed the employer had realised Alyana was in connection with Cardo.

Alyana’s mother told teddy that it was time to reveal the truth to Alyana.

“If I do that it is like feeding my daughter  to the Wolves.”

In the ship, Onyok pulled Cardo to the dance floor. Meanwhile, Paeng read the news of Ricardo Delisay and the 1million pesos reward for the person who would find him.

Meanwhile, Cardo and Onyok went to sleep after the dance, Cardo’s wig fell and Paeng went to meet Raul sleeping with the wig on the floor. He quickly called Adam to confirm if Raul was the one they saw on the newspaper with the bounty on his head.

They were so excited as the money would be theirs. Paeng sent Cardo’s wig to alert the captain about the fugitive cop. Soon, Cardo opened his eyes to see him surrounded. He got arrested.


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