Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 187

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 187 Don Emilio pleads not guilty, fakes heart attack to escape justice

At Olango Island, Daniel and his colleagues followed Paquito. He asked about Cardo and his three friends and told Paquito that he and Cardo were friends from Manila. He made Paquito showed him where Cardo stayed and asked him not to tell Cardo about it since they had a surprise for him. Paquito unknowingly agreed.

In the house, Cardo was asking about Paquito and the kids told him that he refused to follow them home, saying he wanted to be with his father.

In Manila, Emilio’s lawyer gave Verna the trial brief which contained questions and her answers to the question. Verna wanted to know where Joaquin was and tried to make the attorney talk.

The lawyer advised her to concentrate on the next day’s hearing. Verna condemned it since her father murdered someone but the lawyer insisted that Don Emilio was presumed innocent until proven guilty. Verna asked why she was doing that if she knew the truth that Don Emilio was a murder.

“It’s part of legal ethics, we should defend those who need us.”

“Here you should study the trial brief.

It is important for your statement to be consistent with that of Don Emilio’s.”

Amado was afraid that Don Emilio would pay his way through the court, since Cardo has said Don Emilio did not fight fairly. Flora had belief in the Philippines judicial system so she preferred to fight fair and ensure Don Emilio pay for murdering Pablo.

After seeing Cardo’s hideout, Daniel pointed his gun on him and one of his friends said he should relax for chairman to do the honour. On phone, Verna told Joaquin that she has read the brief and she could not sprout lies at the court of law, “But you have been lying all these years!” Joaquin interjected.

“Yes but this one is different” even if she does for Don Emilio to be acquitted Joaquin would never turn from his evil ways, besides so many people have died already.

Joaquin was not bothered since to him the victims fell at the wrong side by siding with Cardo. In prison, Don Emilio has already rehearsed his brief. With the smartness of his lawyer he was optimistic that the court would see the video evidence as manipulated and win the case. His worry was about Verna who he was scared would break down at the middle of the trial.

Friends of Cardo held a meeting. Jerome said it was a wrong move for the Tuazons to attack Pinggoy, now it was clear that they were behind all those crimes. Rigor believed Pinggoy would put a hold to his reportages and viral videos but Jerome said he was wrong.

He showed the latest viral video of Pinggoy who was reporting to the public how he was shot for revealing the truth. He added the attacks on Alyana, Jerome, Delfin, Yolly and Elmo, Teddy and his boss who was tragically murdered and asked if it was a mere coincidence that those who were closer to Cardo were suffering those fates.

Some social media users hailed Pinggoy’s braveness and were certain that Cardo was innocent. After seeing the video, Teddy was motivated by the braveness Pinggoy was exhibiting since he could not do that.

Joaquin was upset by the failed job and vent his anger on Jacob. Jacob had already gotten rid of the henchmen who failed in that mission. Carreon was affected by how their wrong moves always kept backfiring and has had enough. He simply wanted to quit. Jacob was not ready since he was being practical to feed his family.

Many crimes had been committed due to their selfish means of acquiring money at the expense of the public’s safety, Carreon could not continue. Alyana called Pinggoy to thank him for risking his life to uncover the truth. She wanted him to be extra careful since she did not want him to die on them.

Pinggoy said he was doing that for himself too, he disclosed that many years ago his father was found dead as someone shot him and as at now no one knew the culprit, hence he was doing the job to help victims of crimes to gain justice.

“Let me remind you this job is the reason why your daughter is still alive,” Jacob told Carreon.

“No matter how hard I try Sir I will never forget that.”

“And you definitely shouldn’t Carreon because Joaquin has given your daughter a second chance to live, didn’t he?

And he can always take it back!”

Rigor told Pinggoy that he had his respect because he was one in a million. The next day was Emilio’s trial and Flora was hoping that Pablo would get the justice he really deserved.

As she we talking about Cardo and Ador losing both parents at tender age and they played pretending to be police officers since they looked up to their father, Flora then remembered that Cardo’s birthday was two days later. She deemed it as a good sign for justice, the trial was March 19 and Cardo’s birthday falls on March 20.

Cardo alerted Delfin to be cautious, Emilio and Joaquin were capable of anything and Delfin assured that they have prepared for them. Emilio told his lawyer how prepared he was and asked her to wait and watch his award winning performance in the court room.

Carreon barged in there, seeing the friends of Cardo had him surrounded, he pulled off a performance.

“Don Emilio Syquia I was hoping you will treat your trial with lots more seriousness.

This is not the source of amusement.”

Lives have been affected, families have been displaced because of you!” Carreon spewed while intelligibly watched his back hoping to convince friends of Cardo that he was not the infiltrator.

“Bravo, bravo Colonel continue to be a good police officer….

and who knows, you might even get a star on your shoulder,” Don Emilio hummed.

Joaquin kept on pestering his mother to attend the trial and warned her not to do anything that would endanger the family since they had eachother to depend on. Verna finally appeared and Don Emilio was happy to see his beautiful daughter by his side.

The press forced their way through to ask questions about allegations of Joaquin being alive.

Ramil and the rest of Cardo’s allies were informed about the surprise birthday party being planned for the hero. They needed the party to bring all the neighbours and the Islanders together to celebrate Cardo in his trying times.

Elsewhere, Verna made the lawyer excused her, and told her father that she could not sprout lies. Don Emilio told her to do it for Joaquin.

As General Borja and his officers were coming the journalists asked him questions about his hopes with the trial. Monica questioned him on why he was quiet about Cardo’s case while his victims were also seeking justice. Delfin questioned her act and asked if she was doing that for money.

The accused is arrayed before the court and pleaded not guilty. Monica gave a report and Flora was worried about the unprofessionalism and false stories she kept disseminating. Cardo said if Monica was doing it for money then she might also end in prison.

The case was adjourned after Don Emilio pleaded not guilty to the charges. Don Emilio was to remain in the police custody. He had an interview with the press and once again denied all allegations and said the video was computer manipulated, it was fake.

He talked to the camera to compel Cardo to reveal his face. As planned with Joaquin, Jacob and Carreon, Don Emilio rolled out the the plan successfully. He suddenly suffered cardiac arrest and was transported in an ambulance.

Meanwhile, the kids of the Island planned a surprise card for Cardo while Ramil, Julian and Gener found an abandoned boat to keep the money they stole. They were preparing themselves, so they told Cardo about it. They traveled on a boat to see Gener’s friends who sell firearms to buy some.

At the hospital, Dr Miranda who was working under a threat faked a report about Don Emilio’s heart condition. In a phone conversation, Teddy assured Delfin that Don Emilio was pulling a farce just to escape justice. Delfin promised to ensure his plans fail.

Joaquin assured Monica of her money, Monica said Don Emilio really knew acting and for a moment she even believed him that he had heart attack. She asked about Joaquin’s next move concerning Don Emilio. Joaquin said now Monica had played her part he would take care of the rest.

Romano made ready his ammunitions to get rid of Cardo while Cardo and his allies also got the needed fire arms.

“This time I swear I will make sure Joaquin and Romano don’t get away.”

The next time I see them I will end this fight for good,” Cardo swore.


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