Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 176

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 176 Joaquin threatens Carreon, a new drug smuggling business emerges

Carreon and his cohorts were as usual in their wizard camp. The treacherous officer had still not gotten any good news from his PNP Cebu contacts concerning Cardo’s whereabouts. Jacob scolded Carreon but Joaquin revealed a reliable source Carreon could still exploits, General Borja.

Carreon lamented that he talked him to cooperate but he was adamant.

“Just talk?…You should just point a gun at him into cooperating.”

“Torture him that might work!”

“Sir if you want me to, I can take that wretched Borja myself,” Fidel said.

Carreon retorted that it was no use since using force, torture and threat did not work even the failed ambush on Girona.

Joaquin insinuated that politeness would also not get them what they wanted and sided with Jacob. Carreon insinuated that his presence there was not useful and he walked out. Fidel suggested to get rid of him since he was not being useful.

Flora talked to her family in Manila on phone and Delfin still has not gotten any candid evidence to exonerate Cardo from the crime.

While heading home, Romano called Isabel to inform her about his return. Isabel told him that she was with her sister Sally as she was bored at the mansion. Romano told her to be in the house and she called Cardo to be there as well since Romano was heading home.

Cardo had already informed his family that he had no work on that day but had to inform them that there was an emergency at work and he had to drive his boss.

Meanwhile, Daniel has suggested for Romano to get rid of Cardo, Ramil and Julian but Gener was not in support of it. He said Romano had to hear from Cardo first. Romano promised to deal with the fugitives especially Cardo.

Romano reached home and told Ramil that he had successfully closed the deal with the Chinese investors and they would come to Cebu the following week for the shipment. Ramil said he has something to discuss with him and Chairman said so did he.

He told Ramil that after the deal with the Chinese clients he would not have to nag him about his shares as he would pay any amount he would ask for.

“I did the math it turns out I was selling myself short. I got better idea of the proper amount I should be getting.”

“Tell me, how much do you want?” Romano asked.

“It’s 50billion.”

Chairman accepted to give him such a whooping sum: “You want 50billion, 50billion it is.”

He asked him to wait and close the deal with the Chinese Investors and after its success he could even give him more.

Cardo noticed that Alyana had been quiet so he took the chance to find out what was bothering her. Alyana said it was nothing she just missed her parents and would talk to them later. Cardo wanted to assist her to dry the clothes on the line but she pushed him away, saying he would be late for work so he should go. Meanwhile, Flora had been spying on them.

Paco asked Cardo if he had problem with Alyana and he said the contrary. However, Paco smelt the storm approaching and asked Cardo never to downplay a woman’s instinct as Alyana might have found out his hottie boss who came around to visit.

Later, Cardo asked of his leave and Alyana decided to see him off. Daniel kept pestering Romano concerning Cardo while Gener kept on with his defence. Arwin learnt about Cardo knowing Joaquin and he also urged his brother to get rid of him before turning against them but Romano declared his intentions. He said he still needed Cardo to execute his plans and asked his guys to keep what they found out about Cardo as secret.

Cardo reached the mansion and Arwin asked him to join him for a drink but Cardo said he would be the last person he would have drink with. Arwin could not wait to have evidence that could expose Cardo’s involvement with Isabel. He had even paid off some guys to follow Isabel and Cardo to gather evidence against them.

A new business took turns in Olango Island as some drug smugglers distribute their drugs through the sale of fish. They managed to send some of the fishes to Labulabu city and the police did not discover it.

Romano told Cardo that he would need him to secure a cargo during a shipment with Joaquin the following week. Meanwhile, Flora approached Alyana to advise her to communicate her suspicion about Cardo being involved with another woman to him as communication was paramount in every relationship.

Romano asked Cardo why he failed to inform him that he knew Joaquin Tuazon while both of them were aware that Joaquin was haunting for him. He promised to protect Cardo. In Manila, Yolly said it would be better for Cardo to turn himself in to gain protection from the CIDG.

This got Delfin more confused since Carreon had also suggested same. Yolly was happy that Carreon shared her ideas and encouraged Delfin to disclose Cardo’s location to Carreon but Elmo had a different opinion.

Cardo called to inform Delfin about the upcoming shipment which Joaquin was part. He said that was a bigger deal and planned to make his move against Joaquin to clear his name.

Unbeknownst, Isabel was eavesdropping. She threatened to reveal his plan to Romano as his act would affect Romano’s business and they would all be caught.

Cardo promised to do anything for her to keep the secret.


“Then I will take your word for it!”

“But if you don’t then I guess I will have to talk to Romano.”

Delfin met Jerome to tell him about his intentions of revealing the truth to Carreon but Jerome dissuaded him not to. Delfin was worried that leaving Cardo in his mission alone with the drug syndicate could make him end up like Ador.

Carreon arrived home to see Rona, soon Fidel arrived with a gift. Rona was happy to hear the gift was from Joaquin but Carreon told her not to get closer. He disposed the gift and felt sorry that he could not turn from his evil ways to make Rona proud.

Fidel went to the camp to inform Joaquin that Carreon was scared thinking the Chocolate cake was explosives. Joaquin smiled and said the gift was a reminder to Carreon for him to know he could not turn his back on him.

The next day, Carreon summoned Joaquin to his office to confront him for the chocolate cake that he sent. Joaquin admitted the present was a threat, a reminder of Carreon’s commitment to him and asked him to get Delfin to confess the location of his grandnephew.

Paco came across a certain friend who told him that he went to the new business centre. Paco asked his friend if he could help him to get employment but the friend said he doubted if they needed people to employ but least did Paco know that his friend was a member of a drug syndicate business.

Alyana had been calling Cardo all night but could not reach him so Flora advised her to sleep as Cardo might already be sleeping. The next day Cardo called Alyana while talking to her the trump came to snatch his phone and hang up on Alyana. She seized the phone and told Cardo to go with her.

They went to all the malls for her to shop but Isabel did not want Cardo to go home so she compelled and sent Cardo to a club which they were followed by Arwin.

At the club, Isabel told Cardo that they should dance but Cardo did not. Some random guys showed interest in Isabel and wanted to take advantage of her but Cardo fought the guys, leaving Arwin so stunned.

Carreon as being pressured by his camp boss rolled out a new plan to get the information he had been seeking for. The officers had a meeting and it was established that the police did not catch much drug syndicates as compared to the previous weeks and the superior thought their campaign against drugs has yielded fruit but Delfin said it could also mean that the syndicates were being cautious.

After the meeting the superior told Delfin and Carreon to stay behind. He told Delfin about Carreon’s suspicion of him knowing Cardo’s location but Delfin did not confess since Flora had advised him against telling the truth.

Cardo after beating the guys up left with Isabel.


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