Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 178

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 178 Alyana breaks up with Cardo over an affair with Isabel?

Cardo asked Paquito where he got the fishes from and he said they give it to him but he knew where the dealers hang out. Cardo went with Paco and Paquito to the place and asked Paco to go and call the police and Paquito should also go home.

Cardo fought the smugglers. Paquito did not go home and was caught by some two guys. Cardo saw them and beat the guys up to set Paquito free.

Cardo met their leader and he recognised Cardo as the cop who used to work for a drug syndicate and he told Cardo that they were partners. Cardo tied them up.

Soon the police arrived with Paco and got them arrested. The police were shocked to see Paco as the only person who beat them up and Paco claimed he did it.

The smugglers said a different person but Paco claimed they had taken drugs so they were not in the right frame of mind.

Soon, Cardo got to work and Romano settled his differences with Joaquin and agreed on 60-40 shares from the business with the Chinese investors. Joaquin would take the 60per cent since he said he brought the investor.

Later, Cardo sent the trump to a karaoke where she spike the drink of Cardo when he left for washroom.

When Cardo returned, Isabel forced Cardo to drink. The drink had a toll on Cardo so Isabel became the driver and she sent Cardo to a motel. Unbeknownst, Arwin had been tailing them and was taking pictures to serve as evidence to make Romano evict Cardo from the group.

The trump went to change and returned to the room in towel. Cardo was deep asleep and did not move to the trump’s touch. Alyana had been calling Cardo, realising it was the girlfriend of Cardo, Isabel had a perfect plan to drive her away from Cardo.

Alyana was getting suspicious since Cardo had failed to answer her calls. Suddenly, she received some pictures of Cardo lying in bed with another woman. She began crying, now she had enough evidence to prove that she had been right all along. Isabel was happy with the pictures she took of her and Cardo and knew she would now have Cardo all to herself.

Flora came to inform Alyana to go and sleep. Alyana told her to take the lead but Flora saw her being bothered by a certain issue, Alyana was crying but she was trying very hard to hold back her tears for Flora not to notice.

The next day, Cardo woke up to find himself in bed with Isabel, he quickly stood. Isabel assured him that nothing happened between them and they slept in a motel since Cardo got wasted the previous night.

Alyana called her parents to inform them that she would return to Manila the next day. Teddy said it was dangerous. The way Alyana insisted on coming made Teddy ask her about her problem and she said Cardo was seeing another woman and claimed she had evidence to back it.

“That dirty bastard!” Teddy spewed.

Her parents said it was dangerous so they would rather go to the Island for her. Flora who was eavesdropping left in shock with Makmak.

Cardo was so worried since his neck was on the line but Isabel said she would protect him from Romano, already she told Romano that she was sleeping at Sally’s place.

Flora approached Alyana to talk to her and she showed her the pictures. Flora promised to talk to Cardo and they could still work things out but Alyana said she was tired as the pains in her heart is emersed and could not handle. She said she did not want to set eyes on Cardo.

Romano talked ail of Joaquin as he charged his army on means to drag Joaquin by the tail after the Chinese business. Cardo and Isabel arrived. Isabel managed to get Romano to believe her, saying her sister got sick and she and Cardo had to send her to hospital.

Ramil got upset with Cardo for allowing Isabel to ruin their plans. Cardo looked so worried while Arwin kept smiling with Alyana poised to obtain ticket to leave Cebu the next day.

Teddy and his wife pack to travel to Cebu. They were really cautious so the wife left the house before Teddy did and they met at the airport without being followed.

Romano planned with his army to double cross Joaquin and Cardo would be in charge. He gave his team ammunitions and gave Cardo a unique gun for the purpose of him eliminating Joaquin.

At Carreon’s office, Joaquin told him to make ready the backups who would help him in his trade war against Romano. Carreon assured him that everything was ready and should not worry. Delfin appeared and the two mood swings. Joaquin came with a lie and Carreon played along just to make their intentions not clear to Delfin.

After Joaquin left, Carreon told Delfin that Joaquin did not know anything about Cardo’s whereabouts. Delfin linked his suspicion about Joaquin to the kidnap of Alyana, the torture of Elmo and Yolly.

Friends of Cardo said Joaquin owned a meth lab as Cardo earlier told them. They decided to put him under surveillance and would not inform anyone about it so that Joaquin’s allies in the CIDG would not get to know.

Joaquin arrived at the meth lab. He asked Fidel if he had prepped his boys for the trade war and he assured everything was ready. Meanwhile, Jerome, Billy and penguin followed him and took pictures.

Jerome said their next line of action was to investigate about the slaughter house.

Flora considered Alyana as part of her family, and for her own safety Flora advised her not to go.

Cardo called Alyana and Flora picked it to come home to fix the mess he has created while Alyana seeing the pictures she sent to Alyana was sure it would upset Alyana to quit her relationship with Cardo for her to be with him.

Cardo informed Ramil that he had to go home and take care of an urgent matter. She promised to return before the Chinese business deal.

Teddy arrived at Olango Island for Alyana. Flora did not want them to leave since it was late but Teddy insisted on leaving. He watched the pictures Alyana claimed to be her evidence.

Flora did not want them to go as that would end the long time friendship of her son Pablo with the family. Teddy also did not want things to go that way.

Cardo arrived to find Alyana and his future in-laws about to leave . He asked of the problem and Teddy said he trusted him with his daughter and Alyana left home just to be with him simply because she l*ved but Cardo broke his daughter’s trust.

Cardo denied cheating on Alyana and reassured his l*ve for her. Alyana slapped him.

“You’re a liar!”

“Take a look, look” showing him the images.

“Now tell me you l*ve me Cardo.”

Cardo was moved by events and did not know what to say.


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