Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 182

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 182 Ramil and his allies plan a revenge against Romano

Cora showed the room that Virgie and Teddy would stay in. Virgie asked Alyana where she would sleep, Alyana said now that her mother was there she would sleep next to her because Cardo and her were not married yet, besides Cardo was a good guy.

“He already had a good impression, choosing him was a right decision my dear,” Virgie added.

Jacob called Carreon and the latter assured him that the IT expert was hacking into the email of Teddy Arevalo and there was nothing Jacob should worry about.

The next morning, Teddy and Virgie appeared for breakfast. Flora told Cardo to fetch his friends for breakfast. Carreon called Verna to ask if she knew the location of her father and she said she cared less about her father, all that she wanted was information about Joaquin. She charged Carreon to search for her son.

Teddy noticed Flora was giving him attitude for keeping the secret from her for a very long time.

Flora said although she was upset she also understood him. Flora was rather concerned about Cardo as the truth might take the best out of him for him to seek revenge.

Paquito approached Julian and Gener, he introduced himself as the sidekick of Cardo. Cardo asked the kids to leave, he wanted to discuss important matter with his friends. He told his friends that it was not only Tomas and Joaquin who hurt him, Emilio, the grandfather of Joaquin too did. He discovered recently that Don Emilio was the murderer of his father.

Carreon showed the video of Emilio’s secret to Jacob. Jacob said they would have to search for Emilio and alert him. Cardo showed the solid evidence he has obtained against Joaquin to Jerome.

Jerome urged him to send the evidence to Borja for him to find a good lawyer for him. The evidence, he believed would prove Joaquin as the culprit and exonerate Cardo from the crime. Jerome raised a genuine concern about the fugitive allies of Cardo. He did not want to turn a blind eye to the fugitives for breaking the law but he was not also ready to add to Cardo’s problems so he let it go. Gener sensed the intentions of Jerome but Julian insisted Cardo would not allow Jerome to hand them over to the police.

Daniel arrived to introduce the new recruits to Romano. Romano charged him to train them, however, Arwin asked Chairman the reason for the new recruits. Romano said now that Joaquin was dead and the police had no issue with him, his only enemy was Cardo and the new recruits would serve as backup for the task.

Cardo called Delfin and told him that Joaquin would no longer appear at the workplace as he had already dealt with him, he shot him in a bloody encounter and believed he was dead.

Romano returned to instruct his army to off the television and asked whether there was new development. He was told the police still had nothing against them. Romano was also happy that Joaquin was gone and his only problem was Cardo, believing Cardo did not back down from war, he also had similar character.

He received a call and the person he had thought to be dead was alive. He agreed to meet him. Joaquin and Don Emilio visited Romano. Although, Romano was shocked he played along.

Cardo told Delfin that Emilio was the one who k!lled Pablo and Teddy confessed that. He said he would send a video evidence of Emilio’s deeds and his solid picture evidence against Joaquin.

Joaquin questioned Romano about what Cardo was doing in there, he hoped Romano was not double crossing him. Emilio denied the allegations and made Joaquin believe that their common enemy was Cardo. They joined forces to take down Cardo.

After their visitors left, Romano’s army said they had a real opportunity to take down Joaquin and Don Emilio for Chairman to occupy their territory but Chairman said he needed Joaquin to k!ll Cardo after that he would then get rid of him.

“And I thought you are going to k!ll all of them, I miss the action, I miss the rock and roll,” Don Emilio to Joaquin.

Joaquin said he was using Romano to get hold of Cardo once he was done he would take care of Romano.

Delfin watched the video of Emilio’s deed against Pablo and Elmo said they could upload it online. Delfin who was still shocked after watching the video said if Don Emilio finds out about the evidence against him he would flee forever and asked Yolly and Elmo to keep it as secret.

Joaquin got home and Verna hugged him while shocked to see her father. She later sent food to Joaquin and wanted him to have a proper medical attention. Joaquin’s deeds would be exposed so he refused.

Verna knew Cardo was the one who was responsible for Joaquin’s current situation and advised him to snap out of it as she thought , she even lost him.

“I am not going to die without bringing Cardo down.”

“I was this close to k!lling him.

“He is not going to be lucky next time,” Joaquin threatened.

The police had warrant to search the house of Romano for drugs and began the search.

After recovering, Ramil revealed to his friends about his intentions to get everything that Romano had taken from them. Gener doubted Cardo would join. Ramil told Cardo that he heard about his father’s incident and Don Emilio was the one who k!lled him. He promised that they would help Cardo to take down the culprit.

However, Cardo declined the offer, saying the fight was his and he intended not to involve anyone in it. Ramil revealed his plans for Romano to Cardo. Cardo was not interested he had accomplished his mission of gaining solid evidence against Joaquin.

The Police could not intercept or detect any drug in Romano’s house. Romano confronted them for searching his house while he was a responsible citizen who had been donating over the years to help the poor and the community.

Delfin told Friends of Cardo that the Cebu police search was negative but Romano was a drug syndicate who worked hand in hand with Joaquin as clearly shown in the picture Cardo sent.

He asked Billy if there was any information about Emilio. Billy admitted there was, Emilio had been spotted at Manila airport one week ago. The friends of Cardo doubted Joaquin was dead since Verna has done nothing. They also believed she had been talking to Carreon instead. Delfin promised to find the corpse of Joaquin if only he was dead.

Jerome pleaded with Cardo not to take the laws into his hands, he should allow justice to take it course in Don Emilio-Pablo incident. He left Cebu for Manila.

After seeing the video evidence which was retrieved from Teddy Arevalo’s email, Joaquin ordered Carreon to fish out if Borja already has it in his possession and what he intended doing with it.

Ramil and his two friends were ready to get back at Romano for what he did. Julian asked if Ramil was fit and ready for their revenge.

“I am! I am not going to miss this opportunity to take Romano down

“I am going to take back what is mine,” Ramil is determined.

Paco informed Cardo about his friends leaving the house the previous night and had not returned. Cardo informed him that they were going to do something important and would soon return.

Ramil, Julian and Gener raided the mansion and shot the guards, they discovered that the laboratory was empty. Romano has transferred the drugs and all the money to a safe place. Romano was on vacation with his allies, he received a call from one of the guards who survived that Gener has attacked them.

The kids went to play and were sweaty. Cardo cleaned the body of Onyok and wanted to clean that of Paquito. The boy refused when Cardo went inside for alcohol to wipe the sweat, Paquito told Alyana to clean him up.

Alyana took a break from the Karikari she was preparing to take care of Paquito. Teddy and Virgie viewing Alyana and Cardo wiping the kids up made them realised they made the right decision to allow Alyana to date Cardo.

They had always thought Cardo imposed danger on Alyana but realised he was the one who rather kept Alyana safe and happy.

Emilio saw the video which Carreon with the help of an IT expert hacked from Teddy’s account. They later talked to Romano and the latter revealed to Joaquin that Cardo and his men shot all his guards and would k!ll Cardo.

Emilio interjected, saying Romano’s problem was that he talked too much. He should just chop Cardo’s head, put it in a sack and present it to them. Then he later take the others down.

General Borja visited Verna to ask her questions about Joaquin but Verna acted up. Delfin showed her the picture evidence of Joaquin engaging in drug trade with some Chinese nationals.

Meanwhile, Cardo apologised to Alyana’s parents for dragging them into his mess. If it wasn’t for him they would have been in Manila leading their normal life. Teddy rather blamed himself for not presenting the evidence against Emilio. He said he had rather contributed to Cardo’s current situation.

Verna still acted up and Delfin asked whether she knew her son was shot during a violence encounter with Ricardo Dalisay. Borja realised Verna had a contrary information that she was keeping, hence her action.

“Before I leave one more question, do you know where your father is right now?”


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