Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 167

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 167 Cardo joins drug syndicate group, Dino’s mother dies, promises to change

Joaquin and Dino met to talk about Alyana. Dino assured that the earlier threats were enough to keep Alyana under bay but Joaquin said threatening Alyana was not enough and they have to squeeze the truth of the whereabouts of Cardo out of her. Dino asked if he wanted them to torture and beat him like  Benny.

Joaquin began to doubts Dino. When met with Monica, he said Dino was developing a conscience and was now regretting his actions. He said he called Dino and he failed to pick the call.

Meanwhile, Dino had received a call from the hospital that his mother had been admitted. He rushed there and was told after Caloy’s death his mother had been thinking hence had a cardiac arrest. Dino wanted the doctors to take care of his mother.

He cried to his mother that he had already lost his father and could not lose her too. He promised to turn into a new a leaf and asked her to recover soon.

“I will turn my life around

I swear I will change for the better”

In Cebu, Onyok wrote a letter placed it inside a bottle and threw it in the sea, telling Cardo that he wished some day they would go back to Flora. Cardo promised he would do everything possible for them to be reunited with the family.

Through a newspaper article, Romano discovered that one of his syndicate partners was a wanted man and when caught he would turn him in so he sent his right hand man to take care of him which he did. He shot the wanted man till he died, saying it was a message from Romano.

Consumed with fury, on how Onyok now Chuchu has gotten all the little girls to him. Paquito called for arm wrestling with Onyok. Ligaya told Onyok not to do it but Onyok told the girls that he got this. Paquito was cheered by his boys. They arm wrestled and Onyok beat Paquito into it. The girls shouted in joy as Onyok, Chuchu had won. Paquito ordered his boys that they should go.

Ramil after hearing that Romano was partnering Joaquin Tuazon, journeyed to the Island to look for Cardo. They saw Amado’s wife who denied knowing anyone by name Cardo. They asked other people whether they new a man by name Cardo and they also said there was no one with the name Cardo.

Julian spotted Cardo working in the sea to help Amado and they shouted out his name Cardo. Cardo did not know whether to respond or not. He spoke with Ramil and Julian and told them he already said he could not join their group.

Ramil said he knew Cardo was looking for evidence to exonerate him from the crimes levelled against him and told him it was the best opportunity for him to join the syndicate group as Joaquin Tuazon was partnering with Romano. Amado asked why the guys were calling him Cardo not Miguel. Cardo said it was because he was called Ricardo Miguel and Amado said so Cardo for sure.

Cardo thought about Ramil’s proposal carefully and decided to join the syndicate group. Ramil also made a promise to turn to the right side of the law after he gets his money from Romano.

Joaquin told Jacob about his intentions to build partnership with Romano, a drug lord in Cebu. He said the Cebu drug syndicate export their meth to some countries his own did not reach and after gaining what he wanted he would get rid of Romano and take over everything. Jacob was glad with Joaquin’s plans.

The death threat she has been receiving compelled Alyana to make police guard her house.

Joaquin met Dino at the hospital and the latter said he wanted to change due to what was happening to his family. The doctor called Dino and he went to meet his mother being covered with a sheet. Dino’s mother has died and he cried for his lost while Joaquin tried consoling him.

Cardo has asked Amado to take care of Onyok as he has gotten a job somewhere. Almado told him not to worry he would take care of Onyok during his absence. Cardo told Onyok that he has a mission and could not go with him. He told Onyok to be a good boy and should not pick up a fight with the children nor should he worry Almado and his family. Onyok promised to be of good moral conduct and made Cardo promise to come home consistently to check on him.

Romano celebrated for the road of him being a senator has been paved. One of his men told Romano’s brother that Romano was getting everything he wanted, all the fine women and asked the guy what about him.

“There is a right time for everything

We don’t have to rush success”

Ramil brought Cardo and introduced Cardo as the trustworthy ally he was talking about. One of Romano’s goons said Cardo was a cop who was protecting a drug syndicate. They decided to put him into a test.

In Manila Elmo said he missed Benny although they did not get along well.

That evening in Cebu, Almado layed a mat for the family to sleep. They saw that Chuchu has missed Miguel. They told him Miguel would find his mother for him. In soliloquy, Onyok promised to tell Almado and his family the whole story concerning him and Cardo.

Cardo called Delfin to inform him about his new mission to gather evidence against Joaquin. He failed to tell Delfin where he was for safety purpose. Delfin advised him to be extra careful. Ramil asked Cardo who he called and he told him his family. Ramil left the phone with Cardo so that he could get in touch with his family anytime he wanted.

Romano consulted his goons and they all said they don’t trust Cardo so he made his own plan to test Cardo.

The guys saw Cardo and one indicated that Cardo had been in jail before and could give better massage so one asked Cardo to give him some. Ramil realised that the guys were bothering Cardo so he called for a fight and Cardo beat them all. Ramil was glad that his camp especially Cardo would not be taken for granted.

Verna and Joaquin spoke with Dino. Dino told Verna that he would change for his parents and Verna said he should change for himself, not anyone. Joaquin sent Dino away and later told him that he was traveling to Cebu. He ordered him to take care of Alyana and check her every movement.

Dino insisted that Alyana is already threatened and would not act contrary. Joaquin asked Dino if he could trust him.

Joaquin followed Alyana. Alyana confronted him for kidnapping and threatening her life. She said she would never back down so if he wanted to k!ll her then he should go ahead.

The right hand man of Romano called Joaquin to set up a meeting with him and Romano in Cebu. Joaquin told his grandpa about it.

Romano and his guys looked through the information they have gathered about other competitors and Romano saw one Alan Chua, who he said taught him on the job had established his own syndicate job. Romano was scared that Alan Chua would take over and decided to bring him down.

Flora looked at the family pictures and Elmo said Pablo’s death did not get the justice he deserved and the family had to do something about it. Flora hoped that Cardo would come back to them soon.

Romano and his guys drove to Alan Chua’s camp in fury.

“We should be the one trading over Cebu…

No one else!”

“Stop the car that is the furniture shop,” he ordered.

Romano told Cardo to raid Alan Chua’s camp and Ramil asked him whether Cardo should be the only person to go. Romano said he was testing Cardo so he should  go by himself.

“Come on I just have to test this new guy.”


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