Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 180

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 180 Cardo k!lls Fidel, shoots Joaquin

Cardo had a flashback of what Romano made him do. He had a strong feelings that the luggage he threw off the bridge contained Isabel’s body and told Ramil about it.

Ramil reminded Cardo that he already told him that Romano did not like to share his woman with anyone else.

Romano was bent on using Cardo against Joaquin and once he was done, Cardo would join Isabel in hell.

Cardo assured Ramil that he was ready for Romano but he had to figure out what Romano was planning. As heading to Cebu, Verna raced to block Joaquin’s car. She wanted Joaquin to back out from the deal but Joaquin assured that he already knew Romano and his visit to Cebu would be beneficial. He would return with an expansion of his territory and asked his mother not to worry.

Meanwhile, Borja was suspecting Carreon to be the mole. Delfin wanted friends of Cardo to go back to the slaughter house perhaps they might find something useful that might been missed during their previous inspection but Carreon brushed the idea off. Roy believed Joaquin had no meth lab.

Gener and Arwin had an altercation over Cardo. Arwin was trying to make Gener appeared as traitor for being friends with Cardo but Gener warned him and said he would have getting rid of him long time if he was not the brother of Romano.

Romano oriented his army and told them as soon as he lifts his hat it was a signal to get rid of all the people there and get the money and the drugs. He gave Ramil his words that after the transaction he would give him his shares.

“Cardo I want you to know that I knew about you and Isabel….

but don’t worry she was just a chick,” Romano sends a warning tone.

Ramil warned Cardo to stay vigilant because what Romano said was a threat and he meant something. Cardo said all his concentration was on Joaquin and once he was done with Joaquin he would figure out what Romano was planning against him.

In Manila, Delfin told Guzman about his suspicion of Carreon. He said all their mission they planned with him failed. If the suspicion was true he would try to find out why Carreon was siding with Joaquin.

Guzman could not believe Carreon could do such a thing after the later always reminded them of their oath. Delfin said the information was confidential and they should not reveal any act they would do against Joaquin to Carreon and promised to have him investigated.

Cardo felt guilty of Isabel’s death. He told Ramil that the trump wanted to start life all over again with her sister and she also asked of his help which he could not give.

“After this mission is done I will seek justice for the death of Isabel.”

The moment Cardo has been waiting for had arrived. He and his friends hid in the Pier, he took pictures of Joaquin with the drug syndicate.

Borja could not leave Cardo all alone in the battle against Joaquin. He was scared Cardo might end up like Ador and Pablo and was bent on protecting the life of his grand nephew. He enlisted the help of CIDG Cebu and told the high ranking official about a meth lab shipment which was arriving in Cebu.

He did not know the exact place that the transaction would take place but believed since the Chinese drug lord would transport the merchandise to China the transaction would probably happen in the port.

He told the Cebu official that he should talk to the various precinct boss in Cebu closer to any port to send a back up. He also revealed that Cardo gave the tip off and said it was confidential.

The transaction was done successfully, Arwin had checked the money and had given the bag containing the drugs to Mr Chang. Both drug lords, Joaquin and Romano were looking for a moment to strike.

Ramil was fast to lift his hat first to signal his army, suddenly the shootout began. Cardo gets tête-à-tête with Fidel, he emptied the bullet of Fidel’s gun in a fist fight after trading shots. Fidel determined to carry out Joaquin’s instructions, Cardo shot and k!lled Fidel.

Joaquin later saw Cardo and both were determined to k!ll the other. Cardo asked Joaquin to surrender but Joaquin was not ready, he reminded Cardo that he was no longer a cop but a criminal.

Meanwhile, Verna who had a sign, seeing Joaquin’s picture fell was praying for her son to make it alive this time around so that when he returned, she would make him turn into a new leaf.

Back to the action scene, Cardo admitted he was a criminal but a crime that was planted by Joaquin, threatening that he would make Joaquin pay for all that he had done to him.

“I swear I will make you suffer only one of us will survive,” Joaquin replied in a war-like voice.

“So come on what are you waiting for!” Joaquin not ready to give in till he sees his arch enemy’s lifeless body.

Joaquin began to shoot: “Show yourself don’t be a coward, come out.”

Cardo who was applying wisdom before he shoots, first approached with a dead body, Joaquin thinking it was Cardo shot at the person multiple times. Thinking, he has gotten rid of his enemy, to his dismay, Cardo appeared when he least expected and with only two bullets from his gun firing, Joaquin was as good as dead. He fell off from the ship into the sea.

Meanwhile, Romano and his allies had reached home waiting for Ramil and his friends to return with the good news. In Manila, Roy was very worried that Joaquin would not be dealing with Romano but Cardo. He had a bad feelings that Joaquin’s plans would backfire but Jacob drunk and made merry. Too much trusting in Joaquin’s ability is k!lling Jacob.

The police were already there to carry out their mission. Cardo and his fugitive friends have accomplished their mission. On their way to the mansion, Cardo was convinced that he had already k!lled Joaquin.

“Cardo what happened to Joaquin, are you sure you k!lled him?” Ramil started a conversation in the car.

“I can’t be certain Ramil, but the way the bullet hit him it will be impossible for him to survive.”

But you didn’t see Joaquin’s body did you?” Julian quizzed.

“No I didn’t because his body fell into the water!”

“It serves him right, he needed to pay for everything he did to you Cardo.”

“Now if he did survive your bullet I hope the sharks will finish him off.”

Julian warned Cardo that it was dangerous for him to face the chairman and asked him to escape but Cardo said now that Joaquin was gone he would face Romano. Ramil assured him that he had his back.

They returned home and Romano and his allies were happy.

Romano was glad that Cardo has gotten rid of Joaquin. He now believed he had no competitors in Philippines and has enlarged his coast, Manila was his and so do Asia.

As agreed, he gave Ramil his amount including a bonus.

“So what is your plan now.”

“I want to be out of the group and start all over again.”

“If that is what you want!”

“Cardo are you leaving with Ramil?

“You know you can stay with us.”

“We will have business ventures to work on, you can stay here.”

“I appreciate that chairman but now that Joaquin is dead, there is no reason for me to stay in this group anymore.”

“Are you saying that is the only reason you decided to join us?”

Julian also said he was good and had decided to start all over again with Ramil. To his dismay, Gener, his most trusted ally also rose and demanded his shares to leave with Ramil.

“What? Fine then take your shares and get out of my sight.”

“Now go!”

Romano felt betrayed, once they left he planned to double cross them, so he told Arwin to take care of them.

Cardo drove his companions and were on the road leaving the syndicate for good.

“Romano actually surprised me.

“Imagine that the guy really kept his word.”

“Romano may be a real bastard but I guess he is honest,” Ramil said while laughing but team Romano were ready for another war.


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