Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 184

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 184 Cardo k!lls Arwin, Ramil and his allies execute revenge to ruin Arwin’s funeral 

At Pier 2 in Cebu, Cardo and his allies were still casting and pulling nets. Romano and his goons had them surrounded looking for a better time to strike.

At the supposed funeral, Verna in soliloquy said sorry for doing that just to f00l the public for Joaquin’s safety.

The family of Cardo listened to Monica’s report and Flora wondered the kind of person Monica was for always staining the name of Cardo. Flora wished that her family would get the justice they deserved.

In Manila, Joaquin introduced Monica to Don Emilio. He said Monica was trustworthy, Don Emilio had heard a lots about her and thanked her for the job she has been doing for his grandson.

Monica wondered for how long Joaquin would be able to keep up with his deceit to the public.

Later, Verna came to tell the two unscrupulous relatives that she was done with the funeral. Don Emilio thanked her and Verna interjected that she did not do that for him but for her son, Joaquin.

“Joaquin and I are team now, we are like two piece in a pad.”

On their way home, the moment Ramil was declaring intentions to live a peaceful life without returning to the crime life, Romano and his goons ambushed them. They fired guns, Cardo and his allies retaliated to save themselves.

They went separate ways with Paco jumping into the waters. Cardo stayed behind to trade shots with Romano’s goons. Cardo managed to k!ll lots of Romano’s goons.

Bent on being the one to eliminate Cardo, Arwin bragged demanding Cardo to face him.

“Cardo, imbecile show yourself,” Arwin firing without aiming.

“Cardo don’t be coward!”

“Come out!”

“Here I am you f00l,” Cardo appeared at the back of Arwin as the psycho was about to turn and shoot, Cardo has already pulled the trigger. With two bullets piercing through his chest Arwin fell from the back.

“Arh Cardo,” Romano yelled and fired multiple shots wasting his bullets. He went to his brother’s aid.

“Go after him.”

Cardo running like the air, Romano’s force could not catch up as they were even scared for their lives. Romano cried out for help, seeing blood oozing from the mouth of Arwin and was having difficulty in breathing.

Paco reached home and informed the family that they were ambushed by enemies of Cardo on their way home. As the incident happened, they went on separate ways. Flora wondered what had happened to her grandson.

The psycho was put inside the car, he was suffering.

“Hang in there Arwin.”

“Daniel step on it.”

“I’m on it Chairman.”

Julian, Ramil and Gener got home. Flora asked about Cardo, Julian said when the incident happened they got separated.

In the car, Arwin, the psycho made a last wish to Romano:

“Promise me that you gonna k!ll Cardo for me.”

Romano assured that both of them would k!ll Cardo so he should hang in there.

However, the psycho succumbed to the bullet wounds and “fall off from his back”. Romano noticed that Arwin had stopped breathing, he insisted on Daniel to step on it. He cried seeing his brother dying in his hand.

As the family were worried, Cardo appeared and Alyana hugged him. Flora embraced him, feeling so relieved that her grandson was safe. Teddy asked him whether he was tailed and he said no.

“My only concern is that Romano won’t stop from going after us because I have taken down his brother.”

A local news agency made a report about the incident that happened at Olango. There were four dead bodies, six were injured while the rest were still being searched for. Ramil was the name an eye witness mentioned as the fugitive who engaged in the shoot out.

Fast forward, a funeral was held to finally lay Arwin to rest. In his black and white suit with a blue tie, the corpse was opened for the syndicate to show their last respect.

“I swear to you Arwin, I won’t let Cardo get away with what he has done.”

“He will pay dearly for it.”

“I will take his life for having taken yours.”

Monica also released a biased report about the Olango incident. Suspecting Romano was double crossing him, Joaquin fished out information about Ramil. Carreon helped him with the criminal record of Ramil and the constant visitor of Ramil while imprisoned at Bilibid.

He realised Gener, the right hand man of Romano was the person who had always visited Ramil in prison and believed Cardo was working for Romano in the syndicate group.

“That poor excuse of a human being has a lot of explanation to do,” Don Emilio said.

Joaquin made plans to attend the funeral of Arwin just to find out if Romano indeed also planned to double cross him.

Seeing all those newspaper articles against Cardo, Alyana and Teddy also filed a report to clear Cardo’s name by sending the Tuazons family into the ditch. Alyana fowarded it to Pinggoy and asked him to do the voice over as the report would be termed as bias if she did the voice over.

Pinggoy editted, did the voice over and sent the report to MTN but Mrs Reyes rejected, claiming the report was biased, unfounded, untrue, loses touch of reality, sensing Alyana was the face behind the report. She said it would be a waste of airtime to air such report.

Pinggoy adopted the new media and published it online for social media users to get access to it.

In Cebu, Ramil lamented that they would not be able to live since Romano was after their lives. He proposed to also strike Romano. Cardo did not support what Ramil was proposing. Ramil said Romano would even go after Cardo’s family and said with or without Cardo or anyone he would face Romano.

Ramil made his guns ready to attack Romano during his brother’s wake. His two friends tried to stop him but he explained that if they did not do something, Cardo and his family would suffer the consequences due to them.

In Manila, Joaquin and his family saw the viral report made by Pinggoy. Joaquin knew Cardo was behind such report. He told Verna that Pinggoy used to be the camera man of Alyana.

Pinggoy was glad that he had been given a chance by Alyana to be known as his story has gained lots of views and shares. Jerome knowing how much risky it was for Pinggoy with him confessing he was already freaking out, Jerome promised him and Rigor’s protection to keep him safe. In Delfin’s house Yolly was happy with the counter report.

Don Emilio told Joaquin that he has acquired a new passport for them to travel to Cebu. On their way, Monica called Joaquin to inform him about the counter report she planned on doing but Joaquin saw no use. He said they did not have to reply the report. Monica taught him about the power social media wields which was even bigger than the mainstream. Joaquin then told her to do the necessary since that was her expertise.

Soon, Don Emilio and Joaquin arrived in Cebu and went to share Romano’s sad moment. Aside that, they also went there to gain the clearer picture of the whole incident with Ramil and Romano.

Romano admitted that Ramil was part of them but he schemed up with Julian and Cardo. They even managed to get his trusted henchman, Gener to their side, not knowing they always informed Cardo about their transactions.

Don Emilio did not believe in his lies, eventually, Ramil convinced them and joined forces with Joaquin to eliminate Cardo for k!lling Arwin. Joaquin also said Cardo has k!lled his identity and he would pay with his life.

Cardo saw his friends sneaking out, he knew it was wrong for them to initiate their plans against Romano but he could not leave them.

Joaquin and Romano sealed their new mission with a handshake.

Delfin spoke with a lawyer to know Cardo’s chances. He was told Cardo had to surrender so that they could look into his case and perhaps get reinstated.

When he was seeing the lawyer off, he bumped into Carreon. Carreon needed his signature on a document. After he signed, he confronted Carreon once more for not making Verna passed through the legal procedures before cremating the body they found. Carreon gave his excuse again but Delfin said he knew how they were searching for Joaquin and the need for that autopsy report.

Delfin had a meeting with friends of Cardo and relayed the information the lawyer said to them. They also talked about Carreon and it was obvious that he was working hand in hand with Joaquin.

Ramil raided the house with his two friends. He shot some of the guards Romano planted there. He held Romano as hostage and demanded for their money.

Romano cried that Ramil was disrespecting Arwin’s wake. In order to save his life, Romano ordered his army to lay down their guns. He ordered Daniel to go for the money. Ramil and his allies received the shares, however, Don Emilio told Joaquin that in order for Romano to think that they really trusted and believe in their friendship, they should turn back and give him donation.

Meanwhile, Cardo was already at Romano’s place k!ll!ng all the guards outside. As Ramil still holding Romano and making his way out they got surrounded by lots of guards. Romano threatened Ramil that he would not be able to escape the mansion alive.

“If there will be corpses piled up here, I will make sure you will be one of these,” Ramil also threatened.

The guards of Romano were about to shoot Ramil and his friends but Cardo appeared from nowhere to save the day. He fired all of them and Romano quickly fled for his life.

Cardo asked his friends to flee, he stayed behind to ensure the place was cleared. Meanwhile, Joaquin and Don Emilio had reached the mansion and heard sounds of gun shots.


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