Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 173

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 173 Isabel makes l*ve with Cardo, Cardo reunites with Flora

Carreon tailed Jerome. Jerome got home and his mother was very worried about him but he shifted the excuse of his late coming to his work.Once again Carreon did not get the information he wanted.

At their secret meeting place, Jacob asked how his surveillance was going but he had no good news so he was compelled by his allies to use threat and torture to obtain the information they needed.

“Colonel you know you shouldn’t be wasting your time.”

“You should do it fast and do it hard.”

“Do what Joaquin told you.”

“Threaten the guy, torture him or better yet have his family kidnapped.”

“General Jacob I have my own methods,” the infiltrator whined.


“Well your methods seems not to be working Sir.”

“You haven’t gotten anything in following that person so I suggest you do what I told you to do!”

“Get the info by force if you have to.”
Carreon walked out on them. The notorious criminal asked if he could carry out the mission Carreon was failing to do. Joaquin wanted Carreon to be the one to do it.

Fidel believed Carreon might grow conscience and betray them, when that happened he asked if he could eliminate Carreon.

Joaquin said not yet, he still needed Carreon to be his spy in the CIDG and was also testing the colonel.

Carreon went home to meet Rona, his daughter who was learning hard to get to the top in order to help her dad for all the sacrifices he made to make her survive. Carreon ensured she took her medicine.

Gener asked Chairman if he would allow Joaquin to be the only one to meet the Chinese investors. The group believed Joaquin might sideline Romano from the deal if he allowed only him.

Romano decided to go to Manila with his group members but Ramil said he and Julian would not follow them to Manila. Daniel retorted that they were fugitives so it was understandable.

Romano charged Ramil to take care of things in Cebu while they were away but Arwin also said he would also stay behind to help Ramil.

“Suit yourself!” Romano retorted.

Julian believed Joaquin might know Cardo was in Cebu, hence the change in business plans but Cardo thought it was Alan Chua’s case that has alerted them. Cardo told his fugitive friends that he would take the opportunity to go back home. Alyana was there, Ramil told him he could go home and make up for the lost times with her and Onyok.

Cardo made a call to inform Alyana that he would be back that evening and Alyana decided to cook him his favourite food. Isabel was eavesdropping, she did not want her “baby boy” Cardo to be away from her so she had a perfect plan to stay glued to him.

Delfin held a meeting concerning the intel they had and Carreon said his connection in Cebu said there was no longer any bigger drug syndicate in cebu after the major drug Lord, Alan Chua died.

Delfin brushed off Carreon’s findings, making it seemed to be a lie since the drug syndicates begin to act low whenever they started probing into their issue. Carreon said he was only relaying the information he gathered from his research.

Later, Delfin apologised to him when some of the officers who were part of the meeting including Joaquin left. Delfin said he raised the objection since it was guaranteed that there was an infiltrator in their midst.

Carreon asked if he was referring to Joaquin and he said it could be Joaquin or someone else. Isabel, ran to Romano, claiming her back hurts and wanted a massage. Romano asked Cardo to send his “lovely queen” to the spa after which he could go home.

Romano saw that Cardo seemed not happy, he tried convincing him, saying he was the only person he could trust his “lovely queen” with. The eyes that Isabel was using to watch Cardo with got Gener to stare hysterically.

Cardo sent the lady to a spa as Cardo was drinking his tea, Isabel sent for him. She wanted Cardo to do the massage instead, she did not like the professional doing the massage. She was absolutely naked with a small white towel covering some vital parts.

Not paying attention to the body on display, Cardo made her understand that he was not experienced in massaging and it could be rough and hard.

“But that is how I want it rough and hard!”

Since she insisted, the fugitive began to hit the body here and there and the parasite who was usurping Romano seemed to be happy to get her way also through Cardo.

“Baby boy tell me don’t you find me beautiful, $e×y even?

“Mom you’re beautiful and $e×y.”

“I am not your type?”

“I have told you this already mom, I already have a girlfriend!”

“Haven’t I told you before that whatever happens between us Romano will never find out and neither will his menials.”

Cardo suddenly stopped the massaging, sensing it was a trap.

“I thought I made it clear to you nothing will happen between the two of us. ” Isabel stood: “Oh really!” going on with her seduction, scratching her hair, getting closer, “even if I show you these.”

She flipped the towel open to flaunt her naked body to the fugitive. With her thin legs she took little more steps to get even more closer, leaving the towel to fall on the ground.

Cardo turned his eyes to watch the scene, only God knows what was going through his mind, seeing an angelic body housed on an evil money sucking trump.

Fears emitted on his eyes, falling for what he was seeing, the trump subtly pushed him on the massaging bed got on top of him, caressing his face.

Cardo was sighing so hard, his eyes fastened on the trumps face, he was melting like an ice, getting experience on what his professional journalist girlfriend has not been able to do before, yes that is seduction.

The trump rolled her finger on his face to the lips, seeing him shivering, his lips was begging for a k!ss so the trump got her nose closer, under Cardo’s nose, inhaling his breath, she got more closer to decode the information Cardo’s lips was signalling, she k!ssed him.

Meanwhile, the professional journalist was buying food stuffs in the market to cook karikari.

Hahahahahahaha sit there someone is rather cooking karikari out of your man. It seems I am enjoying this scene.

Cardo’s eyes fastly closed enjoying the k!sses, the trump pulled back, thinking of another ground breaking style to approach as she gave a bit space the fugitive senses got installed.

He quickly pulled away and stood from the bed.

“This is wrong mom!” the trump watched in amazement, but I was wondering whether the fugitive experienced some blue balls, just that the camera couldn’t capture his pant.

“What a shame I am so close,” Isabel taunted.
Cardo seemed so annoyed by Isabel pulling fast one on him. Joaquin instructed Carreon to embark on a dreadful mission against Jerome during the night.

Jerome was heading home, since his mother called him to get home as she has prepared his favourite dish. Rigor was even shocked that Jerome was getting home early but he had to do it since he had been away for long.

He noticed that someone was tailing him so he called Billy for back up. He was soon cornered and the henchmen shot at him. He went for cover inside his car but he was skillful in trading shots. He aimed his shots so none of his bullet went waste, he k!lled almost all the attackers who directly went after him.

Soon the backup attackers also arrived and shots his car. Jerome hid, fortunately his friends also arrived to shoot all the backup criminals.

Jerome tried to compel one of his attackers to talk but another came on a motorbike to k!ll him before he could talk, the k!ller was no other than Fidel.

Jerome informed his superiors about the incident and said Alyana was also attacked similar way. Carreon insisted on them finding Alyana since she might know something about Cardo and his whereabouts. He also said they would provide Alyana with the necessary protection.

Jerome assured that Alyana did not know anything, she was just scared and did not want her family to be dragged into the mess. Delfin believed Jerome knew more.

Fidel was complemented for his good works. Carreon was unhappy with their criminal move and scolded Joaquin for giving him double tracks to cover. Joaquin told Fidel to be the person to follow him to a business meeting with Chinese investors.

After hearing that Jerome knew something about Cardo and his hideout, Flora begged Jerome to send her to see him.

Soon, Jerome acquired a ticket and narrowly escaped their spies with a perfect plan for Jerome to fly off Manila with Flora and Makmak to Cebu.

As Cardo and Onyok were worried and made plans to get reunited with their loss family, Jerome arrived with Flora and Makmak.

Cardo was happy to meet them. Later, Jerome said sorry to Cardo for bringing Flora but assured him they were not followed.

Romano spoke on phone with Joaquin to inform him about his intentions to travel to Manila to be part of the meeting with Chinese investors. Joaquin believed Romano did not trust him, Romano said far from that he wanted the partnership to be strong so Joaquin finally accepted.

Flora heard Cardo gave the Ignacios some capital, she went to clarify from Cardo and he lied about his job. Flora was worried that someone might recognised him since his life was in a grave danger.

Missing Cardo, the trump went to julian to pull a fast one on him to fish out the whereabouts of Cardo, Julian hesitated, scared to be shot but revealed the truth and Isabel got to know that Cardo was residing at Olango Island.


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