Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 168

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 168 Joaquin kills Dino and abscond, a storm renders Amado and Cora homeless

Romano made Cardo entered Alan Chua’s camp all alone. Cardo acted skillfully when he got to the furniture company. After waiting for a while with some of Romano’s goons thought Cardo has been k!lled by Alan Chua’s camp members.

They entered and shot all the people. Cardo had pointed a gun at Alan Chua and pleaded with him that he was just a messenger and said sorry.

Suddenly, Romano reached there.

“Wait I will finish him off!”

“He is mine.” Romano held Alan Chua up.

“You used to wear T-shirts, Now you’re wearing suit!

“You’re copying my style?”

“It was a wrong choice to betray me.”

Alan Chua pleaded with him:

“I did not do that against you!”

“I am the one who is supposed to run this business in Cebu not you or any of you,” Romano retorted.

“I will finish you off.” Romano shot Alan Chua to death.

Meanwhile, Daniel still tried to feed Romano’s brother’s head with evil thought for him to rise up against Romano but the guy brushed him off. Billy and the rest of Cardo’s friends wondered why Joaquin and Dino had taken leave.

Alyana believed Dino took leave to mourn his parents. Later, Romano traveled by the sea with his camp members to tour his meth lab facility he has established on a certain Island to escape the eyes of the police and the law.

Dino delivered the ammunitions to Joaquin and told him that he would not be able to accompany him to Cebu to meet Romano.

Joaquin asked him why, whether his conscience was acting up again and he said he was wrong. He needed sometime to mourn for the loss of his parents.

Romano sent his goons to the Island where he has established his meth. He said that was achieved through their hard work and shared money for them.

“Is that it Romano?”

“That is a cut Ramil, a bonus for everyone.”

Daniel, one of his goons told the rest of his friends that he did not believe Romano would just trust Cardo like that just because he was skillful. They still believed Romano did not trust Cardo since he has been a corp before and could screw them once he turned them in to his other officer friends.

Dino arrived with his car and he packed it.

“Dad, Mom I have been conflicted for too long after the two of you passed away.

I lost the will to do what is right

But right now I can feel you are looking after me from wherever you are” he took his phone from pocket and called General Borja.

” ….and this is what you will want me to do.” Unbeknownst to him, Joaquin was standing at his back and he called out Dino’s name.

Romano made an outstanding statement about the Island that would help him enrich his business but Ramil reminded him of the business being for them and not only him. He said there were soldiers guiding the place and in future they would own the entire world.

Joaquin attacked Dino and pushed him to the ground, took his phone to check who he was calling and saw it was General Borja and he asked Dino why he was calling the General.

“Joaquin I have committed far too many crimes.

I wanna change now!”

It is one or two things: Fate is gonna push me or Cardo is going to.”
And what that happens, I am really sorry I will have to tell the truth.”

“You’re pathetic failure!” Joaquin interjected.

You gonna lend me out?” He took his gun pointing at Dino.

“Joaquin please!” Dino cried.

Joaquin shot Dino’s neck “You deserve that.” He added one more shot and left.

Two securities of the area came down and called the corps. They said Dino lost lots of blood and had died.

“I am really sorry Dino if my mom couldn’t stop me what makes you think that you could?” the j’ckass said while driving.

Ligaya told Onyok that she would help him find his missing mother and all that she wanted was her picture for her to paste it on the book which has written “Wanted” on it.

Chuchu screamed that his mother was not a criminal and Amado’s daughter suggested “Missing.”

Paquito arrived there to pick up a fight again with Chuchu and Ligaya told him not to bully Chuchu since his mother was missing. Paquito did not care so Amado’s daughter revealed that he did not know how a mother’s l*ve was like since he lost his mother while he was a baby.

Amado got there and told Paquito to go home. Amado asked Chuchu if he was still being bothered by Paquito. He told him not to mind him because Paquito took his character from his criminal dad and if not for the fact that no one would take care of Paquito, he would have reported his father for him to be arrested.

Alyana’s mother got to her room to find out that Alyana had left the house and she left a letter behind, saying, she was going away in order for her not to endanger the family.

Teddy blamed himself for Alyana’s decision and decided to tend in the evidence against Don Emilio to shift attention from Cardo to Joaquin. He believed clearing Cardo’s name would make Alyana returned.

Meanwhile, Alyana told Jerome who she was traveling to Cebu with that she did not regret not telling her parents where she was going. Jerome revealed that he took leave from the office and told his parents that he was going on a vacation. She thanked Jerome for giving up on everything to help her find Cardo and he said Cardo was also his friend.

Cardo and his fugitive friends visited the mall and did bulk purchase. He told friends that he was going to the Island and stay there for a while. He said he was sending the items he purchased to the family who was helping him and Onyok out.

Ramil told him not to keep long and return early before Romano starts searching for him. Cardo has earned Romano’s trust so Daniel was scared that Cardo would get his position so Julian advised Cardo to be careful and also advised Ramil to get wild and take his share for them to leave the group as soon as possible.

Cardo distributed some of the items he bought to some needy kids outside the mall and his friends wondered why he did not save some of the money he earned for himself.

Alyana and Jerome arrived in Cebu and some of the people who had seen Alyana on screen before wanted to take pictures with her but Alyana did not want anyone to know she was in Cebu so she did not take the pictures.

Friends of Cardo met and wondered why Jerome took leave and why Alyana had also disappeared. Rigor believed Alyana and Jerome were together searching for Cardo. He said Jerome and Alyana had been having private meetings and he sometimes get upset that they don’t involve him.

Joaquin arrived in Cebu and was searched. He was armed but Romano said his guys should not treat a visitor that way. They should allow him to have his gun. They had their meeting and Romano said he would help him established a trade in a foreign country where he exports his drugs.

Joaquin wanted Cebu as well and Romano said they would talk about that later since he had not talked about Manila. Meanwhile, Ramil was thinking of means to be part of the meeting in order to get information for Cardo.

He did not want Joaquin to recognised him as one of the fugitives so he came up with an alternative plan. Joaquin received a call from Verna asking him where he was and he said he was in Cebu. Verna asked what he was doing there and he said he was there to take care of the family business. He meant his father and his business.

Verna wanted him to be in Manila as soon as possible. He said he knew his mother would be against his trip that was why he failed to inform her. In Manila, Flora met the right mayor in a town’s meeting where they discussed about means to curtail crimes in the area.

One of the civil society person also said fugitives were also increasing in the area and they had to do something against it. Yolly was boiling inside but Flora kept her composure. after the meeting, Yolly wanted to fight the women and Flora stopped her since Yolly earlier scolded Makmak for fighting with some kids in school for calling Lola Kap’s family as criminals.

She said Yolly should learn from her own advice to Makmak. The women wanted to verbally attack Flora again and she told them that they only believed in news articles not reality and as public servants they should have known better.

Yolly in the house told Makmak that it was good to defend the family but Flora told Makmak not to listen to Yolly since there was a decent way of putting people in their rightful place not with a fight. Delfin decried that after Cardo’s incident, he knew lots of people have second thoughts about him. Even though, people and colleagues were attacking him he kept quiet.

There was heavy storm in Cebu so Cardo helped Amado, his family and neighbours to evacuate to a safer place. Cora was sad that they had lost everything they had worked hard for but Amado said it was not a new thing, they always lose everything when there was heavy storm what matters was the family was together. Cardo made it a mandate to help them, he knew the man needed help since he offered to help him even when he did not have anything.

After eavesdropping, Ramil called Cardo to inform him that Romano was planning a party for his foreign investors which his partner Joaquin would be there and asked Cardo to get there. Cardo said he would not be able to get there right away since he was helping the man who helped him out to evacuate after the storm. He promised to get there the next day.

Joaquin who said Romano’s drugs was not quality made him taste his own which were produced in Manila. Romano was glad to have formed partnership with him. He assured him a good security at the party so that no body could recognise him.

Cardo joined Amado and was worried about him and how his family would survive. He suggested to Amado to sell dry fish in the market and Amado said he had thought of that but did not have capital for that.

Later, Cardo told Onyok that he was going to get money to help Amado to start a business to cater for his family and asked Onyok not to worry but be with Amado for Onyok’s own safety and the kid accepted, adding that Cardo knew best.

It was the night of the party and Ramil and Julian arrived. Romano asked of Cardo and Ramil said he was already there. Cardo availed his face and greeted Romano. Soon, Joaquin arrived. Cardo who was in a mask after hearing Joaquin’s name turned he was consumed with fury .


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