Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 185

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 185 Joaquin, Don Emilio fall into Cardo’s trap

In Cebu at the mansion of Romano, Cardo still took down Romano’s henchmen to ensure his friends ran out safely. Ramil called that they should leave but Cardo still remained behind ensuring they were not followed.

Don Emilio and Joaquin joined Romano and his henchmen, Cardo was surprised to come tête-à-tête with the man he thought was dead, Joaquin. Joaquin and Cardo were shocked to see eachother so they hesitated before shooting.

Ramil held Cardo and forced them to leave. Romano in fury said not only that his brother’s corpse was disrespected they also stole from him.

Don Emilio said what Romano was going through could not be compared with what his grandson was going through. Now that Cardo had seen that Joaquin was not dead, Don Emilio believed he would inform General Borja and also alert the media.

“I guarantee you the next big news will be Cardo’s death,” Joaquin hissed.

“I will never let Cardo get away with this either.

I swear I will bring his head to you Joaquin, I swear it!”

“No Romano only I have the right to take Cardo’s life,” Joaquin retorted.

Cardo and his friends reached home, Amado ran to inform Flora that Cardo was in. She asked where they were coming from with all those guns. Cardo replied that they were returning from a fight.

“Cardo was only there to save us from Romano, Don Emilio and Joaquin,” Ramil cut in.

“Joaquin? but I thought Joaquin was dead.”

“That’s what I thought too grandma.”

“It turns out that he joined forces with Romano and Don Emilio.”

“The group is now stronger than before.”

“Oh no Cardo Now because of this clash, the group will never stop haunting you down.”

“This means you place your life even more danger.”

The camp of Romano were scared that they would be caught in between the fight of Joaquin and Cardo which would make the police haunt for them soon.

The fugitives grouped to talk about their next plan after gaining their money. They planned to split it among themselves and go their separate ways. They asked Cardo about his plan and he said he could not rest easily knowing they were coming for him, or after his life.

“Don Emilio and Joaquin also have to pay for what they have done to me.”

“Well in that case we can’t leave you.”

“We won’t let you fight them alone Cardo.”

“Your fight is our fight too,” Ramil swears to Cardo.

Cora was worried that the action of Cardo’s friends would endanger them. She wondered why they had to attack the syndicate group. Meanwhile, Cardo called Delfin to inform him that he was right all along, Joaquin was alive and he was with Don Emilio in Cebu at Romano’s house.

That answered Delfin’s question as to why they could not find Don Emilio in Manila. He assured to liaise with the CIDG Cebu to apprehend Romano Recio and the other two wanted men.

Soon, the police arrived with a search warrant to search Romano’s house for Joaquin and Don Emilio due to the tip off they had about those men being seen in Romano’s house.

Alyana promised not to get in the way for Cardo to obtain justice and clear his name.

“Thank you Alyana and don’t worry this mission will be over soon.”

“And I want us to start all over with a clean slate.”

“I promise you this, I will make up for all of my short comings to you and my entire family.”

“Thank you so much for your l*ve and understanding.” They sealed their promises with a hug.

The police did not find their target and requested that Romano follow them to the station for questioning. Romano later returned home to inform his goons that he denied everything they asked him.

“Before they even find dirt on me Cardo will be dead.”

The Cebu police inspector updated Delfin on the matter and said their search in Recio’s house was futile. Delfin ordered him to put Recio under surveillance with a hope that they would find Tuazon and Syquia.

“We will Sir!”

We have already informed other police stations at the province.”

“Good-Good, those two are amateurs don’t underestimate them.”

Joaquin secured a new mansion for him and his grandfather where they would stay temporary till he eliminate Cardo.

“Good, welcome back from the dead!” Emilio teased.

Elsewhere, Gener sent Cardo his shares from the money they took from Romano at a gun point. Cardo was not interested in his shares so he made Gener returned it. All that he wanted was to clear his name and to get rid of his attackers.

Delfin relayed to the media that Joaquin was alive and was spotted in Cebu together with Don Emilio. Monica asked irrelevant questions and Delfin asked why she was doing that. He assured the reporters that his outfit was coordinating with CIDG Cebu to arrest the two and asked them to wait for the official statement from his outfit.

Jerome and Rigor were sure that Monica was paid by Joaquin to do the bias stories. They put her under their watchlists.

Monica changed the storyline and aired a bias report on the information General Borja relayed. Joaquin spoke with Verna and said he was not alarmed by the police discovering he was alive.

Vera was then summoned to the police headquarters for questioning. However, the desperate mother denied allegations against Joaquin being alive and working in cohort with Don Emilio and Romano in Cebu.

Delfin was expecting her to be happy with the piece of information but her action proved otherwise. She told Delfin that she did not want to have force hopes till they present her son to her, she would not believe he was alive.

Later, Pinggoy did a counter report about Joaquin which got Verna scared for the safety of her son.

During shopping with Julian, Gener spotted Don Emilio and tailed him to his hideout. Emilio planned with Joaquin to set a Meth lab in their new found home. Quickly, Gener returned home to give Cardo the piece of good news he stumbled upon.

Cardo then planned with his allies to trap Don Emilio and Joaquin. Gener was used as bait to trap the two evil drug lords. Thinking, they were multiple steps ahead of Cardo, Joaquin beats Gener mercilessly, with Don Emilio questioning the kind of game Gener was trying to play. Joaquin and Don Emilio in the company of henchmen sent Gener to the supposed hideout of Cardo.

Ready to rock and roll with his grandfather, Don Emilio to ensure the three fugitives did not remain alive to tell the story.

Trapped, Cardo and his allies then blast the planted bombs in his supposed hideout to k!ll a portion of the henchmen Don Emilio and Joaquin raided the place with. They traded shots, left with no option, Joaquin and Don Emilio raced to save their lives.

In a highway car race shoot outs between Cardo, Syquia and Tuazon, Don Emilio rolled a perfect plan for Joaquin and him not to be caught at the same time, they went separate ways. Cardo catched up with Don Emilio and the rest of the henchmen.

The hero shot the henchmen’s car, leading the cars to summersault. Now left with him and Cardo, before Don Emilio could recover, Cardo cornered him and held him at gunpoint.

“You want to k!ll me?”

“K!ll me now!” Don Emilio in shock.

“You think it’s that simple?”

“After everything you did to my family. And for k!lling my father. Even taking your life twice won’t cut it! I won’t stop until I put you and your grandson behind bars.”

Don Emilio reached for his cane which has a hidden inbuilt gun in it. As he tried to work his hand around the trigger, Cardo caught him in the act.

“Go ahead! Do it! So I can blow your brains out.”

Cardo still has his gun trained on Don Emilio, even as some police patrol cars were approaching. Don Emilio flinched as Cardo seethed and struggled between avenging his father and upholding the law.

The hero decided not to k!ll Don Emilio. He wanted him to pay for his crimes. As the sound of the police siren was getting closer, he handcuffed Don Emilio to his car and fled.


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