Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 165

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 165 Cardo, Onyok escape authorities once more by jumping off into the sea, Teddy finally reveals the truth about Don Emilio’s evil deeds to Alyana

In the ship, Onyok pleaded for Cardo to be set free. He told the the man who captured Cardo that Cardo was innocent and the man asked:

“If he is innocent why is he a wanted man.”

Cardo was taken away with handcuffs on his hand. Paeng kept laughing since he knew he would be a million rich. Cardo was taken to see the Captain who was reading the news about the fugitive in the newspaper. He asked Cardo if he thought he would be able to hide in the ship. He ordered for Cardo to be locked up in the basement.

Onyok was left next to him. Onyok asked what would happen and Cardo said there was no way out as he believed the police would be waiting for him in Cebu to catch him. When that happened, he said Onyok should go to Flora.

In Manila, the police officers had a meeting. Carreon lamented that after the bounty was placed on Cardo’s head all the information the PNP had been receiving was false alarm.

Joaquin said they have beefed up their search but he believed there were people among them who were helping Cardo which in turn had made it difficult for them to catch him.

Onyok cried that he did not want to be separated from Cardo, he recalled where the man who handcuffed Cardo kept the keys.

As the ship was nearing a shore, a couple who the man is a fisherman and their daughter were working. The fisherman named Almado fixed his daughter’s torn slippers for her to wear it when she goes to school while his wife was drying fish.

Some kids came to steal some of the drying fish and his daughter caught them. Almado told the kids to have the fish and told them to ask next time. He even added some to it for them.

“Hey Cardo stay here okay,” Onyok hissed.

“Why, where are you going?” Cardo asked.

“Don’t worry stay right here!”

“I will get you out of here!” Onyok assured.

“Onyok don’t by getting into trouble,” Cardo cried as Onyok was running.

“No, I won’t I will be right back,” Onyok assured.

“Onyok, Onyok, Onyok,” Cardo cried out for him

Onyok ran out while Cardo tried if he could flee himself to stop Onyok. Onyok went to the Captain’s place and crawled to get the keys from the back of the man who locked Cardo. They were busy engaging in activities which made it easy for Onyok to pull the keys hanged to his back pocket.

“I am back Cardo

I was able to get the keys!”

“Onyok come here.” Onyok opened the handcuffed which was locked on Cardo’s hand along with a pole at the basement. Cardo was free and he ran with Onyok.

Joaquin gave Dino money to take care of his sick father. Dino told him that he would not be able to help Joaquin for the time being since he wanted to help his father and mother.

Joaquin did not accept, saying his father was already in a coma and wouldn’t see whether Dino was there or not and all that his mother needed was the money to help his father. Joaquin planned with Dino to bring down the friends of Cardo.

Billy was at Delfin’s office and Delfin asked him whether they have heard anything about Mendoza. Billy had not heard anything about him so Delfin believed Mendoza was k!lled. Billy also asked if the family knew where Cardo was and Delfin said no development but before the fugitive left, he said he was going far.

Cardo and Onyok ran to the other side of the ship and they were later recognised by someone who saw him being arrested. The person blew alarm and the authorities in the ship ran after Cardo and Onyok.

Cardo got on top of the ship and took a lifebuoy to jump into the sea with Onyok. Their pursuers could not catch up and the time they saw the lifebuoy on the sea, the ship had gone far. Cardo began searching for Onyok and found him floating in the lifebuoy. He swam to be with Onyok.

In school, the classmates of Makmak kept bothering him to squeeze the truth about the whereabouts of Cardo from him and he said he did not know. Elmo told Makmak that the kids were after the bounty.

In the sea, Onyok was catching cold and was scared of what would happen to them.

“Calm down Onyok , it will be okay.”

Onyok spotted a shark and got more scared but Cardo told him to be still. Cardo was also catching cold after several hours of being on the sea.

Soon, Almado who went for fishing came across the fugitive. Cardo was even sleeping and Onyok woke him up that there was someone coming. They shouted for help and Almado saved them and sent them home.

It was a full moon so he did not catch any fish and he introduced Cardo to his wife with Cardo claiming his name was Miguel and his son is Chuchu.

“Hey Cardo, why are we making names again.”

“Play along!”

The wife of Almado changed Onyok’s dress quickly for him not to catch cold. Cardo told Almado that he would like to stay with him for a while and the man was happy to have him but said he would have to sleep on the floor.
He told his wife to get Cardo a dress for him to change so that he would not catch a code.

Meanwhile, the PNP received a message that Cardo was found in Cebu but another two police men also arrived saying Delisay was spotted in Tagla and Piguan. There was contradictory reports so Billy told them to get their facts rights. The rotten officer, Carreon who was up to something fishy was almost caught.

In Cebu, the drug lord, Romano toured his workers including Ramil and Julian at his guitar shop where they pack the drugs and transport to Manila. Romano boasted that his meth was the biggest transporter in the world and he transported to Taiwan, Manila and other parts of the world.

Almado’s daughter introduced Chuchu to her friends which one of her friends, Ligaya showed interest in Onyok. Soon, some kids, with their leader Pacquito bullied them so Onyok assured to fight for them.

In the house, Cardo was asked how he ended up on the sea, Cardo made up a story and he also said he was in Cebu to search for his wife who abandoned him and Chuchu.

In Manila, Teddy’s wife told him to show the old files of Don Emilio’s evil act to Alyana. She believed that would scare Alyana from pursuing Cardo’s case but Teddy thought otherwise. Alyana was coming home after a meeting with friends of Cardo but got kidnapped by Dino’s goons who tortured her till she said she would not help Cardo anymore in his case.

Teddy got devastated as Alyana had not gotten home. He called Jerome and him of Alyana and she left. He told him to ask Flora. Teddy went to Lola Kap’s mansion to explain why he had told Alyana not to meddle in Cardo’s case. The family understood him as everyone’s life was in danger but wondered where Alyana was. Teddy got home yet Alyana was still not home.

Dino relayed the information about his misdeeds to his boss Joaquin and believed Alyana was scared enough to pursue with her investigation.

Cardo slept together with Onyok and said he had to find Ramil as he was the only one who could help him out of his situation.

Alyana got home to tell her family what happened to her. Her mother wanted them to inform the police but Teddy said they should keep silence about it to save the family. He said that was the reason he was trying to warn Alyana and was lucky that she was not hurt.

In Cebu, Ramil was given a post to watch over the factory and was introduced to Elvin. One of Romano’s man brought a traitor and he shot him to death.

Cardo asked Almado a favour to watch over Onyok the next day as he wanted to go to Maktana to search for his wife. Almado had already promised to help him find his wife but Cardo said he knew Almado was a busy person and not want to worry him. Almado assured to send him to Maktana.

Alyana called Jerome to tell him about what happened to her and Jerome told her that now she has seen how risky it was and advised her to stop investigating. Teddy came to meet Alyana in her room still not ready to back down in her quest to find the truth so he gave her the drive and she watched how Don Emilio brutally murdered Cardo’s dad.

“That is what I have been hiding all these years.”

“Dad so you knew that Don Emilio was a criminal?

and was the one who k!lled Cardo’s dad?”

“Yes, that’s right!” Teddy nodded.


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