Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 166

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 166 Alyana receives death threat for the second time

Alyana was upset that her father kept Pablo’s death as secret from the Delisay family. Teddy thought showing the evidence to Alyana would compel her to stop looking into Cardo’s issue and helping him out, however the video gave Alyana a reason to stand firm in her decision to get back to the Tuazons and Don Emilio.

In Lola Kap’s house, Flora was still scared of what had happened to Alyana since they have not heard anything yet from the family. Elmo was scared that what happened to Benny would happen to Alyana.

Alyana’s mother advised her to distance herself from trouble. She said Teddy did not want to risk the family, hence his silence but Alyana felt that they betrayed Flora since she trusted them.

In Cebu, Cardo told Almado that his wife left him two years ago. Almado’s wife believed Cardo’s wife might be with a different person. Almado asked Cardo if he had not thought of getting the police involved in finding his wife.

Cardo said he would consider it since Cebu was big and wouldn’t know the exact place his wife could be.

Elsewhere within the syndicate’s camp, Ramil and Julian were assured of maximum protection while Romano talked about plans he has initiated to set up a campaign in winning senator position in Philippines. His plan was to protect his drug smuggling business so he made his goons to get rid of all those who would get on his way.

Ramil was upset that the goons had to resolved into k!lling but Romano termed it as clean up exercise not anything serious. He planned to get CIDG officers on his side to cover him up and saw Joaquin as skillful for the job.

Jerome arrived and Alyana showed the video evidence her father had keeping all those years. Jerome told her to give it to him so that he and Billy would give to the necessary authority but Alyana wanted Cardo to see it first before Delfin gets to know.

Elsewhere, Jacob and Joaquin thought of means to make it more difficult for Alyana to quit her investigation. Jacob asked if the earlier threat was not enough to deter Alyana from pursuing the issue. Joaquin said Alyana was able to do what she was doing since she has been gaining help from Billy and the rest of the friends of Cardo.

At General Borja’s office, Delfin called Alyana in the presence of Carreon to ask who she met the previous night she went missing, whether she was with Cardo or not. Alyana assured that she was not with Cardo.

Carreon relayed the information to his lackeys and Jacob told Joaquin that he believed Alyana knew about the whereabouts of Cardo. Joaquin assured that he would do something worse to Alyana.

In Cebu, noticing that Romano’s workers only obeyed Romano, Ramil told Julian that he lost all his connection and everyone was now with Romano and wished to have Cardo with him.

Soon, a Sinulog festival celebration was held for the people of Cebu. Cardo came across Ramil and Julian at the celebration and were happy for the reunion. Ramil told him that he and Julian have been expecting him and told Cardo about the drug smuggling business they were in to.

Dino was at the hospital when Joaquin called him to order him to go after Alyana and find out about her every movement. Dino told Joaquin that he could not do the job right away. His parents needed him but Joaquin warned him to focus on Alyana not his father.

The health practitioners conveyed Caloy’s body to other room while they tried to give him shocks for him to return to life but he died leading Dino and his mother to cry for their lost.

Cardo told Onyok that their lives would be in grave danger if they go and stay with Ramil. He told Onyok that they had to stay in Almado’s place for the time being and Onyok was cool with it.

Later at the shores, Paquito came to warn Ligaya to stay away from Chuchu, claiming the latter was a show off. Ligaya assured that Chuchu was a good person and l*ved his company. Paquito spoilt the things Ligaya was playing with.

Seeing Ligaya being bullied by Paquito, Chuchu got there to defend her. Chuchu fought with Paquito and won. This destroyed Paquito’s reign as the guy of honour in the place.

Verna heard of Caloy’s death and told Joaquin that it was the signal for him to turn into a good leaf. She believed the death of various people close to Joaquin was a warning sign for him to back down from his evil act. She told him to value his life as she was the only person who actually l*ved Joaquin not Tomas or Emilio and did not want the incident that took Rechal’s life to repeat.

“I don’t think my life worth anything until I k!ll Cardo with my own hands

And that is what I live for,” Joaquin stated.

Delfin suspected that Alyana was keeping secret from him and told Billy about it. Meanwhile, Alyana was also suspecting Delfin had found out that she was keeping a secret and told Jerome about it.

In Cebu, Julian told Ramil that Cardo was a man of principles and there was nothing that could make him join the drug smuggling business.

However, some of Romano’s goons was poisoning Romano’s brother against Romano. They advised him to betray his brother and be in charge of the illegal operations before an outsider like Ramil becomes the new boss.

In order for Joaquin, to stop the drug smuggling business, Verna presented to him a document about Rechal’s burger for him to sign and become the president. Joaquin signed and said he would multi task. He would combine the smuggling business, his police job and the restaurant together and take care of them.

Alyana visited Jimboy and was told the new director was good. Jimboy was grateful to the person who k!lled Acosta. He assured Alyana that Cardo was not the person who k!lled Acosta as he was with them at that time when Acosta was shot. He also told Alyana that Cardo might be in Cebu with Ramil.

Joaquin heard that Alyana visited Jimboy in prison and Jacob said the new officer was not on their side. Joaquin was not bothered by Alyana’s visit to Jimboy but ha his plan against Alyana.

In Cebu, Cardo was lost in his thoughts. He was thinking about the great time he shared with Alyana and said sorry for not informing her where he was. He assured that at the right time he would be reunited with her.

Meanwhile, Jerome sent Alyana home and left. The parents of Alyana asked where she was. Teddy told her that Joaquin and his men knew she was in touch with Jerome and might risk the life of Jerome and the family. He warned Alyana to give up before it was too late.

Unbeknownst to them, Dino was already within their mansion and his goons had carried out some mission to scare the young journalist.

Alyana went to her room to find that she and Cardo’s picture was repositioned so she positioned it well. She turned and was shocked to see “Rest In Peace” on her mirror.


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