Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 17

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 17 Ador laid to rest

After getting surrounded by the goons from the trap which Diego set him, Cardo was determined and was unwilling to back off.

The good lynch him but it was all a plan just to make the people believe that he was being defeated.

His plan worked and he suddenly grabbed Diego and used him as a bait for the goons to back off. Diego told his men not to draw any closer otherwise Ador would kill him.

He described Ador as a crazy man and as Cardo was dragging him out the goons were also getting closer so he shot the ground just to scare them not to get close.

Once he dragged Diego out another set of goons surrounded him but Diego insisted that they should back off otherwise he would be a dead a man.

Cardo warned them and said the one who would get close should consider himself a dead man.

A fight erupt and he shot many of them and also beat Diego. The police then arrived and held Cardo to stop him from beating Diego as he might kill him.

In the hospital, when Cardo got there to see Junior Carmen pushed him out and said he was to be blamed for everything that has happened to her family especially to Junior if he had told them that Ador was dead.

Her parent together with Joaquin who were standing there were moved by the revelation so her father asked what she meant by Ador was dead. She confronted Cardo that if he had not pretended as Ador, Junior would not have found himself in that state.

She said she warned him that she would be the one to tell Junior the truth but he did not heed to her but went on to tell Junior the truth. On his part, Joaquin felt happy that he had killed Ador.

He talked to Cardo when Carmen threw him out of the hospital and confirmed from him whether what Carmen said was the truth and he admitted.

Diego was later sent to hospital and took the blame upon himself that he was the one who tried killing Ador. Cardo attacked him for everything he did and promised not to spare him.

Delfin held De Leon in order for him not to kill Diego. He told Delfin that Diego did not deserve to live.

Joaquin came home to inform Tomas about the great news that he was not a failure as he had been claiming since he was the one who killed Ador.

Verna who overheard their conversation came to ask whether he thought Cardo would sit idle and not avenge those behind the death of Ador.

Cardo then went to meet Glen and told her about everything that had happened, saying Carmen might be right for blaming him for the accident of Junior. He said if it had not been him Junior would not have been shot.

Glen calmed him and said now everything was over. She consoled him and told him that he was not to be blamed for anything as he was the one who even helped the family to capture the culprits.

A wake was held to finally lay Ador to to rest. The funeral attracted people from the neighbourhood, acquaintances, friends, family and the police.

Rachel asked Verna and Tomas about the whereabout of Joaquin and Verna revealed to her that he was at the wake of Ador.

Rachel said she did not understand because Ador was alive and they said he was just out on a police mission. Verna told her that since it was about a police mission it was confidential and she need not to understand it.

As they took a step to leave, Tomas received a call from Philip so Verna said they would wait for him outside.

Philip asked of his business partner but Tomas denied seeing him. He said he should not be the one to be bothered about the disappearance of the man since he might have been at somewhere chilling with women.

Philip explained that he knew the man better than Tomas and he knew he was not doing what Tomas was claiming. He said the last time he spoke with the man he said he was coming to see Tomas.

Tomas said he never set his eyes on him for the past week. Verna returned to call Tomas and asked him that they should leave. He said bye to Philip. After cutting the call Philip smiled and he knew Tomas was up to something.

At the wake, neighbours began to gossip that Cardo did not act well for making Carmen believed her husband was alive.

One woman indicated that she would not have forgiven Cardo if she was Carmen, adding that imagine sleeping with a man who is not actually your husband.

Another gossip monger stated that even his son was also made to believe that his father was alive meanwhile he was dead and accused Cardo of being a bad guy.

Benny who was standing all those while listening to their gossips asked whether they came to mourn with them or came to gossip.

Later Benny went to stand next to the coffin of Ador and said death was wicked and it did not give them a chance for Ador to properly say goodbye to them.

Joaquin said Ador was his best friend and was close to him. He praised Joaquin for being a true friend of Ador and said Ador was a good man who did not deserve such a terrible death.

The family and friends paid their last respect to Ador and was buried. Cardo promised his brother that he would take care of his family and ensure he gained justice for his death.

He promised Junior that he would not allow anyone to hurt as he would be his second dad thus should count on him for anything. Junior was happy to hear that but Carmen came to hold Junior and said they would no longer stay in the house again.

She sent Junior away, Junior told Carmen that Cardo wanted to be his second dad so would she leave the house even when Cardo said that. She said no one would replace Ador not even Cardo.

The police then held an honorary event and rendered to Carmen all the posts and Ador’s uniform. She was given a flag which symbolised Ador’s bravery and achievements. Junior laid a flower on his father’s grave at the rite.


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