Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 186

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 186 Don Emilio is arrested, Pinggoy is shot for his counter reports

Cardo lingered around in a car till he watched Don Emilio being arrested. General Borja said it was left with one person they had to haunt, that was Joaquin who was roaming freely.

Joaquin called Carreon to enlist his help to reach Emilio but was told Emilio was arrested after a highway incident. Joaquin mentioned Cardo as the person behind Emilio’s arrest.

Cardo arrived home to inform Flora about the good news, though Joaquin managed to escape but one criminal was out of Cardo’s lists which was a good sign. Flora thanked Ramil and the rest for helping Cardo in his mission for justice.

“Cardo we are now one step closer to the justice that we are seeking: justice for your father and for you as well. You will get your life back.”

The Arevalos were scared that Don Emilio would use his money, power and influence to flee from justice but Cardo still trusts the process. Teddy believed it was time for Emilio to pay for his crimes especially for k!ll!ng Pablo.

Carreon submitted a document from Cebu CIDG headquarters to Delfin and was glad that the man haunt for Don Emilio was over but Delfin said they could not celebrate yet since Joaquin was still under loose.

Carreon then advised Delfin to intensify the search for Joaquin and expressed readiness to coordinate with officers from other precincts in Cebu but Delfin said there was no need, the search was ongoing for Joaquin.

“All you have to do is to follow up on that and the moment they find Joaquin, it’s gonna be easy to identify and bring to justice the people who are helping him and are protecting him being it outside or inside the PNP.”

On phone, Delfin told Flora that the necessary documents of Don Emilio were being processed to transfer him to Manila. Cardo alerted Delfin to be cautious as he knew Joaquin would do anything possible to get his grandfather from prison. Delfin assured that they would keep close eye on Don Emilio.

Vowing not to let Don Emilio ends up in Manila prison, Joaquin enlisted the help of Romano. Romano was at the cemetery burying Alwyn Recio. Joaquin pleaded to help him bust Don Emilio out of prison. Romano told him that their concentration should rather be on Cardo, already the police were haunting for them and any wrong move would also land them in prison.

Joaquin vent his anger on Carreon for being incompetent. Carreon promised to figure out something, since he had no contact in the precinct which Don Emilio was.

In the cell, Don Emilio said Cardo thought wrong for imprisoning him. He raged war as it was not over, believing he would be set free. After Joaquin told Verna to help set Don Emilio free as he owed his life to him, Verna thought about how her father broke his vow when she was young and was bullied in school by her mates who copied her answers.

She also thought how the infidelity of Don Emilio’s made her mother, Teresa died from heart attack while confronting him. Verna then blamed her father for being a turmoil who had destroyed her family.

Don Emilio expressed disappointment in Verna for not visiting him, Verna said she has never cared about him and she would not care even now. He said Verna should hire a matching band since he was being transferred to Manila. Verna said there would be no need since the reporters were already waiting for him.

Don Emilio refused to disclose any information to journalists who reside in Cebu. He hilariously illustrated his unwillingness to answer questions. Teddy was bent on going to Manila to testify but he was dissuaded from it due to his own safety.

Jerome, Rigor and Pinggoy were intensifying plans to help Cardo obtain justice now that Don Emilio was caught. They were determined to find the mole in the PNP who had been leaking all their plans to Joaquin. The first person on their watch lists was Carreon. Pinggoy added Monica’s picture for them to find the person paying her for the bias reportage.

Arriving in Manila police station, Don Emilio told the Manila reporters that Cardo was the criminal and the De Leon’s were accusing him of Pablo’s death since they did not like him.

“You are really lucky Cardo, despite everything you’re going through you have your family rallying behind you,” Ramil told Cardo.

“Not to mention your girlfriend too,” Julian cut in.

Cardo said that was the reason he had to keep them safe. He planned with his friends on their next move since Joaquin would not stop now that his grandfather has been arrested. They were certain that he has joined forces with Romano.

However, Romano knew Cardo would be after Joaquin and planned not to meddle in their issue. Once Joaquin was arrested he would take his revenge on Cardo. His new recruits were brought and he asked Daniel to train them.

Joaquin payed an unannounced visit to Romano. Romano was scared that Joaquin was followed but he said he was cautious. Romano assured that they were on the same page and would stop at nothing till they get rid of Cardo.

Monica made a report and Pinggoy dropped another report which went viral. Jacob expressed concern about Pinggoy’s report which was gaining mass attention and Joaquin told Jacob to do something since Carreon had failed him.

“I will make sure that reporter will talk his tale in-between his legs,” Jacob assured. Joaquin watching Philippe Daniel’s “Pinggoy” story vowed to get rid of all those helping Cardo.

Verna visited Don Emilio and expressed how satisfied she was to see him detained. She wanted the ordeal in her family to be over. Don Emilio told her not to celebrate yet, he was optimistic that the court would acquit him from the charges.

Delfin in the company of Carreon tried squeezing the truth of Joaquin’s whereabouts from Emilio who was with his lawyer. Emilio replied by asking him “so that you could help your escaped criminal grandnephew.”

Seeing how Don Emilio was pulling off shows Cardo believed he was up to something fishy. Ramil told how Cardo has never been despaired even though he had lots of enemies. Cardo said it was because he had lots of people depending on him.

In prison, Don Emilio demanded for his cane, he was given a mob and he asked Borja whether he was expecting him to mob for the floor. Borja said that was the cane he would be given. Don Emilio claimed he could not walk without his cane. Borja found it hilarious for a man who could not walk to ran away from the police.

While Pinggoy was hanging out with Jerome and Rigor, Teddy talked to him and commended him for the great reports he has been doing. He also advised Pinggoy to be careful but Pinggoy assured that there was no cause for alarm. Jerome assured Teddy that Pinggoy was under his and Rigor’s protection.

They dropped Pinggoy off at his house, they escorted him to the gate. Rigor told Pinggoy to work for MTN since he was doing great with his report but Pinggoy doubted he would be employed there.

As they left Pinggoy and he was hanging around his gate, Joaquin’s henchmen who were on motorcycle passed by Jerome’s car, being suspicious, Jerome and Rigor got down. The henchmen shot Pinggoy and the officers rushed him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Romano shot two of his goons who could not do their job well after he charged them to find Cardo at Olango Island. He gave the job to the rest.

At the hospital, Rigor told Pinggoy to stop posting the viral videos at the moment since his life was at risk, he was almost k!lled. Jerome said there was no quitting, however, he would support Pinggoy’s decision after what had happened.

After hearing that Pinggoy was shot, Cardo called to ask of Pinggoy’s health and said sorry for almost losing his life due to him. Pinggoy asked him not to apologise since he made that decision to report for the truth to be revealed.

Cardo told his allies about the incident. Gener believed Romano and Joaquin were searching for them and finding them meant that more people’s life would be in danger.

Daniel and e rest decided to join the man haunt for Cardo and his friends at the Olango Island. They came across Paco who was telling Paquito to go home to Cardo since he was searching for a tricycle to work. Paquito left and Daniel and his friends followed the boy.


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