Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 174

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 174 Joaquin goes after Elmo and Yolly’s life 

Joaquin and Carreon were on their mission again. Joaquin condemned Girona for being a pest in his life and wondered if it would be safe for him to hold his meeting with his Chinese investors.

Carreon encouraged him to carry on with his meeting as no one had a solid evidence against him. He reminded Joaquin that he was doing his job and pleaded with him to trust him.

Flora stepped out to help Cora in the cooking, although Cora did not want her to but she insisted, since that was the least she could do for them for providing a roof for her to stay in.

Cardo went to serve Jerome with a drink. He also thanked him for sending Makmak and Flora to see him. Jerome promised to take good care of Cardo’s family while Cardo also assured to gather evidence in Cebu to clear his name.

In Manila, the friends of Cardo held a meeting about the information they have gathered so far from Jerome’s attackers. It was established that the number plates of the cars they were using were unregistered and the riffle they were using were high grade ones.

The bodies of those scumbags were identified by their relatives and they were even shocked to discover the kind of job those scumbags were doing when they were alive.

Joaquin barged in to make mockery of their work and why they had not found the suspect yet, simply because they were shifting the blame on him. He expressed readiness to appear when they summoned him for questioning.

“That Joaquin is getting on my nerves.

He really tinks we will find no evidence against him,” Billy taunted.

“He has already lost his conscience,”Chikoy whine.

“He is off the hook!”

“We will find enough evidence to take him down eventually,” Billy assured.

The family spoke with Yolly and Elmo on phone and Makmak expressed joy in the first experience of traveling by air. Elmo and Yolly were happy to speak with Cardo and Onyok so did Cardo and Onyok too.

Isabel told chairman that she wanted to visit her sister. Chairman said Cardo was not there to accompany her so she would not be allowed to go. Arwin retorted that he was available and could send her but Isabel interjected that Arwin was a busy person and she has already spoken with Reine.

“What if Daniel has something for him to do,” Arwin interjected but Romano supported his queen.

“Reine I am entrusting my queen in your care.”

“If something happens to her I will hold you responsible.”

“Hurt anyone who tries to touch her, better yet k!ll them.”

“Understood!” Reine accepted.

“Thank you darling,” the trump cut in.

“Anything for you my queen,” the chairman affirmed.

At their Meth lab, Jacob asked Joaquin to taste some of his drugs but Joaquin said he did not mix business with pleasure. Jacob wondered why Joaquin accepted Romano to attend the upcoming meeting with the Chinese investors. That, Jacob said meant that Joaquin would split the shares with Romano. Joaquin had a plan against Romano.

Flora questioned Alyana if she knew about the work of Cardo. Alyana said Cardo worked at a furniture export company and he sometimes sleep over due to long hours of working. Due to his selfless act, he always prioritised others before him. Flora was so worried that he would be recognised and taken away.

At the middle of their journey, Alyana got rid of her body guard.

“Hey $e×y”

“Just stop following me my goodness!”

The trump asked Reine not to inform anyone about it. She took a boat to Olango Island.

There, her rival, Alyana who was going to the market with Cora to buy foodstuffs and fish for Flora to send to Manila saw her. Alyana stared and told Cora that she knew her but could not recall where.

Amado was enthused with how cheerful Cardo was and Cardo said he looked happy since the two important women (Flora and Alyana) in his life were with him.

Amado gave a complement about Alyana, aside being well educated and beautiful she was very humble and hardworking. Cardo added that she abandoned her bright future in Manila to be with him.

“So you better hold on to her.”

“A woman like Alyana is a good keeper,” Amado advised.

Isabel saw Paquito and called him to ask of Cardo and the kid ask if she was talking about Idol, she hesitated.

“Why Idol?” he could fight and Isabel said it was him. Paquito sent Isabel home.

“Idol, Idol, Idol…

“There is someone here looking for you ”

“She is hot and $e×y.” Cardo wondered who Paquito was describing.

“Baby boy …..” Paco tapped Amado to watch out. Cardo walked quickly to block her from approaching any further.

“Mom, How did u find out where I live?”

“That doesn’t matter, here I bought these for you.”

“I know you l*ve imported chocolates right?”

“Here just take it!” the trump handed over the gifts.

“Mom, you can’t be seen around here!”

“Tell me who gave you my address?”

“Come on Cardo, I just got here!

“Come on i just came here for you.”

“Mom you need to leave.”

“I am begging you mom”

“Go back to the mansion!”

The trump stretched forth her neck, sniffing around: “I’m I smelling something delicious?”

“Won’t you invite me?”

“Mom I am begging you, my family do not know what I do.

If they see you here they’re going to wonder and ask about you.”

“And so what?” the trump taunted.

“Is it about your girlfriend?”

“Are you worried she will feel insecure or something?”

“Mom please I am begging you, you will have to go.

This will be bad for me”

“Okay, Fine as long as you will go back to work!” she scratched her hair.

“Yes mom I will head back soon.”

“I miss you a lot,” the trump acted seductively.

“Please can’t I get thank you?”

“Thank you for bringing these,” Cardo hissed.

“No k!ss?” pointing on her cheek.

Cardo turned his eyes around to ensure no one was watching. Quickly he k!ssed her on the cheek, unbeknownst to him Flora had seen.

Paco’s eyes wide opened, asking Amado to look at that.

“Mom you have to go!”

The trump was smiling, getting what she wanted.

“Good bye baby boy.”

Paco run to meet Cardo: “You’re a sneaky guy huh!

That was a real hottie.

If she were a fish she will be a groper

I have never caught one before.”

“Herh Paco shut up,” Amado cut in.
He asked Cardo about the lady and said Alyana would get hurt if she found out since she really l*ved Cardo.

“Oh Amado come on….. seriously if I really was Cardo and they throw me to jail, I wouldn’t care,” Paco retorted.

Amado insisted that Cardo was a decent guy. Alyana returned, sensing danger, Amado put his two hands on his head. Alyana saw the shopping bags and she asked about it. Cardo said they were souvenirs for Paco.

Paco said they were brought to him by a friend from the state and he started to pick the things from it. He took chocolates and the kids wanted it so he shared it among them and Onyok read out the letter on it.

“Baby boy I miss you.” Onyok asked who was the baby boy and Paco was quick to confirm that he has a baby boy face that was why he was referred to as baby boy.

Even Alyana knew it was a lie, a wrinkled face like Paco’s with rough edges could never be termed as baby face talking of being a baby boy. The way that Paco was claiming to have baby face made Cora dragged Alyana inside the kitchen before bursting out.

Isabel got home and Arwin who believed the trump was up to no good demanded to know where he went. Of course Arwin’s nature bore the trump so she lashed out. She had no respect for Arwin. Chairman appeared and she went inside with him to check the dresses that she bought for him.

Arwin queried Reine on where he sent Isabel. As he was reminded by Isabel immediately they got to the mansion not to voice out where she went, he also covered her up.

Alyana began to give Cardo the cold shoulder. Yes she was suspecting him of cheating. Cardo tried to be caring during dinner but she acted so cold. She told Cardo about the shirts she bought for him but could not buy him a chocolate.

Flora smelling trouble intervened and lauded Alyana for being thoughtful to buy Cardo some shirts, adding that she was better than other women.

Cardo spoke with Delfin and assured him of the safety of Flora and Makmak. Joaquin and Jacob hatched a plan to facilitate the smooth business transaction, the corrupt official, Joaquin would have with his Chinese drug investors. In doing so, they had to fish out the whereabouts of Cardo from anyone who might know.

Carreon warned Joaquin not to take down the family of Cardo as he would be the prime suspect for the countless attacks on Cardo’s loved ones and friends.

That night, Fidel, the notorious criminal embarked on a mission, Elmo realised there were lots of spies around the house so he blew the alarm to Delfin who sent back up police.

After closing their doors, with Yolly going to the washroom, a gunman with a mask on his face held her mouth and the man of the house, rushed to defend his wife. He was beaten up as they were compelling him to disclose the location of the fugitive cop.

Elmo insisted on not knowing the whereabouts of their target so they beat him till he collapsed. Two policemen who appeared were shot. The backup cops together with Delfin went in to save Elmo.

Delfin relayed the information to Cardo and asked Flora to postpon her trip to Manila. Cardo became restless in his efforts to find evidence as soon as possible against Joaquin before he loses all the people he cared about.

Jacob scolded Fidel for the wrong move and for not preempting that the security of the house would be tight. Carreon was showing signs of regret, he lashed out on Joaquin.

Jerome left Cebu alone to Manila and asked Cardo to take care of Flora, Alyana and the kids while he assists Billy in the job to expose Joaquin.

Left with tracks to cover, Joaquin enlists the help of the unprofessional journalist, Monica to cook up story and link Elmo and Yolly’s attack to either the bounty on Cardo’s head or the drug syndicate Cardo was working with.

After watching the news, Verna who well knew the culprit called Joaquin to scold him for going far this time. Although, Joaquin denied but no one would believe him.

Joaquin was informed that Fidel has confirmed their earlier hints that Flora and Makmak were not in the house and believed they were with Cardo.


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