Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 179

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 179 Isabel dies, Romano targets Cardo as next victim

Flora thought Cardo had nothing to do with Isabel based on his words. Alyana and her family asked of their leave. Cardo pleaded with them to give him a chance to explain himself but Alyana was not ready.

Cardo explained that the trump, Isabel spike something into his drink and he felt dizzy afterwards. He admitted lying about the job he was doing.

Cardo said he was working undercover to clear his name and once, Isabel, his boss’ girlfriend learnt his intentions she resolved to blackmailing. He assured that his intentions for Alyana were genuine.Alyana made up with him.

Joaquin planned to get rid of Romano and his army to gain Cebu. Meanwhile, Romano was also telling his queen same thing.

“Right after this transaction my queen, the expansion of my kingdom will commence. Metro Manila will finally be mine.”

“Really darling, You Will take me to Manila?”

“Not only Manila, I will take you to see the whole country.”

“I will take you to see Asia, the expansion is all over and of course where the king is the queen is close by.”

“I will be with you forever.”

Jacob feared that Romano had been suspecting Joaquin’s action but Joaquin assured Romano was not preempting that and was only blinded by the shares he would make from the business.

Fidel informed Joaquin that Teddy and his wife were missing and Jacob was sure they might be in Cebu. Carreon believed Teddy and his wife have realised their house was under surveillance and fled. At this point, Joaquin did not care, all that he wanted was for his plans with Romano to push through for him to be incharge of Cebu.

Meanwhile, Cardo declared intentions to marry Alyana once he cleared his name and Teddy held him responsible for his words and told him to ensure he fulfilled it.

The next morning, they left without eating breakfast just to meet their flight. Amado accompanied them.

Delfin asked friends of Cardo about their investigation with the slaughter house owned by Joaquin. It was established from close sources that the place smelt chemicals early in the morning and they were given a warrant already prepared by Carreon to inspect the slaughter house which the operation turned out as negative. Joaquin had managed to silence them. He rake out all the suspicions and allegations against him as usual with the help of Carreon.

Cardo left Amado’s house for Romano’s mansion. Isabel presented herself and Cardo scolded her for sending pictures of them to Alyana after she spike her drink. Isabel explained that she wanted to prove to Alyana that she was the right lady for Cardo not Alyana.

She pleaded with Cardo to choose her and break up with Alyana. Cardo was shocked that Isabel did that to him after he respected and defended her. He made a mistake for trusting her and for thinking she was a good person. He told her to respect herself if only she wanted someone to l*ve her.

His words affected Isabel so she left to Sally’s place. Meanwhile, Ramil asked Cardo if he had put the trump at her rightful place since they could not afford to get their plans ruined due to her. Cardo assured he had done that but Romano ordered him to go for Isabel from her house.

Daniel was also urging Arwin to show the pictures he had taken of the trump and Cardo to Romano. After arriving home without her baby boy, Sally asked why. The trump revealed that she told her lies about Cardo. She said Cardo was not her boyfriend and she has even done something bad against him by sending pictures of Cardo in bed with her to his girlfriend.

Isabel came clean with her line of work as an escort for high rank men. She told her sister that she was well paid and had managed to save for them to start life afresh. Cardo arrived there to send her back to Romano since she left without informing Romano.

Isabel used the opportunity to apologise to Cardo for the harm she has caused. She also assured Cardo that his secret was safe with her. They made up and Sally did not want Isabel to return to Romano but she said she was going to end things with Romano and get back for them to find a decent place in the neighborhood to rent to start their brand-new life.

In the mansion, Romano’s army ganged up against Cardo and Isabel but Gener termed that as mere accusations. Romano believed it was mere accusations too but Arwin showed him the picture evidence of the trump’s involvement with Cardo.

Isabel arrived to end things between the chairman and her. Romano revealed to her that he knew she was doing that due to Cardo and he showed her the pictures. Isabel admitted being interested in Cardo but Cardo was not interested in her.

Romano beat her. Cardo heard the screams of Isabel and wanted to go and check what was happening but Arwin came in between. He sent Cardo to the dinning hall.

Romano appeared to tell his army about the Chinese business once more to prepare them for their operation. Ramil noticed that Romano was eyeing Cardo suspiciously and he asked Cardo the reason.

Cardo explained that he found Romano in a foul mood after he returned with Isabel. Ramil believed he had found out about Cardo and Isabel and asked Cardo to be alert.

Verna was worried about Joaquin but her son expressed Don Emilio’s disappointed in Verna for trying to ruin the transaction. He asked his mother not to make any wrong move. Verna went to talk to Carreon and cautioned him not to dig a hole which he could not get out. She told him to look for protection for his daughter before the worse happened in his bid to keep her life by joining hands with Joaquin.

Cardo managed to speak with Isabel and she told him that Romano has found out about them and he was going to k!ll her. She asked Cardo to help her and Cardo assured to help her after the transaction but Romano heard everything and went to finish Isabel off.

He made her believe he has forgiven her and wanted her to eat then he shot her while she was embracing him. Joaquin told Carreon that he was on his way to Cebu and Carreon advised him to take care and should return soon, since Joaquin had slapped Guzman and would be needed by the CIDG.

Romano told Gener that Isabel was no use to him anymore and would do same to Cardo once he was no use to him. Gener believed Isabel was no threat to them so he should not have disposed her.

He also reminded Romano that he told them about Isabel’s confession that Cardo was innocent but Romano was upset. Arwin was even ready to shoot Gener. Gener realised that loyalty meant nothing to Romano and had his plans.

Romano made Cardo escort him with a luggage. As he was driving, he kept asking Romano questions about the thing in the luggage and where they were going.

“Eyes on the road.”

“You know what Cardo, I am not a bad person but I hate being betrayed.”

“Isabel was a waste.” Both were attempting to take their guns. Cardo looked tensed watching Romano in the front mirror.


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