Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 170

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 170 Isabel seduces Cardo 

Jacob and Joaquin commended Roy for covering Joaquin’s back by making use of the information that he gathered from Delfin’s office in favour of Joaquin.

Jacob laughed at Delfin for trusting the wrong person (Roy). Before he left, Joaquin paid Roy for his work.

In his car, Roy recalled how his daughter had a kidney failure and needed money to cater for the hospital expenses. As he was thinking of means to raise the money to follow the doctor’s order to either make his daughter have a regular dialysis or kidney transplant, Joaquin the saviour offered to help him.

Roy’s daughter inherited the ailment from her mother and Roy did not want to lose his daughter as he did with the mother. Once the Philippine doctor failed in the operation, he accepted Joaquin’s offer to fly his daughter off to Singapore for the kidney transplant.

The deal was for Roy to protect Joaquin’s business in the future. They shook hands as Joaquin welcomed Roy into the syndicate group. Joaquin promised him huge sums added to his meagre income as an officer.

Jacob had a doubt about Roy. He believed Roy could betray them but Joaquin believed Roy wouldn’t there. He threatened to k!ll Roy and his daughter when he makes the attempt.

As Isabel applied jam to her bread, Arwin got there and wanted to have $e× with her. He warned her to stop playing difficult as he knew she was only with his brother because of his money and would cast him aside once she finished off his money.

He forced himself on her. Cardo heard the screams and went to Isabel’s defence. Arwin pointed a gun at Cardo but the latter got hold of the gun beat him till Arwin give up on the fight.

“Thanks a lots, I almost got raped by that beast!”

“Why wouldn’t he try it mom. Look at your outfit?”

“He found a convenient excuse.”

Daniel saw Arwin sitting all alone with a long face. He told them what Cardo did to him as he tried talking with Isabel. They planned to take Cardo by surprise.

Meanwhile, Isabel thanked Cardo for his heroic deeds first for defending her and also for singlehandedly bringing down a syndicate group to help Romano. Cardo said he was only doing his job and also said sorry to her for scolding her.

She asked Cardo questions about his family, wife, girlfriend and children but Cardo also asked her why she wanted to know about his life.

Alyana called her family and assured them that she was fine. However, she wanted to do something important before returning to them. She hang up without telling her parents what she wanted to do even though they tried to compel her to talk.

Onyok and the girls went to buy toffee as she was sharing and reached Ligaya, Paquito took the toffee and also took Onyok toffee. Onyok promised to retaliate. Onyok made the girls promised not to reveal it to Cardo once he fights the bully.

Paquito went to tell his father, who is a cook lies that Onyok wanted to bully him. His father urged him to fight Onyok. He sharpened Paquito’s fighting skills to face Onyok.

Meanwhile, Alyana and Jerome kept searching for Cardo and Onyok. Verna overhead Joaquin on phone telling Monica to ensure no leads about the news she was spreading through other channels concerning Dino’s death associate him in it.

Verna compelled Joaquin to voice out the truth. Joaquin confessed that due to Verna’s advice, Dino wanted to hand himself over and that would also expose him so he eliminated Dino to protect himself.

“So are you blaming me?”

“You’re a monster!”

“I am not sure you are the son I gave birth to,” Verna cried.

Amado gave Cora the money Cardo gave to him and the woman wondered how Cardo raised the money. Amado asked if she suspected Cardo to be a thief and she said far from that.

Cardo arrived with woods and Amado together with the people affected by the typhoon worked together with Cardo to provide proper shelter for themselves. He was grateful to Cardo for his consistent help.

They gathered around one table to eat and Cardo asked Amado to take care of Chuchu as he was returning to work the next day and asked him not to fight.

Romano spoke with Joaquin concerning exportation of some quality drugs to some of their global clients. Joaquin ensured to facilitate the process and get to Cebu.

Paco, the father of Paquito asked Amado and Cardo to have a drink but both refused as they had other things to do and were just passing. The man took offence and threw the drink on them, saying Amado and Cardo were embarrassing him.

“If you don’t wanna drink take a shower!” he laughed at the two.

Cardo got upset and kicked him. He punched him and all Paco’s allies who were entertaining themselves with Paco’s bully attitude joined the fight. Cardo beat all of them and Miguel stopped them.

Delfin heard that Flora had begged Verna to voice out the truth and came to listen to Verna’s reply. Flora said her action did not yield result. Delfin believed Verna was keeping something to protect her family.

Paquito also engaged in a fight with Onyok with Paco supporting the fight. Cardo appeared in the scene to separate both children. He scolded Parco for allowing two kids to fight.

Roy informed Cardo about the mission for them to investigate Dino’s death in Cebu.

Later, Cardo escorted Isabel to a restaurant where she bled into Alyana.

“Jaquin Tuazon is surely big time 250kilos crystal has been shipped to Cebu,” Ramil informed Cardo

“Joaquin really has lots of connections probably he established them during his father’s time but we have no idea of who is protecting them now,” Cardo affirmed.

Ramil was planning a blockage but Cardo objected. He said they could use that opportunity to gather evidence against Joaquin.

Roy was instructed to spy on Alyana and he discovered that Alyana had fled to a place where his parents did not know about. Roy delivered the message to his camp a Joaquin was so worried.

Romano asked Cardo to escort Isabel to do shopping. Daniel asked Arwin if he really liked Isabel and he admitted but he did not want to create conflict between his brother and him so he gave up. Daniel told him that Cardo would be ahead of him since he was with Isabel as they were speaking. This boiled the blood of Arwin.

After the shopping, Isabel told Cardo that they should find something and eat, her stomach was humbling. Cardo told her to go ahead since he was not hungry but the seductive woman dragged Cardo along.

Jerome lauded Alyana for her efforts in finding Cardo without giving up even though she was tired. She said she was in l*ve with him that was where she drew her strength from.

At the restaurant while eating, Isabel talked about her life. She said her father was rich but her mother lost all that her father worked for to some unscrupulous man his mother l*ved. Since to her all men were the same she had to look for a life that was befitting. Cardo told her money was not all that matters and he believed she has not found the right man that was why she was talking in such manner.

“Most men are the same although Cardo you are different.

You’re decent, manly and you’re cute!”

You’re kind of boy so from now onwards I will call you baby boy.”

“I suggest you finish your food,” Cardo wore his spectacles.

The chairman called Cardo so he told Isabel about it and asked her they should go home. The freak claimed it was too early, she was not done shopping but Cardo said she has bought so much already. She decided to go to the washroom.

At that time, Jerome and Alyana were hungry so they were at the same mall. The place was full so Alyana wanted to use the washroom while Jerome checked on other restaurants in the mall to find available table.

Alyana bumped into Isabel and she pretended to have hurt herself just to woo Cardo. Cardo helped her out and tried to rob her feet, where she claimed she twisted. Cardo asked her they should go home so that they could apply medicine on it.

Parco and his friends thought of means to get back at Cardo. Parco felt embarrassed for Cardo to beat him infront of Paquito.

Isabel dressed and showed her beauty to the chairman while Arwin felt awkward.

“Darling I feel so safe when I am in the company of Cardo.”

As they were thinking, Parco set his eyes on a news article about Cardo Dalisay. He claimed it was Miguel but his friends said it was a look alike but he insisted it was Miguel. He realised he has changed his name and knew Miguel was up to something.


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