Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 183

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 183 Emilio sets Teddy up to k!ll him, Verna holds a fake funeral for Joaquin

In the Tuazons mansion, Verna revealed to Joaquin that the police already have evidence against him. In the picture, he was seen transacting illegal business with a Chinese. She added that they thought he was dead so he should be in hiding.

Joaquin knew it was bound to happen, he made up his mind to fix it while they thought he was dead and advised Don Emilio to go into hiding.

Delfin told Cardo about Verna not seemed be bothered about her son’s supposed. He told him that Verna knew where her son was and Joaquin was alive. Cardo insisted that he k!lled him.

In Cebu, Cardo rushed to inform Flora that Don Emilio was spotted in Philippines. Flora wished they catch him and make him pay for all evil things he has done. Cardo said if they couldn’t find Emilio he would find him and make him pay for what he did.

Flora and Alyana advised him against it. In Manila, Joaquin showed the video evidence Teddy had been keeping of Don Emilio to Verna.

“All these years you have been trying to escape the law, finally it has reached an end!”

“With the solid evidence they have against you two I doubt you can escape now,” Verna said with so much anguish.

Joaquin asked whether Verna wanted them to escape and said they would never do that.

“As for Cardo and Teddy we will flush them out like scared rat,” Don Emilio hissed.

Ramil and his allies got home to inform Cardo about their failed mission.

“We saw his men but Romano has taken the drugs and all the money away.”

However, Cardo was scared that Romano has had them followed. Cardo did not want to drag his family into the issue. The henchman of Don Emilio went to Latad the office of Teddy to compel the editor, Alfred to bring back Teddy to the office.

The boss called Teddy demanding his presence so Teddy informed Cardo and his family that he was traveling to Manila to officially ask permission. He said there were other important official documents in his hands that he had to submit to the boss.

Cardo wanted to go with him but he refused. He traveled to Manila and called Jerome to inform him about his return. Jerome saw his action as mistake, insisting that he could have emailed all the documents to his boss or could have given them the direction to get it.

However, Teddy gave an excuse that due to the video evidence in his drawer that was why he came in person to deliver it.

Jerome asked if they should be with him and he said there was no need for that. After delivering the documents he would head back to the airport. Meanwhile, his family were worried about him. Virgie made Alyana called but to no avail.

He went to his Alfred’s office to find him dead. Suddenly, the henchman appeared in the room informing Don Emilio that Teddy was already there. Teddy quickly pounced on him, he kicked him and hit his head with an object. The henchman fainted and Teddy took the gun. Teddy was running search for a temporary place to hide. All the rooms at the office were locked, finally he got an available room to hide.

He then called Jerome to inform him about the unfortunate incident. Jerome called Billy for backup, he told Chikoy to step on the car. Meanwhile, Cardo was asking Alyana not to worry, nothing had happened to Teddy.

Teddy hid himself and got some rags to cover his head in the machine room. Don Emilio was already there with more men, haunting for Teddy. They finally got to the room which Teddy was hiding, accidentally, they even made more rags to fall on him during their search in the room.

They relayed the bad news to Don Emilio. The old boy insulted their incompetency for making Teddy escape. Unfortunately, for Teddy he appeared from where he was hiding and got to the gate thinking the goons had left.

Taking deep breath, enjoying the sigh of relief, thinking all was over, the wicked old boy appeared, pointing gun at him, he asked him to kneel. Teddy told him that he did not scare him since he had already revealed the truth. Don Emilio asked where he was hiding with Cardo.

The police were already there and were climbing the stairs searching where the goons and Teddy were.

“I’d rather you k!ll me right now.”

“Okay your wish will be granted,” Don Emilio set his gun, pointing at Teddy.

“You can’t do it, Can you?”

“You know you still need me to find out where Cardo is hiding at the moment.”

“Ooh you know the game Teddy boy but I am trying to play it so the game is over!”

A gun was fired behind Don Emilio, one goon rushed to inform him that the police were there so they had to leave. Teddy quickly kicked Don Emilio’s gun away and fled from their hand.

Don Emilio and his goons fled, Teddy saw Jerome and he thanked him for coming at the right time. Teddy called his family to inform them about the conspiracy of Don Emilio.

Delfin had a meeting together with Friends of Cardo, Carreon and other superiors. He said someone had k!lled Alfred, the editor of Latad and held one of their reporters, Teddy as hostage. One of the superiors asked if they already have a suspect.

Delfin showed the video evidence of Don Emilio brutally firing an ex officer Pablo De-Leon, citing it as the reason for Teddy’s attack. He assured to issue a man haunt warrant to arrest Don Emilio for a past crime he committed which the public has almost forgotten.

A superior queried Delfin on what would happen to Tuazon. Delfin said Joaquin was now presumed dead but his body has not been found, mentioning Carreon’s name to prove something. Carreon said they were coordinating with the coastal guards of Cebu to find out what happened to Tuazon.

“It will be a shame if he is in fact dead because we now have evidence that he is involved in the exportation of drugs.”

Verna appeared to lash out at her father. She wanted him to leave, Joaquin said Don Email was helping but what Verna had been doing was to worry.

Verna told Joaquin that Don Emilio was not helping him he was rather sending him to a harm’s way just like what Tomas did. Verna cried and Emilio said she could help Joaquin, she had two options: one is for her to handover her son to the police and the two was to cover him in order for no one to notice he was alive. She asked how and Don Emilio laughed.

Julian was grateful to Paco for finding a job at a shipment for them as that would not make them a burden, they could support Flora.

“You’re a bunch of snails, you move to slow,” Don Emilio called Romano to lash out at him.

“What is it this time Don Emilio?” Romano indifferent.

“I asked you to find Teddy Arevalo but at the end I figured out how to flush him out.”

“I was so close to k!lling him, badly we had a problem but the point is I was the one who found him so don’t tell me to expect you to catch Cardo as well.”

“You’re bunch of decomposed, an !d!ot!” Don Emilio cut the line on Romano.

His insult affected Romano. Arwin told him to just order and they would take them down but Romano said before they do that they had to find Cardo first.

Ramil wanted to find appropriate time to strike but Julian was happy with the decent and peaceful life they were leading so did Gener. They asked Ramil to forget about going after Romano. Ramil was hurt to let go since he risked his Life for his shares. He decided to think about it.

Joaquin informed his allies about his plans of letting his mother hold a funeral for him. Carreon did not support the idea since that would erase Joaquin’s identity on earth and could not get back to the PNP. Joaquin said he has thought about it and that was the only way out of his issue.

Carreon asked about the presumed dead body which Verna would use to mourn, that was where Joaquin wanted Carreon to use his contact in Cebu to get an unrecognised body for the burial.

At the headquarters with the friends of Cardo, Carreon rushed in with an information that Joaquin’s body was found and flown to Manila. Delfin scolded Carreon for receiving the report late last night and was informing them in the morning, knowing they had been haunting for Joaquin.

Delfin was upset that Carreon did not make the police have the body for them to do autopsy to confirm whether it was Joaquin. A funeral was held for Joaquin. Delfin relayed the information to Cardo and suspected that they were hiding something so he rushed to the funeral.

Cardo told Flora about it, as a mother, Flora understood Verna’s grief for cremating Joaquin’s remains as soon as possible. Delfin got to the funeral:

“What is this farce Mrs Tuazon!”

“What! This is no joke it’s my son’s wake.”

Delfin asked how possible she could arrange funeral all soon for a disfigured body no one knew.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Because of what you did, your son’s body could not go through the necessary identification test!

“No DNA test, no dental exams, no finger prints test.”

Verna retorted that she was a mother and knew the body of her son.

“Mrs Tuazon, I am a police officer untill I get a concrete evidence that the one you cremated was the body of Tuazon I won’t stop searching for him.”

Monica aired another unprofessional piece of Joaquin Tuazon’s death and claimed Cardo was the k!ller. Yolly watched the news and obviously was not happy with Monica staining Cardo’s name.

“Too bad Joaquin you could not attend your own funeral.”

“May your soul rest in peace grandson,” Don Emilio laughed.

Joaquin thanked Carreon for manipulating his Cebu contact for a corpse and for facilitating his supposed funeral.

His next move was to continue haunting for Cardo so that the next funeral would be his.
Cardo and his allies left home, Alyana packaged food for him and Makmak gave a snack to Gener.

On their way, they talked about Delfin not believing the cremated body was that of Joaquin. Cardo insisted that Joaquin would not survive his bullets. Ramil prayed so, so that they would only have Romano to think about.

Arwin told Romano that he has made some guys haunt for Cardo. Before they would find him, he said they should eliminate Don Emilio since he was no use to them. He was a wanted man and Joaquin too was dead so eliminating the two would be easy but Romano insisted on needing them to fight Cardo.

They had an information that Cardo and his fugitive friends were spotted in Pier 2 so Romano and his brother left to the place with Romano saying Ramil and his friends would never get their shares as they would be buried six feet under.


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